15 Real Challenges in Mobile Application Development

Every business is switching to digital gadgets and applications. The same goes for mobile applications. Businesses are creating the fastest solutions to compete with market trends.

Although the struggles are infinite in mobile application development and creation, it is because there is an enormous competition going on. Also, hundreds of applications already exist. This is why presenting new ideas and coming up with the most reliable application is becoming a challenge nowadays.

Therefore, the foremost thing is to increase the existing knowledge and face the challenges openly. This is how all the problems will be solved rightly. Otherwise, the functioning of mobile applications will get disturbed. And this will impact the overall image of a brand or a company. Sooner or later, it is better to change the mistakes into opportunities.

Purpose of Mobile Application Development


The primary purpose of mobile application development is to enhance users’ experience and facilitate them up to some extent by saving them valuable time as the mobile buyers and users are rapidly growing every year. It is essential to know the worth of approaching the audience through this medium.

In addition to this, the specific reason is directly proportional to the growth of a startup. Many trendsetters in the marketplace have already achieved so much and gained popularity. So the small businesses which are in the phase of getting more prominent need a specific easy to become more variable 24/7. Also, nothing can be more helpful than the development of mobile apps. 

To make it possible, it is vital to increase the number of applications that serve the actual purpose.

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Advantages of Creating Mobile Applications


Let’s take the discussion to the next level. Here are how mobile applications are significant in changing and impacting the lives of people.

  • The most used channel in today’s world.
  • Also, the impact is long-lasting and effective.
  • It is a faster way of communication and changing perspectives.
  • Mobile applications can help build a brand’s awareness.
  • It can attract more audiences and spread the word effortlessly.

Common 15 Mobile Application Development Challenges


It is evident that there are some pros and cons to everything. Similarly, with the side-by-side easiness, hundreds of challenges are making the path of the digital world more complicated. This is creating problems for the developers.

Although it is a never-ending list, we will bring light on the 15 major issues.

1. Wrong Assessing and Development Directions


There are some reasons for mobile application development. Try not to avoid them and to think from the user’s perspective. Several times the developers do not know the targeted audience, which causes the problems.

Everyone wants innovation these days. It is significant to make the users friendly by asking several questions before finally getting into it.

Questions like these will help:

  • What Is the fundamental reason for developing it?
  • Does the application fulfill the purpose?
  • Which feature makes it stand out from the crowd?
  • For whom is the application created?
  • Is it effective and comes with the guidelines?

All these queries will solve half of the problems.

2. Compatibility Problems with Certain Devices


The idea of application should be equal for all devices. It is such a big no for all those applications which are easy to download on one and refuse on the other version. 

An essential factor for the companies is to make sure that working efficiency is acceptable. Also, they are compatible with android and iOS both. This doubles the reach of applications by becoming the most used ones. If any app lacks this, it might face major drawbacks in getting successful.

The outdated sizes and unsupportive bug fixation features make it challenging for the users. However, to avoid this in the long term. The size resolution, dimensions, and pixels should be taken care of for each application.


3. Fail to Come Up with New Ideas


To make the user used to any application is an arduous task. It happens only when every characteristic is up to the mark and fulfills the requirements of the modern digital world. 

To get a high response and bring it under the top ten list, it is crucial to understand some rules and implement them. Also, do some research about the competitors that now engage the users at its level fest. These are some tricks which will be more than beneficial practically. It will boost the reach and make it famous in no time. 

When they don’t improve and make confident innovations in the design plan, then the downfall is the only outcome.

4. Does Not have Enough Funds


If not planned, organized, and studied things carefully, money becomes the most challenging thing. A person with no prior experience is allowed to make mistakes. The main objective is to learn and build technical insights.

This will improve the overall hiring methods for mobile application development in less minimum budget.  

Funding is no doubt one of the mandatory resources to meet the requirements and market demand. This is why make a proper calculation and finalize.

5. Selecting Outdated Technology


Developing the right and valuable app can be challenging at times. The worst decision is to go for the old development technology. It is mandatory to make sure that the application is working fine with the other devices at any cost. 

There are thousands of mobile applications working at higher frequency levels. Match the efficiency with those to get the best results. Develop applications that are unique, able to function everywhere, and give good performance.

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6. Hiring Inappropriate Developers and Team


Just like, few things cannot function properly without implementing the right rules. This has the same meaning when it comes to recruiting developers. The employee or company answer must be familiar with the technicalities.

The hiring of the wrong team or choosing, not an experienced developer can bring more challenges. One wrong decision for mobile application development can cause the whole system to clash and won’t be functional anymore.


7. Lack of Resources and Platforms


This reason contributes more than anything. Challenges are welcomed because of not searching the upgraded resources and platforms. The reason behind it is that the more unskilled person will bring more problems.

Also, the trusted website or resources can be satisfied for crucial things like development.

8. Insecure Data Storage and Authentication


If this is not entertained correctly, it may make the development more challenging for every developer to fear the malware issue and losing the data issues.

This will arise if any mobile app development services in the UK are neglected. Also, it is crucial to know the software and hardware fragmentation and the active hacker’s activities. The guidelines are important to follow.

9. Going for Unsuccessful Architecture Pattern


There are more than four to five architect plans. It is essential to study each. Also, know more about the advantages and disadvantages. 

Below are the names of patterns:

  • Event-driven pattern;
  • Layered (n-tier) pattern;
  • Microkernel pattern;
  • Space-based pattern;
  • Microservices pattern;

It depends on what kind of application is in the procedures. This will greatly influence the decision and the function of any app.

10. Incomplete Ways of Advertising


Few non-technological yet influential steps can make the whole game change. If the product or any mobile application development procedure is advertised correctly, the outcomes will be much more prominent.

As more people will use it and give feedback. There will be more chances to make the necessary changes in the developing plan.


11. Better Marketing, Better Business


Apart from fulfilling all the development criteria, this is important as well. No matter how much an application is outstanding. Without the proper marketing tools and reaching the right audience, all things will be in vain.

12. Less Productivity


Another big challenge. For developers. A common observation is that most applications drain the average battery of devices. This happened because of the poor performance and overheating.

It is crucial to always look into the technical and developing part keenly, as this will interrupt the capability of applications.

13. Lack of Performance


As far as the performance is concerned, it is different from the designing and developing issues. However, it is a common problem that mobile application development is sometimes not fulfilling and matching the market criteria or expectations.

Also, this factor depends on the user’s devices, but the major issue persists with interior development—a massive contribution to the lack of performance.

14. User’s Experience and Review


The easier it, the greater the experience will be. Every user wants a fast solution as they aren’t willing to spend more time on non-working applications. 

Developers forget what the actual reason for making this particular app is. It is one of the most challenging things indeed. However, it can be solved by simply making it convenient and thinking from the user’s perspective.

15. Backing Up Issue


Majority of the application doesn’t get ratings because they do not have the backup options as many people want to dive their information for later uses. If this is not added to the mobile application development list, it will be a major challenge hindering success.

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Avail Technological Convenience at the Fingertips


However, the hard work and efforts always paid off. There are still some ways to overcome the hurdles and make development as smooth as possible. For this, there will be a lot of knowledge and experience required. Many developers are learning and evolving to shape the mobile application structure in the best way possible.

This article is written by Ellie Singh. Ellie is a great technical writer, and IT teacher. Her skills are exceptional in providing authentic guidance and assistance. She has also worked as an app developer for Website Valley that relates to the mobile app and web design industry.

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