25 Websites That Look Amazing on Your Smartphone

The information has been classified as probably the most essential asset that one can have. In the past, one had to get information from reading books. However, with the onset of technological advancements such as the internet, one can easily access any information from all over the world by just the click of a button. Websites are easily accessed by the use of computers or smartphones. Websites always have different layouts when viewed on either the laptop or on the phone. Some sites look very good and are well arranged when it comes to the desktop view, but in the mobile phone view, they are just pathetic. In this article, we will discuss on 25 websites that look stunning when opened using the cellphone.

1. Quora

The site is used as a question and answer platform where people from across the world can engage in a discussion about anything. A user can post a problem and the people who see the post will give responses to the question. The site has incorporated the question and response platform in a manner that it is easy to scroll through while reading the responses.


2. Stack Overflow

The website is designed for use by computer programmers or interested students. Similar to Quora, it is also a question and answer platform, though one is limited to asking questions that are related to programming only.

3. Zen Habits

The site offers daily motivational quotes and stories that aim at increasing your zeal for life and empowering you to go through each day successfully.

4. Psychology Today

The site creates daily posts for its visitors that are always based around human psychology and how they can further understand it and use it to their advantage. Their tips help one understand the reasons as to why people behave in a specific manner that they do.

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5. Coursera

It is an online learning platform. The site offers many open learning courses with a wide range of primary subjects. The courses offer is usually taught by highly renowned lecturers and professors from across the world all based in different universities.

6. Envato

The website is owned by an Australia based web agency. They are specialized to develop web-based community-oriented projects and marketplaces and they are one of the leaders in this. ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, and VideoHive are some of their highly appreciated projects.

7. Save on Paving

The website is owned by a paving company. Their site has a simple navigation feature that is thumb-friendly since smartphones use touchscreen technology.


8. Best Friends Animal Society

The site is an animal center who devoted to working on animal rescues and volunteering.


This is the website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This agency works to protect the environment of the USA. They also discuss several environmental-related topics from time to time.

10. CNN

The website is owned by one of the largest media houses in the world. It posts news updates and any other information that will prove to be necessary for their visitors.

11. TripAdvisor

The website is one of the largest travel sites all over the world. The site gives people travel tips and ideas that they can keep in mind while visiting the place. It also offers recommendations on hotels, restaurants and the areas that they should visit.

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12. Pinterest

It is a platform that allows people to share photos through social networking. Some of the main pictures in the site are about fashion and glamour, nature and wild animals and finally automotive. It is also used for marketing by some online influencers.

13. Tutorialspoint

The site offers guidance and information when it comes to any computer-related topic, providing a particular emphasis on computer programming and software development.


14. Facebook

It is the world’s largest online social media platform with more than a third of the world’s population owning a Facebook account.

15. Wikihow

The website offers tips on how to carry out almost any task that one can have as it updates its database accost hourly. It is the go-to site for every person who wants to learn a new thing.

16. eHow

It is similar to Wikihow as it also teaches one how to perform a couple of skills by offering step by step guidance.

17. TED

The site hosts some of the most intelligent conversations that can go a long way in solving the humanitarian crisis and enhancing lives. It spreads ideas that they deem worth being taught to the general population.

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18. Shutterfly

The site allows its users to create personalized cards and photo galleries. Their website has among the best mobile views because it incorporates beautiful imagery to pass on any message to their traffic.

19. Etsy

It is a commerce site where people can trade their goods through. The site deals with handmade products and vintage items.


20. BuzzFeed

It is an entertainment website. Its posts have a wide range of topics, ranging from music to movies to celebrity gossip. It has been a go-to site for anyone interested in entertainment info for a very long while.

21. Evernote

The website acts as online backup storage for its users’ images, website articles, and sort notes.

22. Huffington Post

It is on the top of the list when it comes to all-rounded sites that have no specific niche that they work on. They post about entertainment, fashion, technology advancements and new devices in the market and they also post about politics. It acts as an online news site. They make their headlines short so that they can work well for those who are accessing the site using a cell phone.

23. Express

The site is an internet-based fashion store that deals with both men’s and women’s wear. Their site uses resized images to portray their products. Thus, they will fit well with someone who is using a cell phone to visit the site.

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24. Nationwide Insurance

The site is owned by a fiancé company that provides financial and insurance services. Contrary to what one may assume, the site has a very easy to use interface unlike the other finance sites in the market.

25. Zappos

The site deals with the online sale of pieces of clothing and shoe wear. The site is well known due to their excellent customer service.


Final Words

The above-listed websites have the best mobile view interface. Whenever you want to start up your own company website or a blog, they are the perfect benchmark of how your website should look like. By studying the different layouts, you will get ideas on how to create your website in such a manner that cell phone users have a smooth experience when browsing through your site.

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