5KPlayer Review – A Free FUHD Video Player for Mac & Windows

If you are searching for an impressive media player which comes with extraordinary features such as YouTube Downloading and AirPlay Service then you don’t need to look other than 5KPlayer. Get to know all the offerings of this most sought-after product in the market by simply browsing through the following review:

Amazing Airplay & DLNA Service:

5KPlayer comes with the support of Airplay that lets your device transform into an AirPlay sender or Airplay Receiver. This is one of the most attractive features that you will find in 5KPlayer and it plays the role of screen mirroring software for your iPad and iPhone. And DLNA works on Android phones similar to AirPlay. The software also lets you stream videos from your computer to phone and vice versa. You can easily stream audio or video files directly to Airplay speaker or smart TV by activating sender mode.

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Radio Player:


With the advent of modern technology, we have observed the smooth transformation in the way we listen to radio programs. 5KPlayer is one such a highly advanced tool that made things very easy for you when it comes to playing radio channels on the internet. You can add URL of your favorite stream or simply upload it from the preset list. The default list contains some of the highly searched channels such as Hotmix Radio, NBC, CBS Sports, and BBC Sport. If you face any difficulty in setting up your preferred channel simply enter the URL manually and you are good to go.

Hardware Acceleration:

Most of the video players of today’s time face issues while running videos that come with high resolution. This is exactly where 5KPlayer is unique as it comes with the hardware acceleration feature that lets you play high-resolution files without any interruption. The software takes help of modern hardware components that not only run videos smoothly but also enhance the overall experience.

Ease in Video Downloading:

5KPlayer comes with extraordinary smoothness and diverse functionality which is difficult to match by other tools. After using it even for a single time, you will be persuaded to replace your existing video downloader with 5KPlayer. By simply copying and pasting the web page URL into the program, you can download videos from 5KPlayer quickly.

By default, this software will download videos in 1080p format but you have an option to change your settings and download files in your preferred format. 5KPlayers lets the user download online videos from several reputed sources such as Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and over 300 other websites.

The downloading is not just limited to video files but you can download your favorite audio files from reputed sources. You can also convert video files into your preferred audio format. The amazing capability of 5KPlayer to download video from a diverse range of websites in any resolution of your choice makes it one of the highly appreciated video downloaders in today’s time.

Other Features of 5KPlayer:


  • 5KPlayer comes with a built-in DVD feature that allows you to run your DVDs on your PC very smoothly. The software even lets you play DVDs from image file or physical disc. Above all, it lets you run DVDs specific to different regions and you can easily access all the DVD content irrespective of region.
  • The software also comes with complete support of Intel-QSV and NVIDIA that facilitates easy video decoding. It smoothly responds to 4K 8K HDR video playback that takes care of extreme attention to detail of your high-resolution videos and digital images. You can feel every single pixel of your screen while playing the video using 5KPlayer.
  • 5KPlayer is one of the most well-recognized multimedia players. This allows you to take snapshots of video files, rotate videos and add subtitles to them in your native language.


5KPlayer is available for both Mac and Windows version for free. After the software downloaded, you will also get rewards for sharing the download link with other people.

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The Bottom Line:


5KPlayer is an ideal platform that comes with all capabilities that you expect from a modern multimedia player. It comes with a plethora of features that are hard to find out in any other software. It has got an extremely user-friendly interface and you don’t need any technical know-how to get going. All in all, 5KPlayer has got everything to impress even a meticulous user with its offerings.

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