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June 18, 2013



Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Dmitriy

Subject: RSMonials Russian Language

Dmitriy: Good day, I’ve tried your component RSMonials. It is right what I was looking for. I’ve changed everything on Russian in a language file and everything was working on a local server. After I’ve published my site in the internet, testimonials in Russian began to display ????. I’ve checked, all the files are encoded in UTF-8. Testimonials in English are still displaying in a proper way. Please help to solve the problem. Thanks

Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please check the following:
1. Please add one new testimonial in Russian language and check it is displaying correctly or not.
2. Please check the collation of the table “#__rsmonials” in your database. (here #__ can be any value) You may need to set the collation correctly for Russian language.

Dmitriy: Thank you for your answer.
1. All testimonials in Russian are displaying incorrectly.
2. Could you please help me? Where should I look for my database? and especially for collation? Thanks a lot

Support Team: We can help you to figure our the problem. But for this you need provide us the access on your database and admin panel. Is it possible? Please let us know.

Dmitriy: Yes, please help. Admin panel – ###—HIDDEN—### / Login – ###—HIDDEN—### / Password – ###—HIDDEN—### / database ###—HIDDEN—### / login – ###—HIDDEN—### / password – ###—HIDDEN—###

Support Team: Thanks for all info. We change the collation in your database for the table “#__rsmonials” to utf8. Please test it your own and let us know it is working or not.

Dmitriy: Yea, it seems to be working. Thanks, guys. You are the best.

Support Team: Thank you. If you need any further help in future feel free to contact us using our support form. If you like our extension please rate us at Joomla extension directory (JED).

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10 Responses to “RSMonials – FAQ (Russian Language Support)”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Hello! Installed this extension on the Russian site. Component displays all information in English. I manually corrected all in Russian in the file language / ru-RU / ru-RU.com_rsmonials.ini. But how to make that functional components appear in Russian?


  2. Salim Al Rashdi Says:

    first, thank you for the fabulous component. I really liked it, am only facing one problem here.
    my site is multilingual, arabic rtl and english, I will take care for the styling part. but the problem here is, the same testimonials are shown in both languages, I want arabic testimonials to be displayed in the arabic part and english testimonials to be displayed in the english part,
    how to do so and thank you very much in advance


    • Souvik Says:

      Unfortunately categorization option is not available currently on our component. We will surely implement it in our next release.


  3. Domenico Says:

    I have same problem, but doing the step in this guide don’t solve the problem.


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