Penji Review: A Simplified Graphic Design Service You Can Try

The scope of graphic designing has increased to a great extent these days, over the past few years. Whether you are planning to start with a business or want to promote the one which is settled already, it is extremely important to look around for the best designing services that can help you give your business a better brand. That is when you can consider the option of Penji.

This Philadelphia-based startup has gained popularity for some time because of the unique business model which it offers. It is an amazing experience you can have. Penji is one such kind of service that offers an additional resource team that can enhance your productivity too.

So, what exactly is Penji?


Penji is one amazing approach to hire freelancers who can help you in your ongoing work of graphic design. It saves quite a lot of your time to find, hire, and even manages the best of the quality designer and thus eliminates the chances of getting overcharged. This pricing model comes with unlimited graphic designing and there is no contract too. You get an expert web designer dedicated to your project at a great deal.

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What does UNLIMITED graphic design mean?


In the unlimited graphic design plan, Penji will not charge you on an hourly basis or per project. You will have the billing of a flat monthly rate irrespective of the design projects that you submit. You can create the design projects as many you want while you shall get the best designer to begin with. Once the whole design is done then the Penji team will consider another one in the queue that you had set. Doesn’t it sound good to be so true? Well, even we had the same thought in our minds too. And that is why we signed up to experience the difference.

What makes Penji A leading Service of the designing platform?


Penji gives you a platform that helps in bridging you to the better of the 2% of those expert designers that are located across the work. It gave us a unique visual designing model that can match your requirements.

We were even able to meet the growing business demands of clients. You shall cover a creative output from the designing team without any additional change at overhead pricing.

We even got the designs to be made at the customer platform at the fixed pricing each month such as logos, flyers, UI. The service is one significant option since you get the best resources for your team for better productivity.

Expect the best turnaround time

Well, the turnaround time entirely depends on the project with the revisions that you would want. Usually, it takes around 48 hours for many projects. If the project nature is complex such as the landing page, website, or pitch deck, or an infographic, then the designer would quite you the timeline well in advance already.

There are no hidden fees at all. The price of the package is exactly what you will be paying on monthly basis. This includes the fees and taxes at that price.

How Penji works?


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Step 1: Come up with a design project

Point 1

You first have to fill the form to help the designers with your requirement. In case there are any attachments that you want to include, you can do so accordingly. Be it the digital graphic or the print one, you simply have to set your demand. Whether it is the advertisement, logo, or marketing material, it is possible to do the submission. You will get the first draft within the next 48 hours.

Step 2: The best designer is allocated to your project

Point 2

Penji will only assign your project to the best designer. You don’t have to worry because all the designers at Penji are quite experienced and capable too. The whole communication about the required changes to be done and some addition to the project can be done seamlessly on the platform of Penji itself. Since the designers are quite experienced in their set of skills, you will get the best of any project style right from custom illustrations to the landing page.

Step 3: It’s the time for the review and feedback

Point 3

Since the designer will send you the first draft within 48 hours, if you are still not happy with the design and need more changes, you can simply connect to them. They will do revisions for you until you are completely satisfied with the work and your expectations are rightly met. If you have to do the revisions in less time done then specify them or else you can get it anyhow within 24 hours.

Step 4: Download file in less time

Point 4

Once the final draft is ready, you can then download it quickly. It is not just the design but also the source files that you can download with a click. You don’t have to wait for anyone to mail you once the final draft is ready. All your files get stored at Penji for which you get access through your Penji account dashboard. There are different file types to make the choice from which includes JPEG, Microsoft Office files, Adobe Suite files, PNG, and PDF’s to name some.

Penji Business Model: Best for All Deserves!

  • Penji can help bloggers who want to include some better-quality images that are custom made and also the infographics in the past.
  • If you are social media market then go ahead because Penji can give you great graphics for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook too.
  • Agencies can also benefit from Penji who want to enhance their design abilities without additional staff to be a part of it.
  • Other than this Penji Designers will work on anything be it Logos, Websites, Landing pages, Apps, T-shirts, Social media, Infographics.

In short, Penji is meant for all kinds of businesses and big brands such as the University of Pennsylvania, Aweber, Reebok, Lyft, Tide, and express to name some.



Graphic design plays a crucial role in development. Penji can be the best graphic design service that can transform your business in the industry little every time. That is not it, even the Team of Penji is so hardworking that they won’t just try to reach out your expectations but also would go beyond expectations.

There are three packages from which you can make the choice.

The first package is Pro

Point 1

In this, you just get the graphic design at the pricing of $399/month. There are ample designing projects that get covered in it along with Illustration, Graphic design, and UX/UI that you choose.

The second package is Team

Point 2

In this, you get Website & app design at $499/month. There are Infographics, Custom illustrations with Double output that you can get. It is meant for more than 3 users.

The third package is Agency

Point 3

In this, you get Prioritized support at $899/month. It is meant for 10 years and 2 designers shall work on the project.

The best part of the above project pricing is there are no contracts included in it. You can cancel it anytime you want. Besides, the billing is so honestly done that you don’t have to maintain the fine prints. In case you are not happy with the work, they can give assure a complete money guarantee within 15 days without any hidden clause involved.

In case you want to avail of Penji benefits for free, simply refer to some more customers and you can see the commission going up and there can even come a time when your monthly membership will get free.

Here’s what we loved about Penji

  • Penji is one nice alternative that we came across. It is affordable and does not have any kind of hidden fees.
  • The business model of Penji is unique. It removed all kinds of stress related to the design project or the budget that may exceed later.
  • Since Penji followed a strict process to test for graphic designers, you can only see the best of the 2% of applicants working with Penji.
  • You don’t have to give any commitment to Penji and if you are not happy, you feel free to cancel the subscription anytime.
  • In case the designer has the styling that you did not like, you can talk to the Penji team about it. They shall assign you another option without any fussy process involved.
  • Penji is quite responsive and can reply to your queries and requests in less time. This makes them a promote service to choose from.
  • We could use their intuitive dashboard for leading comments and feedbacks and thus maintain better communication flow.

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Final verdict


Everything is so streamlined at Penji we did not even have to run to every individual to fulfill our designing requirements. But yes, when we chose their designing services, we had to give have a comprehensive designing idea of the project explained to them so that our revision and their time also got saved. Overall, Penji is one affordable option for the increasing business and no doubt their output is completely reliable.

Know more about Penji

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Thumbs Up!

Overall, Penji is one affordable option for the increasing business and no doubt their output is completely reliable.

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