Planning an eCommerce Platform? Think Database First

The power of eCommerce today cannot be gainsaid. This is the future of business and as an entrepreneur you need to tap into this rich market. E-marketer has already projected that eCommerce sales will hit $1.5 trillion by end of 2014, an increase of 20.1% from 2013.

Leveraging on eCommerce Database

However, your eCommerce page is only as successful as the database you use. The days when using HTML, JavaScript and CSS was enough for your website are long gone. To leverage on your eCommerce site you have to incorporate database-driven or dynamic website.

As an entrepreneur, your eCommerce website will enable you retail your goods or present a large tome of information for your target market to read. It saves you a lot of money that would have been used in promotional campaigns.

Why is your database choice so important? When visitors come to your page, any requests for data will be sent to the database as queries. This separation of data from information makes your page user-friendly when a lot of information is needed.

Which Database Option?

The most common databases include:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
All of them are popular with particular administrators coming to the defense of their favorite server. If you want to come up with the best database for your website it is advisable for you to hire a remote DBA instead of retaining an administrator in your staff.

When it is about Oracle database, it is an object related management platform, for performing database tasks. These are produced and at the same time marketed by none other than Oracle Corporation. This term came from the specialized code name, with the help of CIA funded objective, which was previously used and employed by Ampex. This system comprises of one instance associated with the application along with specialized data storage services. This set comprises of memory structures and operating processes.

Other than Oracle, MySQL is also leading the chart as the second mostly widely used database of this modern world. The term SQL stands for the structured version of query language. The source code is mostly associated with GNU license and it falls under some of the proprietary agreements. This is a popular choice for the web applicants and it is defined as the central component of the open source marketing platform.

Last but not the least, the Microsoft SQL Server will offer you with the apt edition, which can meet up your needs, along with the mission under the critical application. You will also land up with the best business intelligence enterprise along with special database structure. This comprehensive platform is a perfect example of mission critical applications. Thus, with so many options available, users can easily get hold of the best database management platform, which will work in their favor.

These experts have specialized skills in dealing with web design and integration of the appropriate database. Some of the considerations that a DBA takes in choosing a suitable database include:

  • Database restriction choices: Some databases including Microsoft SQL Server will need you to use their operating system (OS). As the database administrator you must put this in consideration as you set out to create the eCommerce page.
  • Size of product catalog: You have to determine the number of products you want to display before selecting a database. Scalability becomes an issue here and Oracle is considered to have an upper hand. However, you will have to assess all the others before making your choice.
  • Ease of usage: You will concur that a good eCommerce website is all about maneuverability. You have to consider the amount of customization and reverse engineering needed before you can easily adapt the database for the eCommerce page.
  • Revenue collection: If your website is about selling products or services to get revenue then you have to select a database offering the easiest ordering system.
  • Amount of information: A good database is all about ensuring seamless transactions for users of the page. As such, you must consider the amount of information that will be queried from the database to consider an option that can handle such pressure.
As a DBA, you have to appreciate the enormity of programming a database-driven eCommerce page as opposed to the static websites. It all burns down to selecting a database that is structured properly for the exact purpose of the eCommerce platform.

The skills of a remote database administrator are very crucial at this stage because with his specialized skills you will not have to abandon your web design mid-stream when mistakes crop up.

The writer of this article is a specialist in database programming and eCommerce design with many years' experience. If you are looking for remote DBA for your start up eCommerce store you can talk to them.

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