How to Increase your Rankings Using a High-Quality Contact Us Page?

Is it possible to increase your rankings using a high-quality contact us page? The answer is a resounding yes!

After reaching your website, you’d want your visitors to contact you. This is usually the #1 action you as a site owner want your visitors to take.

You might be running an e-commerce store or a food blog and you’d want your audience to share their feedback with you or simply contact you for a reason.

There are several perspectives on conversion optimization and many webmasters love debating on them, I consider a ‘Contact Us’ page to be one of the most crucial aspects. A high-quality page that truly considers what search engines are looking for is vital to increase business.

The objective of this article is to help you understand and then utilize the key elements that are required to make effective contact us page.

Key elements of a contact us page


Every business has a physical location, a company name, phone number, and address. Obvious, right? But this is only the minimum amount of information most businesses add.

I want you to go above and beyond and add all the necessary information in order to get the best results from both the search engines as well as conversions.

Since each industry is different, I’m outlining the mandatory and recommended level of information you should include.

Mandatory elements


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1. Describe your business

Point 1

Sure, you’ve covered everything about your organization right from your core team to the way you work in your ‘About Us’ page but what you need to understand is: an ‘About Us’ page helps your readers understand your organization.

On the other hand, here, you need to describe in no more than 2-3 paragraphs why your organization is best suited for them. Your aim should be to help your readers understand why your organization is the best solution to their problem.

2. Map

Point 2

Local agencies often skip adding a map to their contact us page because they only cater to the local market. What they don’t understand is, having a map will attract more customers and increase your market share even if just local.

3. Locations

Point 3

You might have several locations you run your brand from. It’s wise to list each address along with the email address and phone number or linking the pages. For inspiration, check out the Hubspot contact us page.


4. Service area

Point 4

This applies to you if you only cater to a particular region/city/state. Adding this information will help search engines know exactly which areas you serve and suggest your organizations in search results accordingly.

5. Hours

Point 5

Are you open 24*7/365 or are you only open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday? Letting your visitors know your operational hours will help both your visitors as well as your ranking.

6. Effective Call-to-Action

Point 6

This by far is the most important detail you need to add to your page. Adding a strong CTA button at the end of your page can significantly boost your conversion rates. Request your visitors to give you a call or add a chatbot to help with their queries.

Chances are, your visitors want to resolve a query or get a quote. What better way to treat your customers than immediate customer support?

A small nudge in the form of a clever CTA is an easy trick that will increase your number of leads.


1. Social Media

Point 1

As I said, most people believe adding the bare minimum to their contact us page is enough. An excellent way to show the search engines and your visitors that you’re a legitimate business is to add social media links to your website.

It goes without saying that you need to maintain an active online presence. Posting once a week is enough if you’re not someone who believes in posting content all-day-every-day. Anything over once a week is ideal.

You can also craft a social media strategy that combines a few things such as posting a video and a blog post each week or posting a video and a customer review.

I strongly recommend adding videos to your strategy because they’re fun, convey the message and people love them!

2. Contact Form

Point 2

A visitor may be visiting your site at midnight. Since calling you on the spot isn’t feasible, it’s a great idea to have a contact form.  The visitor will know he/she will get a call back first thing in the morning. It’s another way of converting a visitor into a client.

Most forms are free or cost a negligible fee. There is a wide variety of customizable plugins that you can easily use for your website. I recommend using a captcha service to reduce spam.


Image source: Nicole De Khors from Burst.

3. Email Address

Point 3

Adding your email address enables people who aren’t on social media or don’t prefer to contact you via the contact form.

One example of this is the elderly. I receive a good number of inquiries and feedback from them every week. They prefer emailing over anything else since they either don’t have social media accounts or find social media tough to use.

However, it can also expose your email to spammers. You can avoid it by opting for one of the two:

  1. Have a separate email address. This will ensure that your primary email remains spam and clutter-free.
  2. Add the email address as an image rather than text. This makes it tough for software used by spammers to scrape email addresses.

Here are a few optional (but very helpful) elements you should consider adding to your contact us page.

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4. FAQs section

Point 4

Your product or service might be new in the market and it’s natural to have queries regarding it. The best option is to have a FAQs section containing 5-10 commonly asked questions. This means you resolving their query without them having to call/text you.

You can also have a few short questions and answers on your contact us page with a link to a help/more FAQs page containing additional questions.

5. Advertising

Point 5

If you wish to/already sell ad space on your website, I recommend adding that information on your contact us page. This will help you increase your chances of getting more advertisements.

6. Live Chat

Point 6

It works wonders when you’re just starting out and wish to increase conversions.

How does this benefit you in the long run?


As a business owner, a high search engine ranking can be the catalyst to success. Here are five benefits of ranking your contact us page on page 1 of search results:

1. Visibility


If your contact details are available on page 1 itself and your customers don’t have to dig around for that information, it shows your seriousness towards customer experience.

As a customer, it’s easy to feel frustrated when you need immediate assistance but are unable to find any.

For instance, a quick search on Google of ‘amazon contact us page’ shows all the contact us pages from to

This gives the impression that they’ve gone above and beyond to list out all the possible ways they can be reached. As a customer, it makes me feel secure that my issue will be heard and possibly be resolved as soon as possible.

2. Brand awareness


If your page ranks within the first few results on page 1, you’re likely to get more clicks and traffic on your website. It gives your brand the exposure it needs.

3. Credibility


The higher organic traffic and clicks your page gets, the better its ranking will be. This will lead to your business looking more authoritative to both your customers as well as search engines.

4. 24/7 Support and Reach


One of the best parts of ranking on page 1 is that your target audience can be reached out to at any time of the day.

Once you wrap up your work and relax at home, your page is still attracting traffic and demonstrating the credibility of your organization.

5. Competitive Edge


Not a lot of businesses are aware of the benefits of ranking their contact us page. Stand apart from them and make it easier for your customers to contact you when they need it the most.

This will ensure that you get long term sales and help you build a long-term loyal customer base.

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The takeaway


A contact us page has come a long way from filling the purpose of your visitors find your address/phone number. Today, it can help you boost your ranking and attract more customers.

Author-Image-Shristi-PatniThis article is written by Shristi Patni. Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes. Formerly a chief content officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook. Follow her: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter.

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