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Today, the reach of internet is increasing towards billions of people across the world. Now, the internet is not limited in its use as a medium of enhancing knowledge, social relationship, business and more. It has developed as a popular and economic medium of gaining popularity throughout the world. Today, to do such things, there is a need of a website, which will give access to information to all people. By the use of internet, we can serve to the people of different cultures, regions, backgrounds, arts, countries etc. Blogging is no hole and corner policy to gain popularity over the web by sharing our ideology, experience, expertise etc. with other people.

According to a survey, there are 3,079,339,857 internet users of 7,264,263,793 total population of the world, which account approximately 42.40% population of the world, are using internet for fulfilling their daily purposes. All of these people depend upon the 968,882,453 websites all over the web to meet their purposes. Of these total numbers of website, approximate 19.20% websites based on WordPress, the easiest content management system over the web. About 60% of total top blogs made on WordPress platform.

Therefore, to get advantageous the people with intact and current knowledge, each website has to update itself on interval period. However, at the present age of technological advancement, there are no ready-made methods to update website content from front-end. No website platform is available including WordPress on the internet, which offers simple updating of content on any web pages of the website. However, to give intact and current knowledge of the subject, a website needs to be update by website developer. Hiring a website developer will prove costly and time consuming also.

Great thanks to WordPress plugin developer who made plugins to upload the content on any web page of the particular website. At present, there are many plugins available on internet. These will reduce your work-done at high rate and consequently lessen your work pressure. These plugins will help you a lot to enhance the functionality of your website by the customization of your content. Below I am listing best WordPress file upload plugin some of them are free and others are paid. Choose the optimum plugin as per your use.

WordPress File Upload

WordPress File Upload
Download: Free | Cost: $0.00 | Rating: (4.5 out of 5)

This plugin is developed by WordPress plugin developer and you can install it on your WordPress portal just by download it from WordPress Plugin directory. This plugin has two great features; the first is its simplicity: To upload a file on the website you just need to download plugin freely and install it and put the code of the file into the directory of WordPress of your WordPress website structure. The second great feature is its casual customization feature: it offers the user to insert short codes and place it in the resource file. Having done this, a user is able to upload content on web page from the front-end. Since, it does not involve any kind of flash technology; hence, it is fast and yet impressive. It coded with the help of basic HTML, AJAX and HTML 5 programming languages. It comes with a feature that a user can easily customize it by changing the short codes personally. In this manner, it is a valuable plugin and is not worth to be lost.

It is listed under "WordPress Plugin" > "File Upload". The author name is Nickolas Bossinas. The name of the publisher is WordPress Plugin Repository. It was first get available on December 09, 2013. It was last get upgraded on October 24, 2021.

Tags: Page, File, Ajax, Form, Upload.

Frontend File Manager Plugin

Frontend File Manager Plugin
Download: Free | Cost: $0.00 | Rating: (4 out of 5)

This is another great plugin, which is not limited only to file upload, but it also acts as an uploading manager. It allows user to control all the functions as delete the content and recover it after have deleted from website home page. This plugin manages the list of uploaded or deleted content on the website. It also offers user to personalize the uploading button by changing the background color of the button, font of the upload button, change the text style of the button, image of the button, and color of the text of the button. You can install this plugin by freely downloading it from WordPress plugins directory.

It is listed under "WordPress Plugin" > "File Upload". The name of the author is N-Media. It is available at WordPress Plugin Repository. It was first get released on November 13, 2011. It was last get upgraded on November 24, 2021.

Tags: User Files, User Files Manager, File Uploaders, Front End Upload, File Uploader.

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress
Download: Premium | Cost: $14.00 | Rating: (3.6 out of 5)

This interesting plugin offers you to upload a single and multiple file on any page of the website at one time. It also supports image customization feature. Here can you customize any content of your web page before final submission. The other features are auto upload, integration with forms. The cost of this plugin is just $10. This plugin developed using AJAX coding language.

It is listed under "WordPress Plugin" > "File Upload". The author name is QuanticaLabs. The name of the publisher is Envato. More than 915 users are purchased this already. It was first get released on December 10, 2010. It was last get updated on March 19, 2021.

Tags: crop, Ajax, form Integration, jquery, file Size Limit, uploader, image, submission, thumbnails, resizing, file Filters, forms.

Now your hand is full of best file upload plugin which they are either free or have cost but all of them maintain uniqueness in themselves. Before taking your final decision, you should comprehend and compare all the facts and features of the given plugins. In this way, you can find the best plugin, which will suite best, to your premium website.

This article is written by Elvin Roy. She is a professional WordPress developer and a writer by hobby. She works for wordsuccor, a WordPress Development Company with a worldwide reach. To get latest reviews and updates, please follow them on twitter and facebook.
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  1. Just wanted to comment on a Plugin I have for sale called Real FTP Upload. This plugin is designed to allow users to upload multiple files, with progress bar and Captcha to prevent spam submissions to any FTP server they like. I developed this plugin for myself really being a Graphic Designer and Web Developer I needed a way for people to get me large files that would fail in email. Using the free Filezilla ftp server the plugin on my site actually allows users to upload files directly to my office computer.

    The form that is filled out asks for Name, Email and Company name along with purpose of upload and a comment section (The plugin then creates a folder on the ftp server based on the company name field to keep things properly organized.

    It can be found here.