How Can an Online Degree Course Leverage Your Big Data Revolution Skills?

Big Data is one of the favorite areas today, with every fresh graduate wanting to take up Big Data Courses in his/her career. Let us see why Big Data has become a vital educational qualification and learn how an online degree course can help you leverage your skills for the Big Data Revolution.

A Background

Big Data Online Degree Course

With almost all companies switching over to online businesses, there is tremendous scope for Big Data Analysis. It is because data collection, their assimilation, and analysis are the critical aspects of online activities. Without number crunching, no online business can work efficiently. You need to know your customer preferences. It is an additional qualification if you are aware of your customer’s dislikes, as well. Hence, the collection of data is vital. Analyzing the data collected is far more crucial than merely collecting it. Data Analysis helps businesses to understand their customers better.

Therefore, there is a high demand for data scientists and analysts in the market today. An additional qualification in Big Data Analysis can help your stature and make you a sought-after professional in the industry.

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Where do you pick up the skills?


Enrolling for a regular Big Data Analysis course can make you conversant with the subject. However, you will not have proper exposure to real-time happenings in the world. There is a significant difference in the concepts that you learn and those you encounter in the real world. It explains why universities and colleges insist on the candidate having some experience when opting for a Data Science course.

Another way of picking up these skills is to enroll in online Big Data Courses. The advantage of such a course is that you can pursue your studies while being gainfully employed somewhere. As it is an online course, you do not have to attend college. You have the liberty to study as and when it is convenient for you. Therefore, you witness many working professionals opting for the online Big Data Courses.

UpGrad, in association with BITS Pilani, offers a PG Program in Big Data Engineering. It is an ideal Big Data Course, especially for the working professional to hone up his/her skills in the subject.

Highlights of the PG Program in Big Data Engineering


The most significant advantage of this course is that it is an online course. Students do not have to attend classes. It is an 11-month course that entails a study of around 10 to 12 hours per week. Therefore, it is ideal for working professionals who can spare a minimum of one and a half to two hours per day.

Extensive learning:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 1In spite of studying a little less than two hours a day, this course entails a study of more than 400 hours. That is a sufficiently long period to understand the concepts of Big Data and use it in your daily lives.

Projects available:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 2This course entitles you to work on a minimum of seven cases or projects, some of which could be actual ones. Since you are a working professional, you can relate to some aspects of the course in your daily work.

Practical Training:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 3Apart from some hypothetical and actual case studies and projects, this course takes you through a practical hands-on workshop experience. You get to learn how Big Data works on a real-time basis with real-life statistics.

Timely clarification:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 4The instructors of such courses are available for consultation at any time. Hence, it becomes more convenient for students to clarify their doubts on time. The best aspect is that you can use your professional experience to resolve various matters by clarifying your doubts from time to time.

Dedicated student mentor:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 5It pays to have a dedicated mentor guiding you through the entire program. You can develop a good rapport with your mentor and learn a lot.

BITS Pilani Alumni:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 6Not everyone can dream of becoming a BITS Pilani Alumni. It is a challenge to get admission in this top-most university in the ordinary course. One needs to possess a tremendous academic track record to secure admission. This Big Data Course allows you to become a BITS Pilani Alumni, a no mean achievement.

Job Placement Assistance:

Big Data Online Degree Course - Point 7A PG online degree course in Big Data Engineering can open the doors of a lucrative career for you. You get job placement assistance with the top companies, as a result of completing this course through UpGrad.

The skills you will learn


Big Data requires you to learn and master several skills. Data collection is not an issue at all. Anyone can collect data. The most challenging aspect of Big Data is to analyze the data and use it in the best possible manner for the success of your business enterprise.

  • Data processing: You develop skills in the data processing. Each data has specific characteristics. Hence, they require different kinds of processing. This course will enable you to handle each type of data accordingly.
  • Data Warehousing: Processing of data is one aspect of Big Data. Data warehousing is another critical feature of Big Data. It is a simplification tool for data reporting and analysis, whereby it makes it easier for the company to make crucial decisions and forecasting.
  • MapReduce: Any talk of Big Data should include MapReduce. This course helps you to polish your skills in MapReduce.
  • Real-time Processing: A significant aspect of this PG course is that the students get the chance to work with real-time cases and projects. It strengthens your basics as you experience things on a first-hand basis.
  • Other Skills: Other skills that you end up developing are Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, SQL, Data visualization, and many more.
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Apart from this, UpGrad also provides a 7-month program in Big data and analytics.

Highlights of the 7-month program in Big data & analytics


  • Designed for working professionals: This course is designed for working professionals and is very crucial for future opportunities and shaping a career.
  • 200+ hours of learning: Learning opportunities are vast in this course and it enables students to gain a lot of knowledge and skills.
  • Timely doubt resolution: In case of any doubt or queries the students have the liberty to consult the professors and get their doubts solved and cleared immediately. The professors are extremely helpful and friendly towards the students and they discuss them together.
  • BITS Pilani Alumni and status: Becoming a notable Alumni of a highly prestigious institution like BITS Pilani is more than just a dream. The Big Data course allows students to aspire and become more successful in the future.
  • Job Placement assistance with top firms: The Big Data course allows a student to be placed in highly reputed companies and firms and get their dream jobs. There is guaranteed equal placement in the Big Data course which allows all the students placed well in big companies
  • 5+ case studies and projects: The Big Data course also involves solving case studies and working on various projects and assignments. This improves their experimental and analytical skills.
  • Practical hands-on Workshops: Attending workshops and performing practical experiments is also a key highlight of this program. These workshops help students in sharpening their analytical skills.
  • Dedicated student success mentor: The students are guided by experienced mentors who help them in understanding the key objectives of this course. Mentors are responsible for guiding and helping them throughout their course.
  • No cost EMI option: There is also a no-cost EMI option which reduces the headache of hefty education loans and students can study without worrying about money.

Skills you will acquire


  • Data processing.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Big Data analytics.
  • MapReduce.

Who are these courses for?


This course is specially designed for:

  • IT & technology professionals.
  • Project leads & managers in IT/Tech companies.
  • Big data professionals.
  • JAVA developers & Professionals.

Minimum eligibility


This course requires minimum eligibility of a Bachelor degree with 6 months of work experience.

Jobs that you can land after completing the course


The entire industry is facing an acute shortage of Data Analysts and Data Scientists. The PG Certification course in Big Data can help you to fill in the gaps. This course readies you for a fruitful career. The highlight of a career in Big Data is that it comes with a lot of responsibilities. The Big Data Analyst becomes a most-sought-after person in industry circles. Some of the designations you can aim for include Big Data Engineer, Big Data Admin, Big Data Analyst, and Big Data Architect.

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Final Words

Big Data Online Degree Course - conclusion

Pursuing a regular degree course in a college can also make you a successful Big Data scientist, but the online experience is something different. As you are already employed, this Big Data online degree course enables you to try out the concepts taught in the course in your real-time activities, as well. This first-hand experience can prove handy for all. Taking into account the burgeoning data industry and all other fields related to it, big data courses have started gaining prominent importance these days.

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