FAQ – RS Cool MP3 Player (Visualizer Not Displaying Correctly)

Extension Name: RS-CoolMP3Player | From: Chris Chapman

Subject: Flashing Visualiser

Chris Chapman: I have just installed your MP3 player on a site I am developing in Joomla. When I play a track, the visualizer just flashes, which is quite irritating! Here is the link: ###— HIDDEN LINK —###. Any ideas?

Also, is it possible to embed the player in an article, where I can have alternate tracks and text, throughout the article?

Many thanks in advance, Chris

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please do the following:

1) Visualizer: Please find one option in the module parameter section called “Use Exact URL”. Please set this to “Yes” and then also set the “Exact URL” as your website URL.

2) Module in Article body: Please try this documentation: How do you put a module inside an article?

Chris Chapman: Many thanks. That has worked, and I have managed to embed the player into an article. One last thing; is there any way of increasing the vertical height to which the wave form will rise to? With the operatic tracks I am using, the wave form does not rise very far from the bottom horizontal. Any ideas?
Many thanks again, Chris

Support Team: The Visualizer wave totally work on the beat of the mp3 song. It is not possible to change that. You can try to use songs of different beat and you can feel the difference.

Chris Chapman:OK, thanks a lot.

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53 thoughts on “FAQ – RS Cool MP3 Player (Visualizer Not Displaying Correctly)

    • Please remove the second brace { } from your song URL. On older version the { } was needed. In the new version of RSCoolMP3Player free version { } is not needed.

  1. Hello, your extension not support Thai language? I am use for joomla 3.0 The website is ok and very good the play . But show song name. Character thai name.

    • RSCoolMP3Player not supports all languages. If your website language is other than English, then please download the module first and test your language is working with it or not.

    • If you are using the free version of the module then only one song per module is allowed. So if you wish multiple songs then you need to add multiple modules (separate module for each song).

      But if you are using the PRO version, then you can able to add multiple songs in a single module.

      For more details & features you can review the download page: https://www.rswebsols.com/downloads/rs-coolmp3player

  2. Hi I had a working module in the header of my template in my site i now added a song and the the play button disappeared. I was just the play and pause button that was sent in the template when i got it and a sample song which was a url. I uploaded my own song and tried to add it according to how it was done in the sample url. this is how i have it. http://www.site.com/home1/servername/public_html/sitefolder/images/Music/Tracks/Hip_Hop\Bla Bla.mp3. what have i done wrong, I followed your instructions above. Pleas help as this the for the background music for the site

  3. Hello Souvik,
    Thank you for your module RS Cool MP3 Player.
    I am having slight problem- i have upgraded to joomla 3.3.3 prior to obtaining your cool mp3 palyer – and I dont know where to put my mp3 audio song within joomla so that your player will play it.
    I tried installing my mp3 song (that i want played on your module) in a new file in media manager – BUT it always puts a “png” after the mp3 so I suspect this interferes with it playing- it doesnt play when i put in the location in the site for the song.
    I dont know where else to put the mp3 in my files so that it the follows the format of http://www.yoursite.com/mp3/song1.mp3
    I also dont know how to get the url location of the song once I have uploaded it to the correct position that you tell me.
    I hope you can help.
    Kind regards

    • As generally MP3 files are large in size (al least 3 to 4 MB), it is better to upload it using any FTP software like “FileZilla” or “CuteFTP” or similar.

      Otherwise you can also use the Joomla Media Manager to upload mp3 files. But for this you need to change some settings. For this you need to do the following:

      1. Go to “Joomla Admin Panel” => “Content” => “Media Manager”.
      2. Click on “Options” button (Top-right corner).
      3. On the “Legal Extensions (File Types)” add “mp3” & “MP3”.
      4. Check “Maximum Size (in MB)” is good for your file size or not. If not try to increase it.
      5. On “Legal MIME Types” add “audio/mpeg3” & “audio/x-mpeg-3”.
      6. Then save the settings.
      7. Then again try to upload your file. Now it should work.

      By default the link of the media manager section is “http://www.yoursite.com/images/”.

      Now say on the media manager you created one folder “songs” and then upload your mp3 files on that “songs” folder. Then the mp3 file link should be something like this:


  4. Hi Souvik

    Just installed and config’d and it’s thrown two blocks of orange warnings with this at top

    “Notice: Undefined variable: rsws_counter in C:\wamp\www\Joomla\modules\mod_rscoolmp3player\helper.php on line 103”

    This is showing in green print in both blocks
    “( ‘C:\wamp\www\Joomla\modules\mod_rscoolmp3player\mod_rscoolmp3player.php’ )”

    The Player is showing underneath but broken

  5. I would like to hide the Flash error message in safari browsers on iOS systems that don’t support Flash. How would I do that?

  6. Hello Souvik,

    I bought your nice joomla extension (RSCoolMP3Player Version 1.2)Is it available as a plugin ? I would like to place within the articles.


  7. Hi Souvik , I really appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into this excellent extension .Many thanks !

    Is it possible to archive the songs . This will help to limit the play buttons on the page ,but still make it possible to listen to other songs that is in an archive .

  8. Hey there,

    I just installed your great mp3 plug in, i configured it according to the instructions, and i followed the instructions to embed it in an article, but all that shows up is the title of the player. Actually, when i inspect under the title in firebug, i see that the player is showing up in the code, but I can’t see it on the page! Any idea what’s going on here? See: http://www.jessicazuch.com/en/music


      • Thanks Souvik. I can see it in Chrome, but not Firefox. Even after clearing cache and doing a hard refresh. Any more ideas on how to fix?


        • This is a css issue of your template. Please edit the following file as per the details below:

          File to edit: ” templates/wsnone2/css/foundation.min.css ”

          1. Change ” object,embed{height:100%} ” to ” object,embed{/*height:100%*/} ”

          2. Change ” img,object,embed{max-width:100%;height:auto} ” to ” img,object,embed{max-width:100%;/*height:auto*/} “

          • Thank you Souvik, that totally did the trick! I never would have thought that the height attribute was rendering the player invisible. Much appreciated!

  9. Hello! Thank you for such a good player! Please tell me how to make a display of Russian tags (UTF-8)? Which files need to edit and how to do it?

    • Unfortunately you can not able to display Russian characters currently. Some special characters is still not supported by this player.

  10. Hi Souvik,

    I installed this great module today.
    The mp3player is visible on the top of my website with a height of 30 pixels. I only want to play one song, and therefore I would like to hide the “Song Name” and only display the “Song Artist”. Is this possible? So I only want to show one line of text in the display.


    Kind regards,

  11. Hi

    Cool MP3 is a great extension!

    Unfortunately I am having problems with it in Chrome.

    I have changed the colours of my MP3 player to match my site using the options provided by the extension. When the site loads or refreshes I see the default ‘green’ MP3 player first before it loads my version.

    I have installed the MP3 player on the home page as a test for you to see.

    Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

    • This may be the catching issue. Please clear all type of cache like Joomla Cache & Browser Cache and then test again. This should work.

        • Just check your website. The MP3 Player is showing in Blue. But the default MP3 player is in Green. So I think the changes are working.

          • Hi

            Thanks for checking my site.

            The MP3 player does show in blue BUT in Chrome it flashes/loads/shows the default green MP3 player first before loading the blue one. This is the problem I would like to fix.

            Many thanks.

  12. Hello! Thank you for your module. I have a problem now. After some working months now the module do not shows in my site, empty. What may be? Thank you!

    • Please check in the module parameter section and make sure there are no comma(,) at the end of {Song URL}. When there are only one song the comma at the end is not required.

      • hello. sexy mod! :P i have a problem though
        i use it for only one track that plays onload of the page but it stops at the first 30 seconds or sth.
        i want that track to play repeatedly. its about 1 mb
        thank you in advance!

        • 1. If the module is not playing the full song, then please try to re-upload your mp3 files on your server once again. This may solve the issue.

          2. If you need the module will repeat the song automatically, unfortunately the option is currently not available in this module.

  13. Hello,
    is it possible that when the module is not loaded caches all mp3, only those you want to play? Defined the 10 tracks (about 3-4MB), and it seems to me that the module RS-CoolMp3Player caches all at once, which really slows down the page. In addition, the module works excellent.

    sorry for my english;)

    best regards,

    • The player only start to fetch the song once anyone click on the play button (or in case of auto-play). In time of page loading the module only loads the player, nothing else.

      • Hi Souvik,
        Thank you for your reply. I also think it should be, but watching the network interface load when you open the page with mp3 but I dare say that something cache module. After a few minutes, to stabilize the connection, and the problem disappears.