The Best Way of Cooperation with any Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing is regarded as a very popular and effective method for boosting the business. It is used all over the world and it can connect companies in various, even far-distant locations. However, distance doesn’t seem to play an important role in a software development processes any longer.

Making the most of offshoring and nearshoring is really beneficial for many companies. This solution can save you lots of time, money, and help you discover a lot of new opportunities while focusing on your core business. How to make the most of it? Read the tips below and find out.

Choose the most compatible vendor


Selecting the most compatible vendor is often considered as the most determinative, but also most difficult, part of the process. While a particular company (or freelancer) you decide to hire for your project can have a lot of impressive recommendations from previous clients and offers competitive price, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this cooperation will be the most profitable option for you. Consider a lot of factors and set your own priorities.

While outsourcing (offshoring or nearshoring) looks for the right skills, the ones that your organization does not possess. Try to run a trial project first, then check supplier’s portfolio and read reviews to get know your potential software development partner better. Enter the cooperation only when you are assured that they meet your expectations.

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Pick the methodology that works for you


It is not only about the work itself, but the way of work, too. Choose the methodology for your project to make sure you are on the same side. No matter if you choose Agile, PRINCE2 or Kanban – what matters is whether both sides of the transaction can look in the same direction and work together on a system that will bring satisfying results. This can be a bone of contention, but you can’t avoid this step in planning your potential cooperation.

Establish clear rules


It is essential to make sure that you and your supplier are on the same page with all the arrangements. Discuss your work process and the ways of evaluation, therefore you can avoid misunderstandings not only at the end of the project but also during it.

You should set clear deadlines and time frames for your project and remember that both parties have to agree on goals they want to achieves. There is no time and place better for clarifying than the beginning of cooperation.

Be up-to-date

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As we all know, the technology industry is changing very rapidly. That means your requirements can evolve during the project in you want to stay up-to-date. Let your IT partner know as fast as possible about every update or possible changes you’d like to introduce. Don’t forget to ask for regular updates, so that you know at what stage of development your project is.

From time to time test the software under development to make sure it matches your organization’s current needs. This way you are able to detect and solve problems before it’s too late.

Trust your outsourcing partner


Remember that you outsource IT services to specialists who know what they’re doing, have experienced and skilled crew, and will do anything not to let you down. Consider your vendor as a real business partner, not just another external company that comes and goes. You can only benefit from this type of cooperation while you lean on your supplier’s capabilities and fully exploit their potential.

As it was already mentioned at the beginning, you should complete each other skill-wise, so that your IT partner possesses the skills, experience or simply time that you don’t have on your team. Trust can play a great role in your cooperation.

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Be open

The Best Way of Cooperation with any Outsourcing Partner

Creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding can be crucial for your project. Show your partner that you’re upfront and willing to know their frank opinion on every topic related to your software project. It’s the only way to succeed because IT projects are very complex and one problem can cause an avalanche of a business incomprehension. Together you can face that challenge and become equal partners striving towards one goal.

We encourage you to follow these tips if you want to look into the future of your software development project with confidence. Try to be more understanding, open and listen more – that’s what genuine business partnership is all about.

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