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I am back with my next review article and again it will be about my favorite brand called Xiaomi. Xiaomi again is going to gift us with one more health tracking gadget which is known as Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband. I am reviewing this awesome wristband which will definitely again going to create huge positive responses among our Xiaomi fan.

Basically, believe me, or not, when I heard about this upcoming product from Google, without wasting much time I have started following all updates of this wristband and the band is already in presale at GearBest. And at the time of writing this review, I really got stunt to see that this band is already preordered by more than 5000 customers. Hmm, it is really possible only by Xiaomi lovers. So without just doing anymore blah and blah I am going to concentrate on the features and specification section of Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Full Features & Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband:

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - 1

Water Resistance:

First of all, let me tell you that this particular wristband is water, dust, and corrosion protected, and its IP rating is IP67. That means you can enjoy this wristband in dust, corrosion, and water activities for around 30 minutes. But do not forget to avoid water whose water depth is more than 1 meter. So now you can stay relaxed that your wristband will not get damaged due to your sweat, dust, or even from any scratch which you can get to experience while maintaining your fitness regime.

Design & Dimension:

Next, let me tell you about its looking. The shape of this wristband is given an elliptical or an oval shape. The case material is made of good quality plastic and its band material is silicone, pretty good for any wristband whose pricing is kept such reasonably. The dial size of this band is 1.59 x 0.62 x 0.41 inches and its band size is 9.25 x 0.41 inches. Its total wearing length is from 6.1 to up to 8.28 inches. The weight of this health gadget is kept so light that you can enjoy wearing it in your hand 24/7. And believe me, it will not make the wearing uncomfortable and it will surely be the best friend of your health.

Health Benefits:

Now I will tell you, what sort of health-related help you can expect from this super awesome wristband. We, more or less, are getting very busy in our daily life. And I personally feel that this type of health gadgets can really work wonder in our life. In the case of this wristband, while wearing this in your hand, you can measure out your heart rates automatically even without visiting the doctor’s chamber.

In most cases it is found that we neglect our health a lot. But with the help of this wristband, we can become more conscious of our health in many ways. Instead of using lift you can use the stairs and can count out your calorie burnt during doing this. Along with this, you can also manage to count your steps during your walking and can even measure up how many kilometers you have traveled. Not only that, you can also manage up your sleeping disorders (if it happens) with the help of this wristband.

So in a sort, if you want to stay healthy and want to make full usage of this wristband for improving your health you can do it very easily by using the apps given by Xiaomi along with this band.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - 2

Other Features:

In other activities, you can enjoy with this wristband to get reminders of your phone calls as well as for you SMS. This particular wristband is designed so beautifully that both the male and female users can enjoy wearing this on their hand.

Hardware & Technical Specification:

Let’s now know its technicality sections. In this section, I must include that you will get Bluetooth version 4.0 in this band and it can support and can be paired with both the Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with any Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0 and above systems. You can operate the band by just touching the screen, and it will alert you by its inbuilt vibration mechanism.

Battery Capacity:

At last, let me tell you the battery life of this wristband. The capacity you can get from the battery of this band is 70mAh. So it wills definitely going to give you a more or less 20 days of standby time. This gadget will take around 3 hours charging time to get fully charged from 0% to 100%.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - 3

Pricing & Purchase Option:

At last, let me tell you about the most exciting parts of this whole review, and that is the price of this smart band. Xiaomi has set the regular price for this wristband is $38.99. But, currently, in the presale, you can get a good discount on this wristband by GearBest. If you use the coupon code “GBMI2“, you can make a total saving of $5.00 while making the purchase. That means you will have to pay just $33.99*. The coupon code will expire on 18th June 2016. And yes, of course, they will start their shipment from June 30 onward.

* The offer price I have mentioned is available in time of writing this review and may change time to time.

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Review Breakdown



At the time of writing this review, I really got stunt to see that this band is already preordered by more than 5000 customers. Hmm, it is really possible only by Xiaomi lovers.

Additional Images of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband:

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Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from GearBest

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