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How to Use Agile Project Management Software for Client Work?

When a client signs your team or your company for completing a project for them, they have a set of expectations from you. Mastering the right methods of managing your clients is surely an ongoing process. But when done right, it brings an immense amount of benefits for your business. Along with the focus and capabilities that your team has, the processes and methodologies you use while managing the client’s work play an important role in delivering the end products in the best possible way within the given time and budget. Here we are discussing how agile project management can … Continue Reading…


13 Interesting Tips to Reduce Lag or Latency for Gaming

Imagine that you are playing Call of Duty in Battle Royal Mode. All your teammates have died and you are 1v1 against your opponent. He is hiding somewhere in the bushes and you happen to find him using your 4x scope. You try to take a shot and as soon as you take a peek, something goes wrong. You cannot seem to move and that is when you realize that you are experiencing a lag. The second it gets better; the opponent has already spotted you and killed you with a headshot. The rage against the dying of light cannot … Continue Reading…


20 Best Ways to Use Visual Content in Twitter Marketing

Visual content is considered an integral part of any social marketing strategy and Twitter is not an exception to it. According to a recent analysis, tweets with images have a 125% higher engagement and more than a 300% boost in the clicks. During old times, creating visual content was required lots of effort and investment. But today things have become quite convenient. Are you planning to use visual content in your Twitter promotion and marketing? Here are a few essential tactics that you must consider. 1. Adding a Website URL or Logo to Images It is one of the most … Continue Reading…


Look Out for These 7 Facebook Marketing Hacks for Your eCommerce Store

Social media networks have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Facebook has recently introduced specific updates that support eCommerce marketing ventures. Start-ups, in particular, find social media marketing to be very intuitive and customizable. You get a space to post more content, interact with your customers and even lure potential leads into successful sales. The modern-day market is all about aesthetics and stats. You need to have the numbers on your side to create an impact in the industry. And what better platforms to gauge your brand’s reach than on social media? On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, each … Continue Reading…


How to Manage Social Media Accounts for Small Businesses?

Any small business strategy should incorporate social media into account. With the growing number of users on different social media platforms, chances are your customers and prospects are there. Why is Social Media Presence Important? If your account is not being active and engaging on social media as a business, you won’t get the chance to solve poor customer experiences. These negative accounts can spread like wildfire through your client-base and may damage the reputation of the business you’ve worked hard to build. The last thing you’d want to happen is for your customers to be invisible to you until … Continue Reading…


4 Useful Tools You Can Use to Make a jQuery Website SEO-Friendly

For most of the time the Internet has existed, SEO practices have largely revolved around search engines indexing plain text version of the website content and not content that has been dynamically generated using programming platforms like JavaScript or its hugely popular library, jQuery. According to, search engine crawler bots are not up to the mark when it comes to understanding JavaScript, and consequently, website content indexing may not be performed completely, and the rankings pulled down. Even though Google claims to have improved capabilities that allow it to crawl and index the content rendered through JavaScript and the … Continue Reading…


NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN – Which One is Best for You?

In today’s times when accessing multiple sites of variegated types become more than essential, resorting to VPN services is nothing out of the odds. For starters, VPN implies Virtual Private Network that helps in creating a secure connection to another such network, sans internet. Haven’t we often heard of regions that restrict the usage of one or more websites? VPN can easily be used to browse through such sites; all forms of activities conducted therein can be shielded from the rest of the world. And this includes Wi-Fi, yes!. VPN: Then & Now With the passage of time, VPNs’ popularity … Continue Reading…


Applying Big Data to Advantage Your Social Media Advertising

The use of Big Data is increasingly widespread in companies. The large volume of user data offered by the internet, makes brands have the personalization of messages within their reach and offer the potential customer exactly what they are looking for, at the most appropriate time, throughout their passage through the Marketing Funnel. One of the challenges of Big Data is to understand what is relevant to extract appropriate insights and knowledge, without ‘noise’ or distractions. This understanding and understanding of the data is what makes us able to customize our relationship with the user/consumer. We can use the channel … Continue Reading…


SQL Injection: Is It Still a Threat? How Can You Avoid It?

Data breaches are so common that they are not even surprising anymore. Malicious actors aim to collect as much data as possible. They are after login credentials, credit card information, or trade secrets. Once they get their hands on such data, they sell it on the dark web. If you can’t grasp how much data they stole so far, and how much they dumped on the dark web, here is a worrying number. Last year, criminals stole and sold 620 million accounts from sixteen hacked websites alone. Yes, hacking sixteen websites can lead to so much damage. But you know … Continue Reading…

Monthly Article Digest - February 2020 - RS Web Solutions

Monthly Article Digest – February 2020 – RS Web Solutions

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