Divi WordPress Theme Review – A Multipurpose Theme with Visual Page Builder

What would be the dream of any web designer? Yes! The Divi WordPress theme, developed by the team of Elegant Themes, powered by the Divi Builder. It is insanely firm and has incredibly amazing front end editor which can work like nothing that you have ever seen. Your website will indeed change its original look and will build your website with innovative design. This Divi theme is powered by the Divi Page Builder drag and drop interface. This Elegant and multipurpose Divi theme allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually. The layouts are made responsive which lets you quickly jump and start your development. Divi WordPress theme is well revolutionized as how you have to build your website.

A Complete Visual Interface

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With Divi themes, you can create just anything as it is one of the most flexible themes that are created. It is quite possible to develop a theme of your choice as you need. It is named as a vital tool for web designers. There are thousands of agencies are allowed by Divi to help you to run their growing business. Divi themes give complete new visual interface so that you can start fresh with amazing highlights texts and adjust the fonts and styles. It has an amazing feature as you can add new items such as content modules, adjust settings, save and load items from the library.

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Build Everything Visually

You’ll not require refreshing pages, no Ajax loading bars and your page will look exactly as it is made. However, you can add, delete the duplicate content from one area to another and can load items from your library easily. Why not give Divi themes a try and we guaranteed that you’ll wonder that seriously how I ever lived without it! Even the current user’s reviews are also very satisfactory after using this theme.

A Complete Game Changer

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The text on the pages will make you feel tangible as you slide from font size controls. The pages of your website make you feels alive as you explore the cool picker. It just looks like magical, where you can build beautiful designs with all fun. Divi comes with a content module that has complete customized structure so that you can obtain your desired result. No matter what kind of website you’ll be creating but Divi will surely make a vision a reality.

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A Builder of new Era

Divi 3.0 was re-built from the ground to give the amazing experience to the users. The new interface build comes with completely new features and is independent. It allows us to approach the builder in an entirely new and modern way. Divi does have a dedicated team who are continuously evaluating their new features in each new version released.

Website Using Divi Theme – Live Example

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  • overstock.com: The leading eCommerce portal using Divi on their blog.
  • myheritage.com: The well-known online family tree creating site using Divi on their own media blog.
  • smallbusinessloans.co: A business website developed their simple website using the Divi theme.
  • Divi official demo page: This is the official demo page of Divi created by the Elegant Themes design team.
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Key Features of Divi WordPress theme

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder.
  • Layout Options.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction.
  • Secure and Modern Code.
  • Unparalleled Support.

Core Features

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  • Divi Page Builder.
  • Pre-Made Layouts.
  • Import-Export Layouts.
  • Diverse Modules.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • WooCommerce Ready.
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Detailed Specification of Divi Themes

1) Drag, Drop, Duplicate and Delete

Point 1Divi will build a drag and drop feature to your website to give complete visual effect. It adds new Zoom out feature instead of grids and blocks. It allows a large piece of content without a need to scroll. Also, the height and widths are draggable which create an impressive visual builder effects.

2) Easy Responsive Editing

Point 2Divi uses responsive designs which work great on your Smartphones, Tablet and Desktop breakpoints. It can build a beautiful website that comes with responsive designs.

3) Instant Undo, Redo and Restore

Point 3Divi 3.0 is a shining example of new builder’s speed and power which can fully be restorable as it is incredibly useful. It uses undo and redo system which is fully restorable and can transform your page instantly.

4) Elegant Designs

Point 4Divi 3.0 theme build a modern design that is so powerful that the pages build come with pure and wonderful designs. With Divi theme, you’ll get the most enjoyable website where after viewing you’ll fall in love with its beauty and amazing features.

5) Custom Fonts and Styles

Point 5Divi 3.0 WordPress theme uses the inline editor which builds standard styles to any selection (bold, italic, underline). You can also add H1- H5 along with custom fonts, colors and text sizes. It has the capability to take your layout to resulting level.

Final Words

Divi Elegant Themes WordPress Theme

Are you ready to become a member of an amazing Divi 3.0 WordPress theme, then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and Try out the latest visual version.

View Demo of Divi   Download Divi

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