What Will the Web To Print Solutions Industry Be Like In The Next 50 Years

As new technology is emerging daily, more and more new trends, new devices and many new online services are growing by leaps and bounds. Same is true with Printing Solutions. Service providers are evolving with new expectations of print, quality, and efficiency. Now Online Print Solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs. In the next fifty years, the web to print solutions industry is going to reach heights of technology. According to Smithers Pira report, total digital printing market will reach 225% peak of the 2013 value by 2024.  This implies more than 400% by the next fifty years. …

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cctv security surveillance camera

5 Answers that You Should Know While Buying a Surveillance Camera!

In recent times, the need of surveillance cameras has just changed from a ‘want’ to a ‘necessity’. Today, every business owner is smart enough to apprehend that it is better to invest in the finest surveillance system available on the market shelves as opposed to filing a complaint of a break-in, running after the criminals, and then, taking the case to the court of law. However, while deciding on a surveillance system, a lot of questions are likely to inundate you. Well, no need to fear! We have narrowed down those questions and have prepared answers for them in order …

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11 Technological Trends That Will Rule USA In 2017

We are already on the brink of 2016 and witnessing some rapid changes in the technology trends. As we all have seen that major technology changes are going to happen, it is easy to interpret that demand for robust technology and support functions will increase leading to some revolutionary technical changes. Cashless POS CCTV Camera Mobile banking Wearable technology Bitcoin Technology Enterprise Wireless Solutions Next generation batteries Purchase of Mobile phones with substantial battery and better connectivity Autonomous vehicles Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Rise in Network and Business Security Solutions This article is written by Alice Methew, writer at, loves …

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Four Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade

What Technology Could Look Like in 2050

As per estimation, by 2050, the earth’s population will increase from 7 billion to 9.6 billion. During this time, there will be many more technological advancements to support the influx of people. For research purposes, many government agencies and researchers have begun to analyze the year 2050 and what it means for us. Here are some of the many ways mid-century tech will change the way we live. Autonomous Driving Technology In the future, analysts predict that cars will transition to full autonomous driving. Currently, autonomous driving is already in the works with Google and ride-sharing companies like Uber and …

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How to Buy Best Laptop for College – Students Guide

Irrespective of a person’s age, profession, and gender, laptops have emerged to be one of the most vital and necessary technical companions for the mankind. This also applies to students irrespective of what their education course or major is. Thanks to the growing electronic learning systems in the schools and colleges. Every student now needs an electronic assistance such as a laptop or a tablet whatsoever to keep up with the education. Although most of us agree on the aforementioned fact that a laptop has now emerged to be a necessity, very few among us spend some minutes in researching …

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Protection Security Hacking Hackers Cyber Attacks

10 Best Practices for Data Security in 2016

Data security failures cause significant damage to a company. The level of harm caused determines the extent of ruin. It might go as far as forcing businesses to close down. The non-compliance with regulations has made data security quite a big deal. It is the duty of a company’s information officer to ensure the privacy and security of the company’s customers’ information and, most importantly, the company’s data parse. Contrary to the public perception that hackers are the leading cause of data breaches, as they are portrayed in movies, the greatest threat (namely the way these hackers get their information) …

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GPS Tracker: A Nightmare or A Savior?

The GPS tracker or Global Positioning System connects the two entities that are miles away. Is it really a nightmare or a ray of hope? Well! It all relies on the usage. If this real-time digital concept is in the right hands, then it can transform the phase of the entire world. On the flip side, it can come up with the disastrous outcomes, if it is used adversely. But, the favorable part is that the pros surpass the cons. Satisfaction! Safety! Straight-up Story! These 3 Ss are straightforwardly congruent to the GPS trackers. How? Simply, a locator will get the appropriate …

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Using Cloud for Big Data: Challenges and Steps to Overcome

Big data and cloud, are they going hand in hand? As per a survey by Gartner, less than 50% of the organizations with big data programs are witnessed deploying cloud in some form or the other. Then one question that keeps on arising is why organizations aren’t utilizing the cloud for processing of data. The only answer that organizations give is that “it is challenging”. But, truly speaking it is dependent on the way the infrastructure grew up. Let’s look at some of the challenges of big data and the way to overcome these challenges. Cloud and Data Centers both …

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iPhone 6 plus

8 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones You May Not Know

What are some surprising facts that you know about Apple iPhones or about the company itself? Maybe you know some apps that allow your phone to have cool functions like becoming a scale. Or perhaps you know about the epic failure of Apple maps trying to replace Google maps. Either way, here are the top 8 unbelievable facts about Apple and their iPhones: All iPhone Advertisements Have One Thing in Common The display time of iPhones in these advertisements are always 9:41 or 9:42. Is it just a coincidence? Turns out there is a good reason for this. Scott Forstall, …

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Technology – GPS and Smart Collars to Keep your Pets Safe

There are all kinds of devices out there when it comes to improving your pet’s health. In this day of cutting edge technology, people are turning to wearables and smart devices to:So why not invest in the right kind of technology for your pet as well? By enrolling your furry friend in pet insurance, you can invest in some great financial plans, and you can invest in technology too. Why invest in tech? The unfortunate reality is that pets can go missing at any time. This could either be because the pet has run away or because of someone ‘kidnapping’ …

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