Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?

Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?

As everyone even I admit that Apple and Android both give awesome services to their users. I am not a heart-core fan of Android nor I hate iPhones. But if we compare both we have more advantages of Android services over the services of those sophisticated iPhones. Please continue reading my article to find out those. You Have a Budget Option You always have a budget option for Android. Android offers a hell lot number of smartphones from the cheapest … Continue Reading…


5 Best Smartphones on GearBest (As of March 2016)

This article is about the five gadgets that are really running very good in the market. These five products are about five best smartphones on GearBest. Like , these five smartphones are very much in demand due to its mind blowing features. So let me tell you, about these five smartphones with their complete feature and price along with their latest offer price. 1) Ulefone Power 4G Phablet This is 5.5 inches long Phablet with full HD display. The screen … Continue Reading…

Why you Should Choose an Apple iPhone over an Android Phone

Why you Should Choose an Apple Phone over an Android Phone

A few months ago, I decided to finally make the huge leap, I switched from my long term phone, a to a used iPhone 5S. I can assure you, that despite being second hand and having a cracked screen which I fixed for a few dollars, my new found love- the gave me immense pleasure. I immediately began regretting why I had chosen Android run smartphones previously. Earlier, I had resisted the argue of owning an iPhone because I disliked … Continue Reading…

What are the Best Smartphone Camera Lenses?

What are the Best Smartphone Camera Lenses?

It can be said that the best camera is the camera you have with you. In this fast-paced world, the chance of someone carrying a smartphone camera over a bulky DSLR camera is much greater. Today’s smartphones come with many capabilities, one of them being the ability to take quality photos on the go. However, there is still a major benefit old-school DSLR cameras have that smartphone don’t—real lenses. Those who want to add some versatility to their casual photography … Continue Reading…

Doogee Voyager2 DG310 MTK6582 Smartphone - Feature & Specification Review

Doogee Voyager2 DG310 MTK6582 Smartphone – Feature & Specification Review

In a daily basis lots of smartphones are being introduced into the market. At the same time, their features and specifications sometimes differ in huge or sometimes slightly from each other. These differences of these smartphones are totally dependable on the market researchers that the manufacturer does while doing the usage graph. Doogee Voyager2 DG310 MTK6582 Quad-Core Android 4.4 Phone is one of the smartphones among all which is also creating a huge response among the public. This smartphone is … Continue Reading…


5 Best Smartphones that of January 2016

New year comes with new gadgets and devices. You will find new opportunities in the field of latest technology. We have seen many new devices launched by the manufacturers every month and this is the reason why there are a huge number of devices available in the market today. You can choose from the ones available as per the requirements you have, but there are certain mobiles that are value for money and will provide you the best quality along … Continue Reading…


6 Best Portable Solar Panel Phone Chargers

How great would it be to charge your phone from a camping site, or whilst at the beach? In recent years, portable solar panel phone chargers have been popping up, allowing you to charge your device anywhere the sun shines! Below we highlight the pros and cons of some of the best solar panel phone chargers available in 2015. 1. RAVPower 15W Solar Charger – $50 The RAVPower 15W is a great choice for anyone who likes being outside, and … Continue Reading…

10 Best Selling Newly Launched Unlocked Smartphones

10 Best Selling Newly Launched Unlocked Smartphones

Are you searching for Mobile Phones / Smartphones? Looking to purchase a new one for you? Or planning to gift your loved one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article we are listing 10 Best Selling Newly Launched Unlocked Smartphones. Review the list. Hopefully you will find the best match to buy your desired one. This list is updated daily, so you will always get the current updated rank & market report. Each … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Mi4C 4G Smartphone - Features & Specification Review

Xiaomi Mi4C 4G Smartphone – Features & Specification Review

Xiaomi has recently launched another excellent smartphone: Xiaomi Mi4C 4G Smartphones (Standard & Advanced Version). Xiaomi is one of the well known Chinese smartphone manufacturer who always tries to provide full of goodness and usefulness. Both Standard & Advanced version are packed with same features & goodness. But advanced version is more superior in terms of it’s internal memory (ROM) and RAM. This impressive smartphone is currently in Pre-Sale. Gearbest is taking order for this, but they will start shipping of your ordered … Continue Reading…

DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet (Smartphone)

DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet (Smartphone) – Features & Specifications Review

DOOGEE Mobile is currently introducing “DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet“, a really awesome smartphone in an awesome pre-launch price. This smartphone is having lots of exciting features but surprisingly the pre-sale price kept is very reasonable in compare to its quality. The introductory price of this smartphone is just $139.99.  You can currently pre-order this Phablet within September 29, 2015. They start shipping by September 30. DOOGEE Mobile is not a new brand name in the field of smartphone. So we can … Continue Reading…

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