Comparative review on two Laptops – Sony Laptops Vs HP Laptops

Are you going to market for buying a new laptop? If your answer is positive then you have to know about some of the qualities of Sony as well as HP laptops. Both companies are well-known in the manufacturing of high quality laptops. You have to select only that company which is providing quality products in affordable price. This article will help those people who are struggling to decide between Sony and HP laptops. When you will visit the local market, you will see that there are number of companies which are producing variety of Laptops and other accessories. This article will compare the Sony & HP laptops and will help you to select the best company. Following are some important points which must be kept in mind before buying any laptop.

Size and shapes

Sony Laptops Vs HP Laptops size and shapes
Laptop comes in all shapes and sizes in the market. Obviously, you want to buy a laptop which must have an attractive look. You must need a laptop which has capability to support latest games. Efficiency and performance are the two properties of every laptop which are directly related with the demand. If the laptop is more efficient then the demand of laptop will also high. You can also say that there is a direct relationship between the performance and demand of Laptop. When it comes to buy a HP or Sony Laptop, you can read different reviews provided by users. According to a survey, Sony Laptops are a way ahead of HP laptops in respect to shapes and size. Although, HP laptops have also good designs and nice look but they can not beat the products of Sony in the market. The performance of Sony Laptop is also better than a HP laptop. Behind these advantages, one bad feature of Sony is that in some Sony laptops there are some visual and audio problems. Sony Corporation is very sensitive in case of their product’s reputation and quality. They are enhancing the quality of their products by introducing new technology. This is the best thing which is making it best then HP products. Nowadays, Sony Notebooks such as VAIO Z and VAIO S are offering great performance and efficiency in different portable packages. Both the companies have a wide range of laptop models in different colors but Sony is more successful than HP.


Sony Laptops Vs HP Laptops supportiveWhen you realize the role of reliability then you will see that HP and Sony both are reliable products. HP and Sony are market leaders in the laptop market and both are competing with respect to their quality. But there are some problems which are affecting the products of Sony. Customer support is the major problem which is a challenge for Sony Corporation. On the other hand, HP has a very good customer support which provides a great way for customers to buy and use the products of this company. However, you will find dissatisfaction in the products of both companies. HP wins in the field of customer support services because it has a great customer network which is increasing its demand as well as popularity in the market.


Sony Laptops Vs HP Laptops priceBeing a customer, you want to buy the products of the company which is offering high technology in affordable rates. The price of the laptop is the deciding factor when customer wants to buy a new laptop. This section of the article will compare the prices of Sony and HP laptops. Do you know that price is a stumbling block for Song Laptop? Yes, as Sony Corporation is producing different styles and designs in their laptops so their products are expensive than that of HP. If you want to buy a cheaper laptop then HP is a best choice for you. As a customer, you have to decide that you want to buy a cheaper laptop which has less efficiency or an expensive laptop with latest technology. You have to keep an eye on your budget because if you buy any thing without keeping any eye on your budget then this thing will badly disturb your daily life. You can compare two models i.e.HP Pavilion DV6985SE and Sony VAIO NR498E. You will see that the price of HP Pavilion DV6985SE is less than that of Sony VAIO NR498E. If you need a laptop in your budget then HP is a best a company for your needs and requirements.


Sony Laptops Vs HP Laptops portabilityAnother important property of laptop is Portability. Being a customer, you need a laptop which is desirable and extremely portable. There is a competition between Sony and HP in case of portability. When you compare two models i.e. HP Mini 2140 and Sony VAIO P then you will see that both models are highly efficient and extremely portable. After comparing these two models, you will see that HP Mini 2140 is powerful and available in cheaper rates. On the other hand, you will also see that Sony laptops are available in small sizes and have more attraction than the HP laptop. Now the choice is yours!


The article concludes that HP and Sony both companies have strong reputation but HP laptops are available in cheap price also. However, results of different surveys shows that the sale rate of Sony Laptops is higher then HP laptops. The reason behind the high sale rate of Sony Laptops is that they have strong focus in entertainment and luxury. Another interesting fact about this topic is that you can not say that HP is a bad company because in some countries HP has more demand then Sony. At last, the article concludes that both HP and Sony are reliable, durable and famous brands which are providing latest technology to their customers.

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