RS Monials – Testimonial Component and Module for Joomla

RSMonials is a Joomla Component that works natively in Joomla environment. This is a very simple and user friendly testimonial component. Using this component you can easily able to accept comments / feedback / review / testimonials from your clients or visitors. This is a free component. The features included:

Front End:

  • Display all active testimonials / comments / feedback / review.
  • Visitor can submit a feedback.
  • If you approve the feedback from back-end it will start to display.
  • Secured form by Captcha. (Re-Captcha Enabled).

Back End:

  • Add Testimonials.
  • Edit Testimonials.
  • Delete Testimonials.
  • Publish/Unpublish Testimonials.
  • Manage Front-end display using CSS.
  • Manage Language Specific Content.
  • Easily configure the basic features of the component.

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11 thoughts on “RS Monials – Testimonial Component and Module for Joomla

  1. Hi there,

    I like your component also very much, and it does exactly what it should BUT Every post a client or customer is done, creates duplicate title tag, Thats a mass for me, Is there any solution to fix this? Why isn´t the headline from ech post set as the page titel? The problem were solved. Any hint oder workaround?

    best regards


  2. Love your work and have it on one of the sites i manage it would TOP it off if for the testimonials component you could add a RATINGS plug in (1-5 stars Ratings) thanks again let me know if there is a plug in out there that will work with rsmonials

  3. I use this on one site so far
    Looking to use again but also now looking to try and develop in J1.7 to save upgrading later

    Please make a J1.7 version



  4. Very Good Extension ,
    But I want to move testimonial scroler from left to right instead of up & down
    so, how can i do this??
    please give me guideline for this


  5. Hi Souvik,

    Congratulations for your work, it’s one of the bests that i`ve found. I’m brazilian and i was looking for a testimonial extensions for my site. Yours solution was perfect for me, but unfortunately RSmonial it’s only for Joomla 1.5. I hope the new version of this fantastic extension come soon and update to Joomla 1.6 and 1.7.

    Thanks again

    Bruno Tavares