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We recently launched one Joomla “Image Gallery” extension. The module is listed under ”Photos & Images” > “Photo Gallery” directory of JED (Joomla Extension Directory). The name of the module is RS-Exhibition.

RS-Exhibition is an image gallery extension for Joomla. This is a Joomla extension specially developed for Joomla version 1.5.x. The RS-Exhibition provides a very easy and effective way to display multiple images on your website. Setup is very simple and will take only few minutes. All you need to do is to set the image path properly and everything else is auto configured in RS-Exhibition extension. There are 2 style (lightbox or slideshow) available. It auto-generates all thumbnails and presents them with any one of the styles of your choice.

This is a free extension. The features are:

  • Available in both Module and Plugin format.
  • It requires mootools 1.1 (included).
  • It display all images from a folder. You only need to set the relative path of the image folder.
  • It have 2 like of display style, Lightbox or Slideshow.
  • Extension will generate all thumbnails automatically.
  • 5 different thumbnail display style.
  • Cache enabled, so the extension will load faster.
  • You can set the height and width of the thumbnail.
  • All styles are pre-configured, you only need to choose your favorite style from extension parameter area.

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10 thoughts on “RS Exhibition – Image Gallery Extension

  1. HI . . .

    I want to buy the mod but I have a question. My client will have 20 or more photos and I can see these thumbnails do not scroll from side to side. Is this option available in the paid version?


  2. Hi
    I have installed RS-Exhibition on my site as it looks like a great module, however the thumbnails load vertically instead of horizontally, and take up the whole page. There doesn’t seem to be a parameter to change this, do you have any suggestions on why this might happen?

  3. Hi, I wanna to ask, does there any way to automatically scale the images to fit for the preset display window? I tried to use it for my images which is in size of 3xxx x 2xxx. I like the display style of your extension, but this image size surely cannot be shown properly in the window… and what I want to show is, an automatically scaled image size showing on screen (eg. 1024 x 768), and then the visitors can click on the image(s) to show it in original size!

    Thanks for attention~

    • If you are using it in “Slideshow mode” then you have to resize your images so the slideshow will fit properly in your website width. If you are using “Lightbox mode” then you can use any image size, because only the thumbnail will show in the website and then the main image will display in the lightbox upon clicking on it.

  4. can i have photo gallery which uploaded through browse button instead of set image folder path? it should be like component

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