How to Use 3D Modeling in Business Promotion & Advertising?

Perhaps we’ve all heard of the old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’; and indeed it rings true, to this day. While there’s no demeaning the power of words, but from the advertising approach, it’s a tad difficult to be more expressive other than pictures. In addition to pictures, there are options galore- videos, illustrations and such; all of which render considerable influence in the highly coveted industry called marketing. And here the concept comes about 3D Modeling.

The gradual move from photos and videos to 3D modeling


While pictures and videos offer an idea about how the product or service would look in the real world, the concept of illustrations stresses adding artistic value to the existing visuals. The advertising gurus have drawn our attention to the use of illustrations so as to build inquisitiveness among consumers. If you think of videos and photos, it hits the senses directly.

On the other hand, a lot is left for interpretation using illustrations. What might interest the present-day consumers and rightly so is the use of greater graphics and 3D modeling services? A sharp departure from the conventional practices of photography, videos, and illustrations, the shift towards adopting 3D modeling services have garnered a significantly positive response.

After all, technology has prospered and advertisers, designers, and graphics experts feel the need to incorporate CAD (computer-aided design) for conveying minutest details with absolute precision and dexterity about products using state-of-the-art services.

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All that you wanted to know about 3D Modeling

3d printing 3 dimention 3d model

Computer graphics is the way to go now. The technique of 3D modeling utilizes graphical aspects to produce a 3D digital representation for any type of surface or object. For any designer or artist working on this, the special software to ‘manipulate’ specific points in the virtual zone is required. It popularly called ‘vertices’. These vertices when combined together and form a ‘mesh’, which ultimately results in the formation of the object. In order to create or break these 3D objects, it’s the mesh that needs to be deformed totally or manipulated likewise to form other objects and patterns.

In the field of sciences, particularly engineering and even architecture; the use of 3D models is prominent. Think of computer-generated images (CGI) in programs and movies, video games and such and you will know the utility of these services in present times. The fields of advertising and marketing have grown exponentially. Hence, the use of special effects for character formation and animation will witness a boom in 3D modeling processes. Reality said, there is currently no other service that will impart such a real feel. It causes digital objects to transform into animated forms.

While working on these points that form a mesh, the artists map the same into a 3D grid so as to join as polygons. Every single point or the vertex has a characteristic position in the grid. Only after the shapes are made using these vital points, the object or pattern’s basic surface gets made.

On the basis of the fundamental structure, there are more modifications and alterations. And thereby, movies or games export these to their own software and use. Also, some 3D modeling programs produce 2D images via a process known as 3D rendering. This method is a highly appreciated one to create some ‘hyper-realistic scenes’ and all by some refined algorithms.

Why choose 3D modeling in present-day advertising


Most animation and graphic work that you see in advertisements for popular brands is largely the use of 3D modeling. Who likes to stay limited to some lifeless and boring pictures of products and brands when you can have some real models or the lifelike versions showcasing the products and brands using 3D modeling services?

The need to see complete pictures as they come to life is justified. Of late, the software quantities have increased and so has the potent impacts. Also, most designers and artists have mastered the art of utilizing them; so the production process has sped up by several notches. Extra expenses have cut down owing to the widespread availability of manpower with intricate knowledge of the same. As a result, you can save time, money and effort while resorting to 3D modeling.

Sometimes designers and advertisers have extreme difficulties in communicating effectively about the products or services that they wish to launch or alter. The visualization is in the head, but thanks to the 3D model, the animated versions and images have helped many to pitch their ideas efficiently and without hassle to developers, engineers, managers and so on. Even clients get a better view as they see the product or service take shape, way before it makes a mark among the consumers.

Just take a simple example of automobiles like cars or bikes. Imagine how would the engine gain life without pistons and engine fluids shown smoothly using the 3D versions? To explain prospective clients who would throw the product open to consumers, they must ‘buy’ the idea instantly; the target must be to initiate a purchase. Most ads on TV or online media or any other smart device utilize the principles of 3D modeling. They thereby stand a better chance of competing with similar ones.

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The Role of 3D modeling in business promotions


The use of 3D devices is no new concept. For example, 3D scanners, head mount displays are now highly popular among the masses. What’s important to note is how most businesses have resorted to this practice and made a number of promotional materials over time, which has taken the attention of customers and invited better prospects among potential ones too.

Here are a few ways of utilizing 3D modeling in your business and promoting further:

1. Picture perfect detailing

Point 1Businesses that aim to showcase products will have to be very wary about the first impression they create for customers. Think of artistic sense, material quality and the overall feel of the pieces. You will know how vital it is to showcase the minutest detail. Using some HD quality pictures with special zoom-in capacity is indeed a welcome relief, but this is mainly because of the 3D models employing ‘photorealism’. The visuals not only look attractive but content-rich, so as to entice clients from the start.

2. Customer-focused approach

Point 2There’s a sharp decline from the traditional practices of advertising, with the focus being mainly on the customer-focused approach. More creative ideas find acceptance. All those ads that take into consideration about how receptive customers will be, are usually graded as top-level ones. As a result of incorporating the 3D model into these ads, businesses get an upgrade likewise and potential buyers are easily pulled into this campaign.

When the thinking is done three-dimensionally, it opens possibilities for many and several businesses hence take to this service. 3D scanners also make sure that your organization achieves high performance and speed by using highly innovative technology.

3. The appeal factor

Point 3Though a lot depends on the type of business one has or deals with, yet it can’t be denied either that regardless of the type and impact; most professionals look no further than the 3D model. For example, a furniture business unit would surely think of apt CGI to impart the best design and looks, amidst proper lighting conditions to the furniture pieces. Few adjustments here and there and the experts know the difference it creates in terms of drawing the attention of the customers.

4. Special event images

Point 4Seasonal events call for a greater rush than the non-peak seasons and customers make a beeline for several brands and products in such cases. Sometimes the customer may accept the existing products in their usual forms. But mostly, you need to change it by adapting them as per the festivals or events.

Using 3D modeling makes the task a hassle-free process. Since the models created are digital, few changes in the form of adding or removing few elements or creating some versions of the original add spice! And who wouldn’t prefer proper styles and décor at the background against that of a simple picture?

5. Presenting and Branding

Point 5You need to sell your project to the client. And how do you do so? By checking for the gaps where you can fit your innovative ideas and push the person to make a purchase. Even the owner of a small firm can have a plush office done with the add-ons from 3D elements and that increases the worth of the company, in turn, the branding of the company.

This can be in sharp contrast to those businesses that have made huge offices but fail to deliver the exact requirements. You need to look at a simple bar graph or pie chart and contrast it against the 3D version in interesting animated patterns. Then you will be able to detect the change.

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The Bottom Line


Though this is not an exhaustive list, yet the above-mentioned ways are still a long way to go for many business heads who seldom think of experimenting with promotions. In the age of cut-throat competition, it is a necessity that the audience you target notice you. This has largely to do about packaging yourself. It’s pointless an effort if your business fails to reflect that. For those who haven’t started with 3D modeling yet, this will now come of use.

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