A Great Upsurge to be Seen in 2016 for Web Developer and Related Profiles

The year 2016 has brought numerous opportunities for the young-aged developing nation like India. I have been a constant reader of some reputed magazines, newspapers and a regular follower of the job sites. In India, every year thousands and lakhs of students complete their graduation and begin their hunt for a relevant job. In last December 2015, nearly a month ago, I had read useful information published by Wisdomjobs.com, which says that the year 2016 is going to be the most hopeful and promising year for the job seekers.

Excellent Opportunities in 2016

It is being assumed that in 2016, there will be some great opportunities in the field of web development and related fields. These job profiles may include the roles of Web Developers, Database Administrators, Desktop Publishers (Web Publication Designers), followed by jobs like Web Writers, Editors, and Programmers. It is being estimated that all the profiles mentioned above will see upsurge around 20% in hiring process in comparison to all other occupations. I think the time has come for aspirants to pull up their socks as hiring in these profiles is going to be high.

Reason Behind Upsurge in Hiring

The key reason behind this increase is the growing popularity of smartphones and eCommerce. Top companies across eCommerce, retail, marketing & advertising and IT sectors are looking forward to hiring experienced and talented professionals who can develop websites and mobile applications for major platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Notable Findings of the Survey

When it comes to profile wise hiring, web developers are in high demand by volume and indicate about 29% recruitment in India. Long wait for candidates for getting the right opportunity is over now; all they have to do is to be prepared well to seize the opportunity.

Further, the growth in hiring for Database Administrators has been found around 17 percent followed by the Web Programmers with 9 percent. If we talk about the job opportunities for the Graphic Designers, then it is being expected to grow by 8 percent. Aside from this, hiring for the Web Designers, Web Writers, and Editors has projected to show a 3 percent growth only, a little bit small but a great spot for the job seekers.

Source: Wisdomjobs has provided the stats based on their recent survey on request that I have mentioned above.

Location Wise Indications

Regarding location, Bangalore will top the list for UX Design jobs, followed by the emerging cities such as Mumbai and Hyderabad. Nevertheless, the emerging IT city like Pune will have a higher demand for well-versed Web Designers and Photoshop experts.

What Do Jobseekers Need to Do?

Job seekers should create a profile on the trusted job portals while those who already have their profiles need to update their profiles to seize the upcoming golden opportunities. Several job sites are available online but personally I believe that Wisdomjobs is one of the most trusted sites among job seekers. They are in the market with the aim to make the hiring process easier for both recruiters and job seekers.

The Role Played By the Government of India

With the initiatives like Make In India & Start-Up India, the Government of India is also playing a crucial role by supporting numerous companies to create ample job opportunities for the young crowd of the nation. Now, the time has come to see some significant positive changes in the industry. We all are familiar with the fact that an efficient workforce is critical to the success of any company as it is the core strength on which a business relies.

A Great Upsurge to be seen in 2016 for Web Developer and Related Profiles

Future Scope for Web Developers and Related Profiles

From different online trusted and reputed sources, I got to know that the future scope for web developers and the associated profiles is promising and shining in the immediate time. Job opportunities in these profiles will remain forever as long as Internet and technology will exist and we all know that both of these will continue to emerge in future times. One cannot deny the fact that how much technology influences our lives and when it comes to Information Technology (IT), it is viewed as the backbone of every industry. Thus, no wonder that in the coming times in 2016, a lot of good opportunities are going to emerge across the country.

Pay-Scale and Growth

Just like other job profiles, the pay scale and income for Web Developers and relevant profiles will depend on individuals’ professional experience. It is seen that even at entry-level position these job profiles offer job seekers with attractive salary. Further, the candidates who are looking forward to making their career in these job domains will have higher chances for the growth.

Wrapping Up


Apart from all the facts as described earlier, it is being assumed that not only fresh talents will be entertained but the job seekers who waited for a long time will also be approached in the current year. Thus, there will be a great chance for you to grab your spot; so be alert and be prepared to grab the opportunity when it bangs at your door!

This article is written by Raghwendra. He is a freelance writer and research consultant. He loves to contribute articles about latest trends in web development industry.

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