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Ever since internet has started gaining prominence, several support platforms and backbone technologies are also being evolved from time to time. Internet services can be reached from a platform called ‘Web Browser’. Through this software, users would reach the desired content that is available on internet.

Web browser is a software program that connects the user to various information channels called websites. Browse software supports the graphical representations, audio and video content. It fetches or retrieves the information and displays the content. It also helps the user to move from one web page to the next or from one website to another through a process called ‘navigation’.

From its inception in 1990s to till date, web browsers have transformed from being a mere interface to transmit information to offer a host of browsed based tools and gadgets. Some of the browsers are free and some come as part of software package. There are many varieties of browsers like simple text based browsers to rich interfaces. Choosing the right browser might be a challenging task. This article summarizes the popular web browsers and their performance.

A good web browser would comprise the following basic features:

  • Bookmarks
  • Powered by search engine tool
  • Security configuration
  • Private browsing
  • Auto update facility
  • Browsing history
  • Downloads management

Following are some of the advanced features:

  • Tabbed viewing
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Plug-ins installation
  • Full screen or page zooming
  • Character encoding to display languages properly

Good web browsers help in increasing the speed of browsing and thus users can save time in accessing the information within few seconds. Also, multiple browsing sessions which is supported with browsers having tabbed view option would help the users to open multiple windows and work simultaneously.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome are the top leading browsers based on their overall usage across the globe. Opera and Safari are the other two browsers that are available. Apart from these popular web browsers dozens of other browsers are available.

The above mentioned popular browsers have all the basic and advanced features. They also come with some extra which are unique to each of them. Each browser is specialized in one or more areas like for e.g. Mozilla’s Firefox is the leader in providing specialized plug-ins whereas Google’s Chrome is as sleek as Google’s search homepage. Opera is extensively used by the web designers. Microsoft’s IE has the style and functionality edge.

Likewise, users can chose the web browser that suits for most of their internet browsing. Some professional users might need more than browser to handle varied web operations.

This article is written by Satyes Mukherjee, a Creative Writer and retired Chartered Accountant from Kolkata, India. He is also the author of Infoxin.Com
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