31 Most Downloaded WordPress Widgets (Sidebar Plugins)

The collection comprises of some awesome WordPress widgets, that are as follows: , sidebar manager widgets, profile widgets, custom widget area plugins, rating widgets, testimonial widgets, recent posts widgets, social media widgets, twitter widgets and a lot more.

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1. Category Post (WordPress Widget)

This WordPress widget does just one job. Since it deals with displaying recent posts from a specific category, it is known as light widget.

The features from this widget are listed below:

  • There an option [NEW] allows changing the order of posts
  • It has a feature called WP 2.9 which helps to display thumbnail images
  • Manages the number of post to be displayed
  • Display excerpt of posts for a specific period of time
  • Posts dated are also displayed
  • Comment count is shown
  • Links the category page with widget title
  • Several widgets

Download it here

2. SEO Smart Widget

The widget has been improved with a new code and features. The new features have options such as NOFOLLOW and custom keywords list.

In addition it automatically links the tags, posts and categories in your blog to the keyword and phrases in your comments and posts.

It also helps you develop your own URL links and keywords. Options such as unfollow a post and open a certain post in new link are also provided.

Download it here

3. Sidebar Login Widget


It provides a login option in sidebar of your WordPress blog which is considerable.

Download it here

4. Simple Subscribe Widget

WordPress-Widget-Simple Subscribe

It displays the buttons for your subscriber all the required settings are available there in the admin of sidebar widget.

Download it here

5. Twitter Widget


Twitter updates are shown in the sidebar widget.

Download it here

6. Drop-Down Menu Widget


It creates a drop-down menu in which there is a list of pages and categories of your blog. allows you to use horizontal and vertical layouts. It allows you customize themes as per your need and choice.

Download it here

7. Widget for adding Link to Facebook


Any posts and pages that are published to your pages, groups or Facebook wall are linked up to automatically. These links are then displayed on your Facebook and can be easily customized.

Download it here

8. Image Widget


It Adds image to your site via native WordPress media manager.

Download it here

9. Floating Social Media Icon Widget


All your social media profiles such as twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and YouTube are bridged up with social media icons.

Download it here

10. Widgets on Pages (WordPress Widget)


It uses templates tags and shortcodes to add widget to your sidebar.

Download it here

11. Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic widget allows the widget to appear on any page that you select for its display.

Download it here

12. Display Widgets


The content in the sidebar for each page, taxonomies, and WPML languages can be managed independently.

Download it here

13. WP-Filebase Download Manager (WordPress Widget)


It sideloads files from related sites to your sites, manages them in a categorically. It also manages a continuous output logarithm using templates.

Download it here

14. Quotes Collection Widget

Help you make your WordPress blog look interesting by allowing you to collect and add your favorite quotes to your blog.

Download it here

15. Slick Contact Forms Widget

A contact form is created for your blog using drop down, floating or sliding buttons. The contact form can be opened or closed via the text links added by the plugin.

Download it here

16. Widget Context (WordPress Widget)


You can manage to hide or show widget on selected portions of your site.

Download it here

17. Google Calendar Events (WordPress Widget)


It sticks a calendar grid on your page which shows all the events.

Download it here

18. Quick Chat (WordPress Widget)

Keep your chats secure and under your control as all your chats are saved your WordPress database.

Download it here

19. Testimonials Widget


You can enlist selected reviews, portfolios or posts.

Download it here

20. Special Recent Posts (WordPress Widget)


All recent posts are displayed.

Download it here

21. WP Widget Cache (WordPress Widget)

The plugin Speeds up your site by removing SQL quarries.

Download it here

22. Newsletter Sign-Up (WordPress Widget)

It is concerned with 3rd

Download it here

23. Search Meter (WordPress Widget)

It chases your readers’ searches for your blog.

Download it here

24. Facebook Members (WordPress Widget)


It simply draws in your Facebook recommendation bar and likebox to your blog.

Download it here

25. Content Aware Sidebars (WordPress Widget)


Your WordPress site is made dynamic through multiple sidebars.

Download it here

26. WP Biographia (WordPress Widget)


Customized user biography is displayed on front page.

Download it here

27. Simple Page Sidebars (WordPress Widget)


Custom sidebars for each page are added without making any changes to template.

Download it here

28. YouTube Channel Gallery (WordPress Widget)

For YouTube users YouTube thumbnail is provided.

Download it here

29. Tabbed Login Widget


Login option is given in the sidebar.

Download it here

30. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget (WordPress Widget)

Want visual editor in widget to add stylish content? This plugin can help you.

Download it here

31. WP MashSocial Widget


Party newspaper services. It allows you to add twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to the blog.

Download it here

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  1. Hello,

    It was really a nice collection. But could you please tell me any plugin through which I can create a custom list of pages. Please note not all page and but stylish. Please help!

    • Your requirement is not quite clear. Please let me know what exactly you wish to do? Some custom hooks or template may work for you.

  2. Thank for your information. I found this subject around the internet for a long time. But your tip is the best. I am from Vietnam.

  3. Very nice and helpful information. I was looking for similar information. After reading this post I have installed most of the plugins shown above by you.

  4. I’ve been using Social Media Widget for a long time and I’m really satisfied with it. It works perfectly with my bilingual blog. In the English version I put a Facebook link to my English Facebook page and the other way around on my Portuguese page. Have all the same for Twitter, Google + and so on.

    Here are examples of the same pages in two different languages:

    http://outofyourcomfortzone.net/how-to-buy-travel-insurance/ (English)
    http://foradazonadeconforto.com/como-escolher-e-comprar-seguro-de-viagem/ (Brazilian Portuguese)

    Just a great Plugin.

  5. thanks for the list buddy..

    I personally feel that icegram is the best.. its easy and its free.. i don’t know why its not on this list..

    check it out if you haven’t yet..