Top 5 Trending Smartphones under $200 at GearBest

This article will be regarding 5 most trending smartphones which you can get to buy under $200  from the very popular website . So let’s know about them in details and let’s found whether they are really useful for us or not? $200 is a reasonable budget for purchasing any well-featured smartphones without compromising the quality. So let’s go in knowing the feature of those smartphones so that you can judge them personally. 1. MEIZU M3 Note 4G Phablet: The design … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - Feature & Specification Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – Feature & Specification Review

I am back with another new product of Xiaomi known as which you can get in two variations. You can choose which one you want and which will actually go to serve your requirements fully. Both the variant of this Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is more or less with same features, except the RAM and the ROM. So we will know about them in details along with the other features. So let’s begin with their feature lists. 1. Design & … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Featured

Xiaomi Launching New Redmi Flagship – Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Xiaomi again is going to launch new Redmi flagship model called . So Xiaomi lovers will definitely cherish all information on this new and upcoming version of Redmi. This time, it is a 5.5 inches smartphone. This is currently on pre-sale until 10th October 2016 and shipping will start afterward. So I thought of looking into its features & pricing. This might help you to know the product well before you pre-order it. 1) Design, Display & Dimensions: It is … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Mi Max Featured

Xiaomi Mi Max Android Phablet – Feature & Specification Review

On May 2016 Xiaomi has launched their new smartphone with a huge 6.44 inches screen. Yes, I am talking about the new Xiaomi Mi Max. Although the main selling point of this phablet is its huge screen, is it decent in all other aspects of a smartphone? Xiaomi has already built up a strong customer relation with their range of products. Let’s see what they have brought to us this time. Here I will try to find out what we … Continue Reading…

Huawei MediaPad X2

Huawei Launched Yet Another Impressive Hardware – MediaPad X2

A phablet is a great option for people seeking a mobile device with the combined capabilities of a phone and tablet. However, at times individuals cannot afford to buy a phablet because of its high price tag. Thankfully, today many renowned brands in the mobile industry offer phablets that not just performs well, but is also made available at less cost. Huawei is one such brand, offering a phone that cost only a fraction of what you would pay for … Continue Reading…

LG K7 Feature Review

LG K7 Feature Review – A Good Budget Smartphone for your Pocket

The budget smartphone market is always getting something new or the other and hence, the competition in this space is also most cutthroat. Global as well as local mobile makers are constantly churning out new, more stylish and highly capable models at very affordable prices. In keeping with the competition, South Korean tech giant, LG has launched the new K7 LTE as a budget offering in the company’s ‘K’ series of smartphone models. LG is generally known for trying with … Continue Reading…

Xiaomi Mi5 4G Smartphone - Feature & Specification Review

Xiaomi Mi5 4G Smartphone – Feature & Specification Review

Xiaomi has launched another beautiful smartphone which is filled with lots of attractive features and much more improved from its predecessor models. All the Xiaomi smartphone lovers will definitely go to overjoy with this latest upgraded model . Let’s see its features and specs in detail: 1. Display & Design: Let’s start with the design of Mi5. The entire phone is built in a metal frame using premium 3D glasses with a curved design at the edges combines very ideally … Continue Reading…


10 Reasons Why Tablets are Better than your Smartphone

In recent years, Tablets have emerged as devices that chalk out the perfect balance between smartphones and laptops. A tablet can be defined as a portable notebook that is built on a mobile operating system platform. Variably different from smartphones in terms of looks, overall feel, and benefits, tablets essay the role of mini laptops and the upgraded version of smartphones that can accompany you anywhere, anytime. In the coming years, if technology evolves at the same pace, tablets will … Continue Reading…

Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?

Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?

As everyone even I admit that Apple and Android both give awesome services to their users. I am not a heart-core fan of Android nor I hate iPhones. But if we compare both we have more advantages of Android services over the services of those sophisticated iPhones. Please continue reading my article to find out those. You Have a Budget Option You always have a budget option for Android. Android offers a hell lot number of smartphones from the cheapest … Continue Reading…


5 Best Smartphones / Mobile Phones on GearBest

This article is about the five gadgets that are really running very good in the market. These five products are about five best smartphones on GearBest. Like , these five smartphones are very much in demand due to its mind blowing features. So let me tell you, about these five smartphones with their complete feature and price along with their latest offer price. 1) Ulefone Power 4G Phablet This is 5.5 inches long Phablet with full HD display. The screen … Continue Reading…

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