The X96 Mini Android TV Box – A Comprehensive Feature Review

TV Box has a prominent place in every household. Choosing the best TV box is very important as the connectivity, and picture clarity depends on the same only. The X96 Mini Android TV Box is one of the famous boxes that is known for its exclusive features for watching photos, playing videos, video games and a wide range of channels. Let’s talk in detail about the X96 Mini Android TV Box features:

Basic Features and functionality:

The TV box uses the android version of 7.1.2 and is weighing 4.09 Oz (116 g). The box is available only in black color. It has a storage capacity of 8GB and supports the RAM of 1GB. The storage capacity can be extended to 64GB. The TV box has the measurement of 90*90*20 mm; the small size helps in saving the space and is quite easy to carry. The configuration of CPU attached is Amlogic S905X Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 @2GHz, and the respective GPU is Penta-core Mali-450MP GPU @750MHz. The system uses the memory of 64bit and supports 8GB ROM.

X96 Mini Android TV Box - 1


The X96 Mini Android TV Box supports Wi-Fi with a configuration of 802.11b/g/n. But the box doesn’t support Bluetooth and 3G functions.


Though the manufacturer supports the warranty of up to 1 year; but the company gives its support for the lifetime. Once ordered they are quite quick to deliver the requisite box to your doorstep.

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The TV box supports all kind of trendy applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, various video websites, etc. The box can also be used for various chat options like Skype video calls, Facebook calls, Twitter, MSN, etc. And all support wireless keyboard and mouse. The respective applications to be installed can be downloaded through the android store and through Amazon applications etc. The box is equipped with various circuits that can protect it from the connection with a bad charger.


The accessories that are included with X96 Mini Android TV Box are one power adapter, wireless mouse and keyboard wireless, HDMI cable, TV box, and a user manual. The best part about this product is you can use the same with different plugs available in various countries.

Product Details:

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The box supports 3D Games and videos, Miracast, ISO files, and NTSC.  It also understands Multilanguage like German, French, Italian, Germany, Spanish, etc. It doesn’t support DVDs, and any external subtitles, but supports HDMI cable of 2.0 which is considered as one of the fastest ways to connect your TV to watch videos. There is an LED indicator that is attached to the Box which resembles the working of same. If it is in standby, then the light is red and once it starts working it changes to blue. The box supports almost all kinds of formats of audio, video and photos.

The X96 Mini Android TV Box with such a unique functionality is a necessity of modern times. As at times, no one wants to watch the videos, photos on their laptop and especially when you have the whole family sitting at a place. And if you have a TV box that can be configured easily and can read all the input format, it will double your entertainment.

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X96 Mini Android TV Box - 4

Undoubtedly TV box is a necessity, but to choose the best amongst many should be your sole priority. The X96 Mini Android TV Box is a low-cost product that offers superb performance and features at such an attractive price. The company looks forward to the retention of the clients, and that is why ready to provide lifetime support to them. They have customers worldwide stretched in various lengths and breadth of the globe. Their box is also quite adaptable to the accessories that are locally made and can be attached to the box for the better use.

Look forward to the read the user manual that arrives with the package so that you can make the best use of the box. The manual tells you about various parts intact in the respective TV box and how you can operate the box with ease. Do look forward to having the same installed on your TV, and explore the world of entertainment in a way like never before. You can buy this TV box from GearBest at a price of around $25.00. If you are looking to purchase X96 Mini TV box from the factory, please visit

Buy X96 Mini TV Box from GearBest

X96 Mini TV Box - Review Breakdown

Features & Functions
Media Support
Weight & Dimension


Undoubtedly TV box is a necessity, but to choose the best amongst many should be your sole priority. The X96 Mini Android TV Box is a low-cost product that offers superb performance and features at such an attractive price.

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72 thoughts on “The X96 Mini Android TV Box – A Comprehensive Feature Review

  1. Purchased this amazing device last week, cut the cord, and working thru some kinks. Asking how to record tv programs in advance.

    Thank You

  2. My X96 Mini doesn’t show an icon and works. How I can add a Bluetooth speaker to the X96 Mini? But the setting show has a Bluetooth icon but doesn’t work, plz advise me.

  3. Good day, We have happily used our X96 Mini TV Box on a daily basis, but now the Netflix icon and app are no longer showing on the home screen. Please advise how to reload it.


  4. My X96 Android tv box does not want to play the latest Netflix app I downloaded. Do I need a system or firmware upgrade? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks

  5. I bought this and after about 5 months, it got stuck on one screen and would not load the main screen. It is totally useless to me now and even though I reset it, it still has the same problem. Totally not worth it. I would give it a one star rating.

  6. AV output Port => What is the recommended type of cable for connecting the AV output to a TV, the drawing looks like a single phone jack to a three phone jack lead. Is this correct?


  7. I am subscribed to Xfinity service capable of 150Mbps. I checked my speed a few minutes ago and it is around 40 Mbps. The X96 Mini gives me an error all the time and does not want to connect. I suspect a low speed but am not sure what do I need to watch the TV broadcast.

    What Internet speed should I have to be able to use this device?

  8. My “DStv Now” app is not working and when I try to update it as per the message it gives me it than days three product is incompatible with my device. Where would I need to take the device in cape town for the company to fix this for me?

  9. Trying to stream on apps like Free Flix and Exousia the X96 won’t stream, the picture just sits still not playing, but on a firestick over the same connection everything works fine, is this a Hardware problem?

  10. I plugged in a USB thumb-drive with files of different formats.

    1. *.mp4 video is playing fine.
    2. *.pdf and *.ppt cannot be opened.

    Do I need to download anything to support these file formats? Thank you.

    • The *.PDF or *.PPT files are not supported. Please check the product specification here. The following formats are supported:

      • Audio format: AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM.
      • Decoder Format: H.264, H.265, HD MPEG4, RealVideo 8/9/10.
      • Photo Format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF.
      • Video format: 1080P, 4K x 2K, DAT, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MVC, RM, VC-1.
  11. Hello sir, can I use this device on 3d content ( anaglyph )? I have one, and when I play the movie on Kodi is SBS and I can’t find the option to change the display image to anaglyph like power DVD program does for example. Thanks a lot.

  12. My DROID settings are missing (can’t adjust screen size) tried dumping apps I installed but it’s not their box came completely empty? I can adjust on Kodi but not on the home page.

  13. I have this device, my net speed also well more than 15 MB but live channel still buffering. I have a Sony Bravia smart tv. Any solution? Any idea to delete some programme or download other IPTV services? Please advise me.

  14. Hello,

    I was offered a box X96 Mini but there is no user manual, can you get me one or tell me where I can find one, thank you. It is especially to know how to put chains in favorites and reorganize the order of the chains, thank you.


    • Hi. I’m trying to set up Netflix on my X96 TV box but a keeps coming up saying it can’t connect to Netflix server. Please how can fix this


  16. Hello Souvik. I bought an X96 mini and it’s on the blink. You mentioned that the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and a lifetime of support, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how/who to contact. Any info? Thanks!

    • You can try any one of the following:

      1. Check the warranty documents you have received along with the product. You should find a contact information of the manufacturer.

      2. Or, you can contact the support team from where you have purchased the product. They will surely guide you in the right direction.

  17. I have x96 mini tv box and enjoyed for one month. But now it is not connecting to my tv and frequently restarting help me and solve my problem.

  18. The X96 Mini is very poorly designed. There is no proper way to go Fast Forward or Backward with the remote when playing videos – either via USB or streaming (e.g. in Netflix). Also, episode selections in Netflix are very cumbersome and frustrating. It can be accomplished by switching over to the mouse option, and even then it is extremely klutzy. Only when attaching a proper mouse to the unit, some of these functions can be performed. There is no soundtrack when playing MP4 files via the USB port, although there is sound when playing AVI or MKV files. It is a cheap unit, and indeed all you get is cheap. Don’t waste your money on this p.o.s.

  19. I am looking for a way to Download movies to a device using Google Play Movies and then watch them on my TV. I live in the mountains and streaming over satellite internet is a problem. But, I can download to my phone and watch them, but cannot play on my TV. When I try to cast my screen, to tries to stream them.

    I have a Pixelbook and can download them to that, but the Chrome OS does not support HDMI HDCP, so it will only play on the laptop.

    Has anyone saved to the box and played from there?

  20. Dear sir or madam,

    I live in Georgia, Tbilisi. I want this device(smart TV box mini x96 16GB) but I, unfortunately, don’t have any credit card. How can I transfer this money to you?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Abbas Balar

  21. X96 mini 7.1.2 doesn’t work with PlayStation Vue app. I bought 5 units and now can’t use them or return them.

    • It totally depends on the video quality and the time of consumption. As per Netflix, they use the following amount of data:

      1. If video quality is set to “Low” then it will consume 0.3 GB per hour.
      2. If video quality is set to “Medium/SD” then it will consume 0.7 GB per hour.
      3. If video quality is set to “High/HD/Ultra HD” then it will consume up to 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD.
  22. I bought the X96 Mini a couple of months ago, absolute rubbish. It won’t play any of the catch-up stations even though I have installed the apps, the search just goes round and round. It gets very hot when I’m playing off a USB and often switches itself off. The internet only connects occasionally and when it does nothing works off it anyway. I’m thinking of dropping it in the bin.

    • Do you have a slow internet connection? The “play error” generally comes when the internet speed is not adequate.

  23. This technology just isn’t ready for prime spend 30 min every time you want to watch tv trying to find a streaming service that’s working. You lose audio daily unless you’ve been to school on how this works it’s useless. Every day I get frustrated to unplug it and put in a DVD. Don’t waste your money. Buy an antenna.

  24. Can you download tv shows or movies to an SD card or flash drive? I did not get any kind of manual with my unit other than how to connect it to the tv and internet.

  25. I have purchased 96X box. it works fine but its remote does not work well. It’s very difficult to enter a search using remote control.

  26. I have purchased an X96 Mini off of a friend and I’m having an issue. I can explain more about the issue. If anyone can help me, please.

      • Hi Sir,

        I am facing issues with the audio of the device. I have tried multiple HDMI cables and have also tried AV cable and have changed the sound settings. However, I m unable to receive any audio.

        While I start the device the video and audio are played perfectly however after some time the audio goes off. Please advise. Is it a device issue? If I need to repair kindly provide the contact details. I reside in Mumbai.

      • Hi! I bought this device to work with Skype. Then I bought 2 Logitech cameras both with built-in mic. Video works but the mic doesn’t. What is the problem? Can you help me out?