FAQ – RSFlashmatic (RS-Flashmatic not work in latest Firefox)

Extension Name: RS-Flashmatic | From: Oan Olsson

Subject: RSFlashmatic not work in latest Firefox

Oan Olsson: Hi! I’ve just check your demo on the latest firefox and it doesn’t work. https://www.rswebsols.com/demo/rsflashmatic . I also use your extension in my Joomla site. How should I fix the problem. Thank you!

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Which version of Firefox you are talking about? We just checked our demo page in the Firefox version 13.0.1. And it is working fine.

Oan Olsson: Aaha… I’ve use Firefox the same version 13.0.1. But now I checked on another computer and it works fine. Do you have any suggestions why my firefox not show Rs-flashmatic? I’ve already reinstalled adobe Flash player11. Please see attach picture.

Support Team: Clear your browser cache and try again. This may solve the issue.

Oan Olsson: Hi again! Now i found the problem and the solution. I’ve just sent you the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQbu0k0rPwc . In case others have same problem with me, so you how they can fix this.

Support Team: Thanks.

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12 thoughts on “FAQ – RSFlashmatic (RS-Flashmatic not work in latest Firefox)

  1. I installed and receive Rs Flashmatic

    Strict Standards: Non-static method modRSFlashmaticHelper :: getRSFlashmatic () SHOULD not be Called statically in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ ideeaprint \ modules \ mod_rsflashmatic \ mod_rsflashmatic.php on line 15

    Strict Standards: Non-static method modRSFlashmaticHelper :: rsws_sql_regcase () SHOULD not be Called statically in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ ideeaprint \ modules \ mod_rsflashmatic \ helper.php on line 122

    • Edit the PHP configuration file (i.e. php.ini file) of your server and set the following:

      error_reporting = E_ALL

      display_errors = Off

  2. Hello,
    I’ve just installed your module and configured it for displaying in left position in just a page of my site. I suppose to have all well done in the configuration panel, but all I can see is the title of the module, without any image. It happens with firefox 15.0.1 and Internet explorer last vs. With Chrome I can see for just a second a little blue box that disappears immediately. Is this the result of some my error or what?this is the path i’ve included:
    {/images/stories/partners/Sjgfj.jpg}I have not Realplayer installed and I cleared cache many times, but without any result.
    Can you help me please?

      • Please try like {images/stories/partners/sjsj.gif} instead of {/images/stories/partners/sjsj.gif}. This may solve the issue. If not, then please activate the module in any test page and send us the link so we can review it.

        • Thanks a lot for the fast and kind support!
          Yes, you are right. Without the slash it works and displays the images, but….. the images are shown very larger than the original sizes. And other thing…the title of the images doesn’t respect the time of the slide show and for this I see the title of an image applied to the successive image and so on. Other question: there is a limit for the title letters? Where can I play for changing the font size of the title?
          You can check the situation here:

          Thanks again

          • You need to alter the dimension of the images as per your slideshow dimension (At least maintain the same ratio). Otherwise the slideshow will not looks good. As your slideshow width is very small, we will recommend you to use the “caption” only without title. This may look good.

            • thanks for the support, but unfortunately I cannot apply the same ratio to my images 2(width) x 1(height) because I need to respect the column’s width size, that is fixed in 180px by the template and the half of 180 is just 90px. The image would be too small and incomprehensible. Too bad! :(

  3. Hola
    I love it RSFlashmatic, it’s very nice, and I’ve got published in this web [—SITE-HIDDEN—]
    But when I apply the browser zoom stays the same size.
    How I can fix that.



    • Unfortunately this module is a fixed width module. So it will not alter it’s dimension along with the browser zoom features. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. I have installed the module and I am loading it into an article using the {loadposition xxxxxx} tag. But all I get is the “In order to view this object you need Flash Player 9+ support!” error message. I would consider purchasing this, but I can’t seem to work out how to get the module to function correctly.

    It’s probably some small detail I’m overlooking. Any assistance would be appreciated.