Quick Tips to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing pages are the center for incoming lead generation tussles. Whatever marketing campaign you run or event you present, all must bring your users to the most bounded landing pages. Everyone pays attention to bringing traffic to the landing pages by implementing all the techniques to get conversions. Landing pages that are not made as per the original search simply lose their significant share of traffic.

Designing and organizing the landing pages is the most challenging task and if one master that technique, it becomes easy to get organic traffic as well as more sales. Let me tell you few techniques on how to boost your conversion for the landing page.

Compelling content

As soon as any person lands on your page, one must have the impression that he is visiting something valuable and worth his time. The right content is the key to success for any online business. In order to make people take more interest in your products and services, make sure that not only he gets the first actual impression of your site through a warm welcome and an addressing note, but also illustrate the motive of bringing you here.

Quick Tips to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rate - Content

The content must add overall value suggestion to your page and let others know about your firm in few words. It also tells why you are better from others. The content part is and will always remain the king for any website. So, try to craft this portion carefully with ever best techniques.

Use of perfect combinations of colors, themes, and images

We all know that converting your potential clients to actual buyers is the most difficult job. And moreover, there is a different type of people who give importance to different things. For example, if the color combination or theme used on the landing pages is not attractive enough, then it will pull down the readers’ mood. Always make use of sensible color option and themes which are neither too off-putting and nor too eye pinching.

The right choice in high-definition and eye-catching images is also a dominant factor in designing any CTA buttons and other captions for the landing page.  You can have a look at this post for building Shopify stores which can give you lot of ideas for choosing themes & colors.

Write captivating lines to create interest

Make your headlines and titles interesting and catchy so that those lines become click-worthy. Most of the users get the first impression about the stuff by looking at the bold and attractive one liners which describe the product in brief. So, it vital to get those one liners put in the perfect and interesting way to give the whole idea of your product and service without reading the entire content.

Quick Tips to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rate - Headlines

This scenario is similar to writing a title or a headline for the front page of the newspaper where people will only read the whole article when the introduction line to the article is interesting. The same goes for our kind of sales funnel where the client will get engaged only when the first impression is good enough to get them into that funnel and convert them into the lead.

Authenticate trust

Nobody will believe you if you do not have any valid proof to show your organization’s existence. And whatever traffic you send through the sales channel is not familiar with your organization. So, to build trust, you need to display your insignias, rewards, certifications, etc. on the landing page of your website. Posting testimonials are also an excellent way to build the trust factor in the eyes of the first-time visitors.

Quick Tips to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rate - Trust

For attesting your business’s value credentials, it is crucial to show what you have gained throughout these years and how you have established yourself by fulfilling the demands of your customers. All these factors combine to demonstrate the equality of your services offered and hence help you in instituting trust factor.

Make sure that your website is across-the-board

In today’s scenario, it is very necessary that when you are sending huge traffic towards your landing page, make sure it is up to the mark and stands firm on consumer’s expectation. We all know that most of us prefer mobile-friendly sites and want to do maximum things on-the-go. So, it becomes quite apparent that your website must fit into all types of the screen whether it is mobile, tablet or laptop.

It has been proved in a recent research that most of the traffic lands on your page through mobile devices. It becomes easy for everyone to find your channel even on small screens along with high responsiveness. So, make sure that your website includes every feature which is available for all types of devices.

Enhance your web pages for search

Landing pages must be optimized for search; so that it gets recognized by the search engines and make their place in top pages. For optimizing these pages, you have to ensure that content’s main headings are covered in H1 tags. A proper meta description, focus keyword and title are given so as to make the web crawlers recognize the main words of the web page. All these factors combine to boost the organic research for your website.

Quick Tips to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rate - Search Optimization

Also, make it a point that your content on the landing page must be more than 250 words so that you fulfill the Google’s minimum writing limit. You need to have a proper knowledge of SEO and other things like use of plugins, themes, rich snippets, HTML, etc. You have to make your landing pages edifying, and totally conversion focused.


The overall accuracy of the information present on the landing pages will help to build trust factor among the users. Your site will have more lead generates if you provide a solid backing. Always remember; improving your landing pages, designing them aptly, and offering better deals will help you to get more traffic and therefore more sales. User engagement is the key factor which is important for any website.

Hope all the above information will benefit you to boost your conversion for the landing page.

This article is written by Megha Parikh. She is a digital marketing expert and has been journeying through the world of digital marketing for more than 7 years. She especially enjoys learning about social media marketing and conversion rate optimization while exploring her social and interpersonal skills.

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