The Top Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now in 2019

Selfie stick and waterproof case seem to be all, but traveling needs more than just them. Among the issues, which are much more severe than the point of a beautiful selfie usually, are how not to lose luggage in the hustle of the airport? What to stay connected on vacation? But what if you are used to drinking good coffee in the morning, and on the beach, you cannot find it for love or money? For all occasions, there are different tech gadgets. They will help you to monitor your luggage and make coffee anywhere in the world (even uninhabited) and turn dirty water into clean, drinkable water. Here are some devices we recommend taking a closer look at before your next trip.

1. Power bank

Top 10 Best Selling Portable Power Banks

The most popular and necessary gadget, which will help not to stay connected at the most inopportune moment. Choose a high-capacity power bank so as not to charge it every night: for example, Xiaomi does such things. Their power banks have thermal protection, so you can safely take with you to the resort – the heat and bright sun will not do much harm.

Another good option is a solar panel. It is perfect for traveling to hot countries: just put the board so that nothing obscures the sun from it, and connect a gadget to it that needs to be charged.

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2. Drimsim

The Comprehensive Benefits of Unlimited Data SIMs

Usually, when traveling, you either have to pay hellish money for roaming or buy a local SIM card. Agree, all this is inconvenient and takes up precious vacation time. Therefore, before the trip, you should buy Drimsim – a universal SIM card that works in 197 countries of the world.

Upon arrival, you need to insert it into the phone, and she will catch the local network. The prices for communication and the Internet will be almost like those of local operators.

3. Multi adapter


The most apparent purchase for everyone who at least once went up to a room with a discharged phone and discovered a completely alien construction of a local outlet.

Of course, you can buy the cheapest adapter every time in the nearest store, but it is better to buy a multi-adapter once. With its help, you can travel to different countries and not be afraid, to remain without charge for the whole vacation. The best multi-adapters also have USB ports to charge gadgets without a plug.

4. Tracker for monitoring things


The best gadget for those who are afraid of losing an expensive something or forgetting a bag in a cafe. It is minimal and is attached to anything – keys, a folder with documents, a suitcase. After that, the thing can be tracked using a unique application within a radius of 60 meters. If you click on the search button, the tracker will make a loud sound.

If suddenly a thing with a tracker comes out of range, a notification with the latest tracker geo-location will come to the phone. In general, the situation is useful, inexpensive, and will save you a lot of nerve cells.

5. GoPro Camera

GoPro-HERO-4 - Tech Gadgets

A valuable thing if you like to take pictures when traveling. GoPro eliminates the need to carry around a heavy camera and makes it easy to shoot extreme videos. The camera can be attached to a backpack or cap, it is not afraid of water, heat and cold too, and the video can be quickly downloaded to your phone and uploaded to social networks.

6. Portable coffee machine


A small gadget will allow you to drink aromatic coffee even on the bus on the way from the airport, even on a beach lounger. Using such machines, coffee can be made from ground grains or capsules. The principle of operation is simple: pour hot water, pump up the pump, and press the button, and the coffee is ready!

7. Portable water filters


Even if you are sure that you can drink tap water in the host country and everyone does it, it is better to play it safe so as not to spend a vacation with a sick stomach. For this, portable filters were invented. They exist in the form of straws, such as LifeStraw, and in the way of bottles – to filter out water in such, you need to press the piston.

Portable filters kill 99.9% of the harmful bacteria that are in the water. Also, you do not have to buy drinking water in plastic bottles always.

8. Portable router


A valuable thing for those who cannot spend a minute without the Internet. It catches a network better than a phone and can distribute the Internet to several devices at once. So all family members will be able to check mail, go to Instagram, and watch a new video on YouTube at the same time. And if you insert Drimsim into the router, mentioned above, then the fast Internet will be with you anywhere in the world.

9. Huawei headphones

HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Bluetooth Earphones - 1

A wire from earphone buds can ruin any stylish look, so wireless headphones have long become a real must-have for all the travelers who want to feel comfortable. The new Huawei FreeBuds Lite is suitable for any smartphone and guarantees uninterrupted operation via Bluetooth. In addition to the stylish minimalistic design, the headphones also have dominant technical characteristics: polyurethane membranes and a titanium coating provide a bright and vibrant sound even at high frequencies. Headphones will not drop out – FreeBuds Lite comes with three standard rubber earbuds and another pair of sports ones. The FreeBuds Lite headphones are equipped with an infrared sensor that detects when the headphones are removed from the ears, after which the music is automatically paused. When the headphones return to their ears, a track is resumed.

10. Glo tobacco heat device

Glo-tobacco-heat-device - Tech Gadgets

The Glo device is intuitively intuitive and straightforward to use – one device with one control button. The powerful Glo battery allows up to 30 sessions without recharging. It is not just convenient – it meets the requirements of a modern rhythm. Adult tobacco users can use Glo in a large number of places, including indoors, without going outside or in particular areas for tobacco consumption. At the same time, Glo technology does not pollute indoor air like cigarette smoke, and leaves a less unpleasant odor on hands, hair, clothes, and indoors.

The Glo philosophy in the new design is “Style from a Different Angle.” Four brilliant shades were chosen for the devices that organically complement the stylish image: intense Rich Black, elegant Blue Gray, eye-catching Fine Gold, and sophisticated Light Rose. The case of the invention combines matte and glossy textures while maintaining minimalism and geometric shapes.

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11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 smartphone

Redmi-Note-7-smartphone - Tech Gadgets

Redmi Note 7 is a smartphone of one of the most popular Redmi Note lines. The new device continues the range of smartphones, traditionally equipped with large displays and excellent battery life. The smartphone is developed based on a powerful energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. It has amazing photo capabilities thanks to a 48-megapixel camera. The front and back panels of the smartphone are covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass 5. This makes it less vulnerable to damage from falls.

12. Actenzo fitness bracelet


Actenzo is the novelty of this spring, which cannot be called just a fitness bracelet. A smart health service hides under the guise of a stylish watch. The intelligent device monitors not only daily activity and sleep, but also critical physiological data, such as ECG, blood pressure, quality of sleep and recovery, stress level, and fitness of the body.

The received data is stored in the cloud, which can be accessed through a unique application or web platform. If the program notices any negative dynamics, it informs the owner about it and recommends contacting a doctor. Actenzo is a service to which you can trust your health.

13. The Samsung Tab S5e

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S5e - Tech Gadgets

The Samsung Tab S5e tablet has excellent features for work, entertainment, and communication. The device received a large 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display. It comes with an invisible Home key and four built-in speakers from AKG with powerful deep sound. Compact and elegant design, thin metal case (5.5 mm) and lightweight of the new product (only 400g) make it a perfect portable gadget for travel. Comprehensive functions for productive work allow you to use the tablet to edit documents, presentations, and tables, view significant texts, and other activities during business trips.

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14. The Canyon smartwatch

apple watch - smartwatch

The Canyon brand, known in the accessories market for mobile devices and PCs, has unveiled a new collection of smart gadgets. The sportiest model is the CNS-SW72 smart heavy-duty geometric design watch. The device is black (CNS-SW72BB) in color and is equipped with two straps: metal with magnetic closure and thermo-polyurethane.

CNS-SW72 seems to be the best wearable gadget for those who like an energetic pace of life. Thanks to a broad set of sensors and a high-quality 1.22-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels. The metal case of increased strength fully protects the accessory from mechanical damage. Its compact size and lightness do not give an extra load on the arm. The battery allows you to use the gadget for up to 15 days without recharging. Water sports enthusiasts will be pleased with the water resistance. This enables them to withstand immersion in water to a depth of up to a meter for up to 30 minutes. The CNS-SW72 is optimized for the most popular sports.

This article is written by Melisa Marzett. She is much of a traveler herself. She is lucky to combine this pleasure by working as a content writer for Melisa is happily married, and her dearly beloved husband supports her in all beginnings and activities. She is fond of sport, reading books on psychology and self-development, a meditation and yoga practitioner who speaks three languages and admires people who do things with their own hands.

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