The Samsung Gear Smartwatch Evolution From S2 to S3

Before it was actually created, the smartwatch was a highly anticipated concept for such a long time. Ever since the first gizmo of its kind was released, it triggered countless reactions and opinions among users. Some were criticizing the device for its usability issues. And others applauding it for combining excellent settings in order to let users enjoy an array of useful features.

All in all, it’s pretty exciting to see this technology taking shape and going through positive changes. We are sure to see a lot of modifications and improvements as time goes on. Upgrades and added innovations will definitely follow, as well as constant redesigning solutions to improve usability even further.

The Samsung Gear product series and its evolution are a great example of the importance of bringing constant upgrades to your company’s products. Satisfying user demand and slowly but surely moving up the ladder, when it comes surpassing competitors, might come as a side-effect to applying this strategy.

And while we’re not saying the Samsung smartwatches are the absolute best out there, we will advise you to keep them in mind as a definite candidate on your list when examining the market for smartwatches.

Samsung Gear S3 1

General Product Highlights

First of all, the product construct deserves praise due to its practicality alone. Since it combines all the best functions, one might want to use on a daily basis and get even more freedom of use, with less of an effort.

The most noticeable difference between the S3 and its predecessor has to do with their size. Samsung has made the S3 considerably bigger than the S2 and, at the end; this may be for the best. This feature should prove to be a plus, as the display can be more easily visible, without crossing the line in terms of bulk.

Another element that brings more comfort to the one using the product is the improved material of the wristband. Silicone is very comfortable against the skin and doesn’t create any discomfort when worn for large periods of time. Even during activities like working out, this band is durable and doesn’t get damaged by moisture.

The smartwatch is S Voice-activated, so you can have fun playing around with this feature that may come in handy in various situations, and it comes with a wireless charging dock.

If you would like to make purchases, the Samsung Gear S3 supports the following payment technologies: MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication).

Samsung Gear S2 1

The operating system it runs is Tizen, and the device has 1Ghz dual-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 with 768MB of RAM.

The S3 also has a built-in speaker to enable you to make and receive calls, however, the Bluetooth model can only make calls with the help of a paired smartphone.

Bigger Might Actually Be Better

Quite a bit larger than its predecessor, the S3’s 1.3-inch display may be what makes the watch more practical to use, due to the fact that it still keeps the reduced dimensions of a watch, while providing an easy-to-see display, due to its increase in size.

The Samsung S2 vs. the S3

Last year, we could see the Samsung Gear S2 gain a ton of popularity as not only a great looking piece of equipment but also one that offers great functionality.

The two gadgets are very similar, although the S3 is quite a bit bulkier, 1.5mm thicker and 10 grams heavier than the S2, to be exact.

Both devices are rated IP68, meaning they are both dust-proof and water-resistant, up to 1.5 meters or for up to 30 minutes underwater.

Because it’s a new and improved version, the S3 supports more customization and colorful display, rather than a grayscale one, like its predecessor.

Samsung Gear S3 2

Look and Feel

Watches are meant to be functional above all else, but with today’s importance on style and fashion gaining popularity, using them as accessories has become inevitable. Samsung makes a very large selection of bands available. And because the Gear S3 is compatible with standard 22 mm bands, you will always have variety at your disposal when you want a change.

When it comes to the way the product looks, there are of course differences of opinions, with some saying it’s way too big and others actually appreciating the increased dimensions this new version has adopted. When it comes down to it, it’s all about individual preference and what you plan on using it for.

Samsung has preloaded 15 designs for the watch face, with more available at the Gear App Store, it’s really a matter of choice. Each one comes with a corresponding Always on Display version to provide a seamless look.

The circular bezel

One of the staple features, unique to this Samsung product line, is the simple round bezel. Made of stainless steel to enhance the durability factor; this component is what offers users easy maneuvering and access to basically any function of the device at a simple rotation.

Samsung Gear S2 2

Do you even need a phone anymore?

Opinions may vary on this subject as much as they do on the “bigger is better” front, however, the one things this kind of gadget brings to the table can considerably be the best of both worlds. Minimizing the bulk of a phone and enhancing the assets of a wristwatch. Luckily, in this day and age, we need not pick sides. As any passionate techie would say: “Why not both?”

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