FAQ – RSFlashmatic (Installation Issue + Fatal Error)

Extension Name: RS-Flashmatic | From: Donald Carl Kanyenda

Subject: RS-Flashmatic not installing

Donald Carl Kanyenda: I installed RS-Flashmatic on my localhost and it works. i uploaded the website online and Flashmatic wasn’t working. I then removed it and re-installed it, it was successful but it is not available in the module manager section. I’m using Joomla 2.5 and need your assistance.

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please go to “Module Manager” and then click on “Add New Module” button. Then check the RS-Flashmatic is appearing on the list or not and let us know. If it is possible to provide us the super admin login details of your website then we can also try to fix the issue for you.

Donald Carl Kanyenda: It is appearing. I tried to configure it and got the following error on my home page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in ..\modules\mod_rsflashmatic\helper.php on line 15

The super admin login details are: ###— HIDDEN INFO —###. The images are in /images/stories/slidehow

Support Team: The PHP_MBSTRING module is not installed in your server. This module is very common PHP module and generally in most server is presents by default. But in your case it is not. So please contact your hosting service provider and ask them to install this in your behalf.

Donald Carl Kanyenda: They are saying its installed. I have put the plugin and configured it now getting the following error on my page

Support Team: But your Joomla system information section is not showing the PHP MBSTRING module. Please check yourself. Just login to your Joomla admin panel. Then go to “Site” => “System Information” => “PHP Information”. Then search for it, and the list will not show the module.

Donald Carl Kanyenda: Let me check and contact the server guys.will keep you posted.

Donald Carl Kanyenda: Thanks guys for the help. Now the PHP MBSTRING module is installed and RSFlashmatic is worknig now.

Question: is it possible to add text to my images?

Support Team: Yes, possible. Please check there is an “Advanced” settings and there you can add Title and Caption. You can try the steps mentioned in this documentation.

Donald Carl Kanyenda: OK, let me check the link and will update you asap.

Donald Carl Kanyenda: Guys I’m enjoying flashmatic, I love your work. Keep it up.

Support Team: Thanks a lot. If you like our product please help us by providing your valuable review to our RS-Flashmatic listing on JED.

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15 thoughts on “FAQ – RSFlashmatic (Installation Issue + Fatal Error)

  1. Hello thanks for this module , the problem i am facing is my SWF files are not showing all other image extension like png and jpg can be seen expect SWF file. PLease help :(

      • Good day Souvik

        the slide show is working nicely, thank you… However ever since I changed the permissions as you advised, I have not been able to make changes on the site. Can you please advise?

        • I think you are talking about the changes that I mentioned in the following comment:


          If so, these changes are applicable only for our module and it not harms any other section of your website. If you are not getting access to your website, then there should be some other issue. Please check it carefully.

          By the way, what exact problem you are facing? Let me know and I will try to suggest the solution.

          • Good day Souvik

            Every time I try to install a new module it gives me an error Warning: Failed to move file!

            Also I have tried to change one of the pictures on the side show. I uploaded the new pic on the slideshow folder but when I checked on the site the picture is not changed.

            I hope this makes sense…

            • Yes, this is a permission issue, but not related to RSFlashmatic. Anyway try the following:

              1. Go to “System Info” in your administrator back-end and check your Directory Permissions tab to make sure everything is writable. If not make it writable.

              2. Also make sure your Path to Temp Folder is correct in “Global Configuration”.

    • Please create one test page and place RSFlashmatic module on that page and send the link to us so we can review the problem.

  2. I would like to thank you,souvik it’s very interresting.
    the module (rsflashmatic)does not support other languages ​​that begins with the right (arabic) it displays nothing. also rspotter
    malek developper web

  3. RS and RS-Matic Flash spotters no longer work under Flasplayer 11th Both are no longer displayed on my page. Instead, I get on all browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Explorer) pointing to the logo to install Flash Player 9 or better.

    Me and my visitors the modules have enjoyed it so much.

    How can I flash RS-Matic and RS-Spotter show again.