Try These Key Points to Protect Your WordPress Website

In the current situation, security has become the most important concern for WordPress website owners. Some say that since it is an open-source script, it is shown to all kinds of crimes. That is not true. Even though if it is true, you cannot accuse WordPress of that reason. It is own responsibility to keep the websites defended and protected.

Here, I am going to concentrate more on tips & skills with that you can protect your WordPress website’s admin. As you know, security is thoughtfully critical. So situation informed other website owners to increase the safety of a WordPress installation.

Things You Must Know


A) Keep Your WordPress Up-To-Date

Protect WordPress Website - point-01Simple and the small thing can have a huge effect on your website. If you see “Update available” option in the dashboard section, doesn’t ignore. Just tap on that and update your site. A backup of your data before you update your site is promoted. Information about the advanced security problems and bugs that were heated from the older version will be out to the public, and the newer version is made available. So that means if you are yet using the older version then there are more opportunities for your site to get hacked.

B) Remove Unusable Plugins & Themes

Protect WordPress Website - point-02It is same like update the ones you are using. Just delete the one which you are not using as it is essential for your site’s protection. Get cleared of the themes and plugins which you don’t use, require, or want will likely decrease the chances to happen hacked. You must think that deactivation is sufficient but sadly, not; deactivate is not sufficient, you must delete them.

C) Keep Themes and Plugins Up-To-Date

Protect WordPress Website - point-03To update WordPress themes & plugins frequently are just as valuable as updating WordPress Core. All theme and plugin that you placed on your site is kind of a backdoor in your website’s admin. So until it perfectly secured, themes and plugins are just like an open the door to your site and your personal information.

D) Add a Two-Step Authentication

Protect WordPress Website - point-04The best way to block monster charges is to set up two-step authentication for WordPress website. In this method, a password is a must, but along with that, a protection code that is sent to your registered mobile number will also be required to log on your website. There are a lot of plugins that can be managed to add this feature also some of them are Google Authenticator & Clef.

E) Limited User Access

Protect WordPress Website - point-05Limit or allow the access to just those people who actually need it and give them a minimum of permissions to complete their prescribed functions. Just give your website access to extremely many people is kind of invest problems your way.

F) Download Themes & Plugins from Known Sources

Protect WordPress Website - point-06There is a difficulty of a lot of plugins & themes possible right now. But that is not the point. Download plugins and themes just from well-known sources will thoroughly scan before being granted to the Plugin or Theme Directory.

So you are familiar with some things that you should already know to protect your WordPress website, now, let’s move onto a few of the complex things.

1. Check Your Themes & Plugins Usage

Protect WordPress Website - Point 1I mentioned this in the above list about to delete plugins & themes which you don’t use. But it is also worth seeing that you should not download too many plugins in the first place. In order to keep your website from offensive attacks, you must make sure about the criteria of plugins you want to install.

Please note that this is not only about website protection it is also about the speed and appearance of your site. When you download more plugins, it can slow down your site.

2. Use SSL to protect your admin panel

Protect WordPress Website - Point 2To have SSL – Security Sockets Layer certificate is the best step to protect your admin panel. It assures the security of your data change between the server & user browser by encrypt the data and thus making impossible for hackers to breach the connection. There are many different websites that provide SSL certificates.

3. Remove PHP Error Reporting

Protect WordPress Website - Point 3If an appropriate plugin or theme does not work properly, then there are chances for it to generate an error message. This might be helpful when troubleshooting this problem, but the real issue is that some error messages normally cover your server path.

4. Keep Change the Username

Protect WordPress Website - Point 4Generally, we prefer “admin” as the username for main administrator account during the installation time of WordPress. This gives an easy way to your hackers. Because all they require is just the password to log in to your account. Never keep your username as “Admin.” Some active plugins can stop such force efforts by instantly banned IP addresses that attempt to log in to your account with that username.

5. Remove WordPress Version Number

Protect WordPress Website - Point 5The WordPress version number can be located right in your website’s source view. If hackers know which version you are using, then it will be simple for them to develop the perfect attack. So it is sufficient to hide it, and there are numerous plugins can do the task.

To protect a WordPress website is much more than placing a security plugin and thinking that it is secure. Though, with the tricks mentioned above, you can defend your site. The extra you take care of your WordPress website, the harder it takes for a hacker to get in.

This article is written by Melissa Crooks. She is a Tech Writer and is working with Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. She is passionate about mobile app technologies and writes new information about mobile app development. Follow her on Twitter | Facebook.

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