Month: November 2016

online marketing

How to Make an Outstanding Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Your business plan contains many components. These include a description of your products or services, an explanation of how your company is different from others in your niche, the qualifications of your team members, and a SWOT analysis. Then there is the marketing strategy. This is where you define how you will create brand awareness, create conversions, and build relationships with customers. All too often marketing strategy takes a back seat to other business concerns. This is a real mistake. Smart business owners know that having a great marketing plan is key to success. They also know that a marketing …

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Four Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade

What Technology Could Look Like in 2050

As per estimation, by 2050, the earth’s population will increase from 7 billion to 9.6 billion. During this time, there will be many more technological advancements to support the influx of people. For research purposes, many government agencies and researchers have begun to analyze the year 2050 and what it means for us. Here are some of the many ways mid-century tech will change the way we live. Autonomous Driving Technology In the future, analysts predict that cars will transition to full autonomous driving. Currently, autonomous driving is already in the works with Google and ride-sharing companies like Uber and …

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eCommerce - Mobile Commerce

How Small Brand Should Approach Competition with Giant like Amazon

The contemporary world has never seen the likes of Amazon. Perhaps the closest historical parallel you’ll find is the British East India Company; that trading combine chartered in 1600 that grew into a global colossus that controlled vast swaths of the earth’s surface and governed entire nations with its own laws and courts. Standing up to Amazon today can be roughly akin to a small spice trader trying to carve out their own niche during the days when the East India Company controlled the mechanisms of global trade. In light of that fact, just how does a small brand succeed …

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How to Buy Best Laptop for College – Students Guide

Irrespective of a person’s age, profession, and gender, laptops have emerged to be one of the most vital and necessary technical companions for the mankind. This also applies to students irrespective of what their education course or major is. Thanks to the growing electronic learning systems in the schools and colleges. Every student now needs an electronic assistance such as a laptop or a tablet whatsoever to keep up with the education. Although most of us agree on the aforementioned fact that a laptop has now emerged to be a necessity, very few among us spend some minutes in researching …

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magento ecommerce

SEO Guide to Strengthen your Magento eCommerce Site

When it comes to the best eCommerce development platform, Magento is the first name that strikes to our mind. Over 200,000 online stores have been developed on this fully-functional platform, and most of the people are making the use of Magento to create the highly-interactive eCommerce site. Its huge collection of templates, extensions, and add-on features allows people to build a professional looking online store for selling their products (both physical and digital) online in the most compelling way. However, creating an online store using Magento won’t be enough. For better sales and revenues, you need to execute some robust …

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JavaFX Desktop Applications

How to Develop Simple JavaFX Desktop Applications

JavaFX is can basically be described as a platform which is used for creating Rich Internet Applications better known as RIA’s which can further run on a various computer and as well as on mobile phones. In simpler term, JavaFX enables you to develop several desktop applications depending upon the requirements. There are several steps involved in developing a simple JavaFX desktop applications with few discussed below. If you don’t want to go through the pain of taking care of all these intricacies, you can simply outsource Java development. The JavaFX is an advanced framework intentional to support for desktop …

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How to Do a Mobile Friendly Web Redesign

Like SEO, web design itself has undergone a series of sea-changes since the first crude sites appeared 25 years ago including tables, images, Flash and more. But, until recently, perhaps the biggest change to affect the way we think of, interact with and design for the web was the introduction of broadband. Once bandwidth issues were largely a thing of the past, it was thought, web design could finally relax into a type of settled maturity. But a funny thing happened on the way to the web design vacation home: mobile Internet. Suddenly all those people who never had any …

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Building a Coupon & Affiliate Site using WordPress – A Case Study

Today, in this article, we are sharing our recent experience of developing and launching a coupon and affiliate website for one of our clients. The website is, which we have completed successfully using WordPress. WordPress is a great and easy to use CMS to build any kind of promising website. If you are also in the needs of designing a coupon site for you, this case study may help you to plan the general workflow of your project. Let’s start. 1) Challenges of the Project: The success of an affiliate website is laid on how you are displaying the …

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Wordpress Plugins

Add Responsive Image Gallery Using Envira Gallery

The native gallery capabilities of WordPress has come a long way. However, even in the current version, gallery do not provide the full range of features and options that have become essential for a modern WordPress website. This gap is often filled in by gallery plugins. The official repository of WordPress Plugins includes a number of plugins that add a broad range of capabilities and functionalities to the default gallery. While this is a splendid idea, the number of available plugins is high enough to confuse the website administrators. However, choosing the right plugin is often a daunting task. To …

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Getting Your Content Organized – It’s No Longer an Option

As a content marketer or a content marketing team, you produce an incredible amount of content, daily, weekly, and monthly. The traditional thinking about this content has been that it is created, published, and, in most cases, forgotten, as the marketer moves on to new topics and types. Some content writers go back into content history and “resurrect” an older piece by re-writing it, adding updated information, and perhaps turning a piece of text into an infographic. This is known as re-purposing. The Problem The problem is that it is hard to re-purpose or update content if you do not …

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