Most Creative 404 Error Page Design Of All Times

Generally, while accessing the certain page, most of the users have come across the error page “404”. The 404 error page accentuates that the website page is either not available or the users are trying to access the broken links. This kind of error mostly frustrate the users and can even lead them to opting different websites, which adversely affects the reputation of the business.


However, the 404-error page frustrates the users, but what happen if the 404-page design is made creative and stunning. Then, there are chances that the users may not be frustrated and will search for different pages of the same websites.

The good and convincing 404-page design retains trust in the customers and even assists them to find the right page. This will also help them forget the hassle that they have faced while accessing the wrong page. Along with this, the good error page design ensures the pleasing experience and maintains the reputation of the business.

Therefore, while deploying the creativity in the website, the developer should never neglect creativity while designing error page. Now. you might be wondering, “how is it possible to craft alluring error page design?” Hence, this blog is presenting the list of the best 404-error pages that can inspire all the designers well.

Have A Glimpse Of The List Of Best 404 Error Page Design:

1. CSSChopper

This 404 error page of CSSChopper seems quite funny and interesting Along with this, the links to home page and contact us are also mentioned at the bottom to redirect the users.


2. illucolor

This is fabulously created a 404-error page of illucolor. That can bring a smile to the visitors. Moreover, there is a link given on top and right side of the page through which the users can be directed to the home page.



3. PSDtoWordPressExpert

PSDtoWordPressExpert’s 404 error page comes with a brilliant design that features proper navigation menu, theme, background and an access to different blogging content. Additionally, this page tells everything about the business.


4. The Movie Nerd

The Movie Nerd features the simplest 404 error page. The text and image are beautifully included. There is a link that directs the users to the contact page beautifully. Hence, the visitor will never be confused when to get landed to this error page.


5. iFolderLinks

iFolder Links has the simplest layout for 404 error page that features perfectly organized content. There are different links given in the content to redirect the users to the relevant web page. There is a witty image that can tickle the visitors.


6. PSDtoDrupalDeveloper

PSDtoDrupalDeveloper comes with the finest error page that features properly designed navigation buttons, social media options, and a direct link to home page. Along with this, the layout the website content is brilliant.



7. Sparx IT Solutions

The 404 error page of Sparx IT Solutions features an astonishing theme, hero image, and all the significant navigation buttons (so that users can go back to the defined page)  Moreover, it has been designed to load faster; hence, it does not frustrate the visitors.


8. AppsChopper

AppsChopper is using the brilliantly designed 404 error page that ensures the awesome experience. Moreover, the visitors have the option to access the desirable page easily. It has brilliantly organized content that provides the relevant information to the visitors.


9. theem’on

theem’on’s 404 error page comes with brilliantly organized content that ensures the comfortable access to varied features. The header and footer of this error page come with brilliantly designed navigation option and detailed information so that the visitors can access the desirable content with the utmost ease.


10. ModCloth

This e-commerce based apparel store features an amusing layout. There is easy to understand navigation option and link that help the user go to the desirable page and continue shopping. There is also a link in the footer that enables the users to download the app for Android and iPhone.



The Closing Thought

conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsHope that all these 404 error designs will generate the spark of creative ideas in your mind and helpful in developing the most suitable design according to the business requirement. If you want to share your experience with us, then you are most welcome to write to us via comment section is given below.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.

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5 thoughts on “Most Creative 404 Error Page Design Of All Times

  1. Hi Souvik Banerjee,

    Very interesting article. Why should websites need to be designed 404 error pages? and does it really show any impact if we didn’t maintain any custom 404 pages?

    • A well-designed 404 error page can be effective for your new website visitors who reached on your website’s non-existing page. An attractive and well-informed 404 page can let the visitor stay on your website to browse other pages. A simple 404 page only showing “Page not found” can surely let the visitor close the browser window.