7 Free Keyword Research Tools You Should Use for Content Marketing

You can get a lot of paid and free keywords through the keyword research tools. Fee tools might have limited features, but it can truly contribute to the success of your site and business. With a little skill, you can be able to get valuable keywords from these tools. Later, you can choose the paid option to get more effective results. For a beginner, it is always suggested to try free keyword research tools to implement proper SEO and to make profits from them. If you are looking for free keyword research tools, then go through the following seven tools to find unique keywords.


1. Google Keyword Planner

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 1Google keyword planner is a popular free keyword research tool. It helps to find keyword about a seed keyword and offers the information along with that seed keyword. The difficulty with the Google keyword planner is that it gives a very limited number of the options, you can find only eight hundred related keywords in the search when much more are there to come into the notice. To overcome this difficulty, you can use the keyword suggestion tools to offer more keywords. Another thing is that, with this tool, you can generate your keywords and can find the information about it.

2. Answer the Public

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 2Answer the public is also one of the useful keyword suggestion tools. Answer the public is related to the Google and produces the keywords from the Google autocomplete. Like the SeoStack, it is able to add the modifiers to original seed keyword to get more keyword options in the research. It adds the alphabets, query terms, and numbers. By this process, it can produce more than hundreds of the keyword suggestion for each seed keyword.

3. Free Keyword Tool

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 3After the release of the Suggest APIs by the Google in 2010, many keyword research tools started showing results from this tool. And some other websites like Bing and YouTube created their own Suggest APIs. When many the services started offering services in free in the initial stage, but when they notice the presence of the large users, they started charging for their offered services. During this time, the Free Keyword Tool entered into the market with free Suggest APIs. To make it more committed and faithful, they included the free word in the domain itself. Hence, you can get free Suggest APIs from this keyword research tool.

4. Soolve

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 4Soolve is another free keyword research tool. Soolve is a web-based tool. The good thing about the Soolve is that it supports a lot of engines that includes Amazon, eBay, Bing, Yahoo, Google, Youtube, and much more. Like others, its keyword suggestion option is also limited. And it does emphasize on any modifiers for the seed keyword. As the result, it offers only around eight to ten keyword suggestions about the seed keyword.

5. Bing Webmaster Tool 

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 5The next option is Bing webmaster tool. This tool is similar to the Keyword planner as it generates the suggestion that is related to the seed keyword only. It shows the search volume data like the Keyword planner. And that data comes from the Bing search engine. Hence, it is only available to the Bing users.

6. Ubersuggest

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 6Ubersuggest is like any other keyword research tool that produces keywords from the Google. This research tool is quite old and very popular also. Through this research tool, you can get up to three hundred to four hundred keyword suggestions for each seed keyword. The best part of this research tool is that you can expand those words to get more keyword options under it.

7. Backlink Watch

Free Keyword Research Tools - Point 7Backlink works as a spy on your competitor’s activities. It can help you to know which keywords are used by your competitors through the backlinks. The process is very simple. You can just type in the URL of another website; you can also try yours, and then observe the Anchor Text column and try to find out which keywords you are not using.


Free Keyword Research Tools - ConclusionAll the above keyword research tools have their distinctive features. When a user can access keyword suggestions along with the search volumes in the Bing webmaster tool and Keyword planner, the other tools help to find only similar keywords. You can use any of the tools to have great content for SEO.


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  1. Very useful list for finding keyword search. I was using only google. But these other tools are also friendly.