eCommerce Content Marketing

The Secret Formula to Successful eCommerce Content Marketing (Infographic)

Ready for a bold statement? Running a successful eCommerce store isn’t quite what it used to be. In the past, brands could create a website, get it hosted, toss a shopping cart up on the home page, and call it a day, watching as the sales rolled in. Now? Not so much. The thing is it’s not that eCommerce has actually changed; it’s the way customers approach shopping that has changed. Content Overload Burns Consumers Out Consumers now are absolutely bombarded with products, ads, and … Continue Reading…

Mobile App eCommerce

How to Develop an App for your E-commerce Site

Studies on E-commerce point to the phenomenal growth that this industry is facing. Thanks to the deployment of some amazing technology, the global E-commerce space is set to surpass the figure of $3.5 trillion within the next five years.  The web will account for 12.4% of global retail sales by the year 2019. This is according to the market research firm eMarketer. There are many things that a smart business owner would do when it comes to growing his or … Continue Reading…

Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Like a Pro!

7 Designing Tips to Increase your ECommerce Site Conversion

ECommerce has been the buzzword for the entrepreneurs for a while. With the global phenomenon such as amazon, eBay and countless other regional eCommerce stores out there, the consumers have numerous alternatives to pick from. Faulty designs and poor user experiences of the website are the two most common contributing factors when it comes to failed eCommerce businesses. Often, the entrepreneurs fail to recognize the importance of creating a seamless buying experience. In this post, we’re going to discuss the … Continue Reading…


Why you should use Live Chat for your eCommerce Website?

As a website owner, you are certainly aware of the fact that user experience is one of the most important things that can improve your business, especially when it comes to eCommerce websites. Providing your customers with the best user experience can not only offer them better support and make them more engaged in your brand, but it can also help you drive more conversions and increase your sales, ultimately helping you expand your business. Incorporating live chat into your … Continue Reading…

30 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion (Infographic)

30 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion (Infographic)

Are your marketing efforts failing to deliver proper conversions? You might be going out of your way to find out the reason for this, and here’s an infographic to help you with that. You’ll be able to get a clear picture of where you could be going wrong and how you can go about fixing that. You’ll also get a good idea of what successful internet marketers are doing to drive conversions. Let me give you a brief idea about … Continue Reading…

Mobile Marketing eCommerce

Integrating eCommerce with your Other Marketing Channels

The digital age has transformed marketing and vastly increased the number of channels available to reach end users via ads and other bespoke content. However, it is important that you don’t adopt a binary way of thinking when it comes to marketing; digital and eCommerce is booming but it must be supplemented by more traditional methods such as print, TV, radio and billboards for best results. Getting these online and offline mediums to work together seamlessly is key to driving … Continue Reading…

5 Key Points When Building eCommerce Mobile App in 2016

5 Key Points When Building eCommerce Mobile App in 2016

ECommerce mobile apps are quite a game change in digital sales. They are fast-growing sectors that are increasingly registering very good sales. Imagining your mobile app is just the first step and one which can be useless if not followed up with the right development steps. There are lots of small details that need to be integrated, functionally, in order to get your mobile application development right. When you are planning eCommerce mobile app design, it is important to have … Continue Reading…

Protection Security Hacking Hackers Cyber Attacks

9 Effective Ways to Protect Your ECommerce Website from Hackers

Consider your security the top priority to protect your customers valuable information. There is always an eye of an identified thief on your Confidential information like social security numbers, credit card numbers and much more. Once leaked can harm you a lot. This online nuisance has many names, shapes and websites have become their soft spot. Poaching your important data is the interest of these cyber criminals. Customers are switching to traditional channels to the internet for shopping which offers … Continue Reading…

Why a Video is Worth a Thousand Business Conversion?

Why a Video is Worth a Thousand Business Conversion?

The human brain has a special affinity for images as 90 percent of the information that our brain gets is from the images as it is said that it process visuals more that the text. These stats were about the impact of images and speaking of videos in which there are 120 or more still pictures (as per the latest technology) running in front of users will surely create a resonance. Though a minimum frame rate is achieved so as … Continue Reading…

Give a Boost to your Business with Mobile Payment Services

Give a Boost to your Business with Mobile Payment Services

Mobile Payment Services refer to a payment service conducted under financial regulation and performed from or via a smartphone. Here, instead of paying with cash, cheque or credit/debit cards, you can pay for a vast range of services, digital and hard goods through a mobile phone. The idea of having non-coin-based currency systems is not so modern as we have found the traces of a similar concept in the history too. However, the perfect touch of technology has made it … Continue Reading…

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