How NOT to do Social Media Automation (Infographic)

Automation on Social media is necessary to help increase the reach of your content with less effort. The automation tools have aided in utilizing resources adequately by saving time and catering to a varied time-zone based audience as well. However, with the ease of use, there also comes a boring timeline which misses the ultimate purpose of social networking, i.e., Engagement. Make sure that automation doesn’t become the reason people distance from your social presence. Keeping the Human touch in Social Media Automation can be the crucial element in creating engagement with your relevant audience.

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As much as using automation tools makes our life easier, it also increases the chances of sounding like an answering machine. It makes the “social messages” sound like that of a robot. The social connection which needs to be established gets pushed away with the need to remain “active”. They say, “Too much of anything is bad”, holds true here as well. The requirement is to do automation in moderation. What this means is, not every opportunity we get we have to rely on automation. There is an interesting 50-30-20 Rule, which we can utilize in order to do automation, but in moderation. Allowing your automation to become the “hero” of your social media strategy can be disastrous.

This infographic below details things which one should NOT be doing when utilizing Social Media Automation. No doubt, it is a necessity, but there are ways in which we can maintain the human element, which is important for us to grow out of the clutter. This infographic can aid you to understand how Social media automation can benefit you; all you’ve got to do is, follow these guidelines on Do’s and Don’ts of social media automation.

How NOT to do Social Media Automation (Infographic):

How NOT to do Social Media Automation (Infographic)

This infographic is shared by Mohammad Farooq. He is a Social Media Analyst and a Blogger. He is someone who loves to travel and write. He published this infographic on his article Social Media Automation: How to Keep the Human Touch. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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