11 Lesser Known Amazing Features You Need to Know in Windows 10

Microsoft has made many categorical and specific changes in their later versions to make it more user-friendly and useful. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is out and the difference is visible. Windows 10 has carried some useful features from previous versions like super-fast start up and improved security features from Windows 8 and user-friendly features from Windows 7. Despite it, there are a lot of features which have made the life of common user easy. Let’s discuss some of these amazing features which are hidden from a lot of users and are very useful at the same time.

1. Activate GodMode:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 1In Windows 10, various settings and controls are divided between the control panel and settings menu. Here you need to switch between two to get access to different settings and controls. Hence if you are thinking of having one such platform which gives you access to both at one place then the “GodMode” is the answer for you.  GodMode is a dedicated folder of various settings and controls that allow you access all these settings and controls at one place. Using this feature you can do different activities at one place like adding clocks for different time zones to defragmenting your hard drives.

To activate the GodMode, right-click on the desktop and then click on “New” => “Folder”.  Then copy & paste the following into the folder name:


The icon of the folder will be changed in a control panel icon. Double-click on it to see your universal settings panel.

*Reference: CNET.com.

2. Windows Activation:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 2In Windows 10 a very useful feature has been added to make the up gradation of the system more convenient. You can tie your Windows key to your Microsoft account, instead of tying it to the hardware in your system. It will help you upgrade your computer components whenever you want, without having to call Microsoft for help. You can also figure out how to reactivate your system using the same code online. To do so, go to “Settings” => “Update & Security” => “Activation”.

3. Virtual desktops:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 3The virtual desktop feature helps you to enable multiple desktops on one instance of Windows 10. Using this feature you can have different virtual desktops for your different work like one for work, another for personal use and so on. To make a new desktop, use keyboard shortcut WIN+TAB. It will display all your open windows. In the bottom right-hand corner, it displays an option “+New desktop”, click on it to have a new desktop. Use Ctrl + Win + left/right arrow to switch between them.

4. Use offline maps:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 4You can access map data offline using Maps App in Windows 10. It can be very useful in the situations such as weak GPS signals or slow Internet connectivity.

5. Background App manager:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 5This feature is the best suit for Windows 10 mobile. Using App manager, you can remove certain apps from running in the background. This way you can improve the performance your mobile device.

6. Clutter feature:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 6This feature creates a new folder in your mail account. You can transfer your low priority emails to this clutter folder. Clutter folder is not equal to your Junk folder instead it can be translated as your second Inbox.

7. Put the Web in your toolbar:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 7You can quickly launch the browser from your toolbar. To activate the feature, right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select the “Toolbars” tab. There you will find three options- Address, Links, and Desktop. Select “Address” to create instant address bar and launch any website from here. Links also works similarly but it works on saved bookmarks. Desktop option brings in folders and other location on your desktop.

8. Dark mode:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 8If you like dark Windows OS, then go to “Run” menu and type “RegEdit” to open Registry. Select “HKEY_Current_User” => “Software” => “Microsoft” => “Windows” => “CurrentVersion” => “Themes” => “Personalize”. Select “AppsUseLightTheme” in the right-hand list and double click on it. There you will find “Value Data” change it from 1 to 0 to get your favorite Dark screen.

9. Switch off Notifications:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 9If you are tired off due to unnecessary notifications on your system, you can switch them off using this feature. To switch off various notifications go to “Start” => “Settings” => “System” => “Notifications and Actions” and select what you want and what you don’t.

10. Deactivate Cortana:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 10You have spent a good time instructing Cortana for your important work but you are not interested anymore sharing things with Cortana. You can turn her off by heading to “Settings” => “Privacy” => “Speech” => “Inking & typing” and click the button “Stop getting to know me”.

11. Manage storage space:

Windows 10 Amazing Features - Point 11This feature helps you to know the details of apps and other programs on your drives. You can get the details of all the space-hogging apps and programs using this feature. To check the details, go to “Settings” => “System” => “Storage”. There you will find the details of your apps, photos, videos and more. Duplicate data on your drives also causes issues with storage space thus you can use various duplicate files finder and duplicate photo finder tools to get rid of it.


Windows 10 Amazing Features - conclusionGone are the days when you use to struggle to speed up your Windows XP or previous Windows versions. With all new features of Windows recent versions, things have become more easy and interesting for users. You can use above-mentioned features to make the full use of Windows 10.

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