SEO Trends Ahead in 2013 & 2014 (6 Best SEO Trends)

Introduction (SEO Trends Ahead in 2013 & 2014): Most of the websites are footing back after Penguin update, so what is ahead in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) in the coming year. It has now become clear that the Google only penalizes and eliminates only those sites which make use of black hat techniques like spam links as the Google now just has one motive i.e. to provide quality and useful content to the audience. This shows that the link relevancy and the site quality both will play significant role in the coming year. But some other changes are also expected to be made in the coming year.

In this article it is discussed about those expected changes in the coming year. These changes can be changed according to the variations in search engine algorithms or new search engine updates.

SEO Trends #01. Content will be considered important but with more detail and depth:

SEO Trends 01The articles which you write and publish for about 500 words now will increase to 1000 or 2000 words in the coming year. It is true that shorter pieces and high quality has more value now but it is expected that the word limit will get increased in the coming year. This type of content will provide the audience detailed information about the particular topic which grabs the interest of the people. This can include the detailed tutorials etc.

SEO Trends #02. Different types of content:

SEO Trends 02Providing the content or information to the audience in an attractive way grabs the attention and develops the interest to read it. Simple guest post and blogging is not enough. The other forms of content like images, infographics, and videos attract more audience as they are visually appealing. These types of contents need to be promoted in the coming year if want to drive more traffic. Besides this it spreads like a virus among audience if your content is authoritative, sticky and interesting.

SEO Trends #03. Author authority:

SEO Trends 03It is not only the quality of the particular content that matters but it is the whole body of the work that matters. By using Google authorship, Google is trying to develop the better mechanism to know all about whatever you write. This will let the Google know about what subjects you are qualified at and have how much expertise regarding the same. The factors which will be affecting the ranking of your website are- how frequently you are posting your content, number of social signals you have included in your content, and the quality of the sites on which you are placing your content and links.

SEO Trends #04. Great design:

SEO Trends 04A well designed website attracts the people and grabs their attention towards it. It is the first impression of your business and your site. You must design a professional site as it is more likely to believe that your business legitimate. Good website design also helps in increasing conversion rate and building authority. Well designed website has high quality content which develop the interest among the readers to read it and hence help them taking the specific action to order the product or services provided by the company.

SEO Trends #05. Mobile compatibility and performance:

SEO Trends 05It is noticed that the usage of mobiles is increasing rapidly day by day so designing and developing the websites for the mobiles can’t be ignored. A company not having a mobile site or a responsive site will lose its users at high rate. Therefore building a mobile site is essential now and will become more essential in the coming year. Besides this, the mobile site you develop must be effective enough that it loads quickly at every device and your site must be compatible to all the devices.

SEO Trends #06. SEO is more a strategy not a tactic:

SEO Trends 06Tactics are the ways to build links whereas strategy is a plan which is based on the objectives of the business. Tactics are now becoming less valuable and the focus is now being laid on strategy like link building strategy, authority strategy, content strategy, social strategy etc. All these pieces combine together to create a strong foundation of the site. It doesn’t means that tactics does not matter at all. Tactics are the ways to implement these strategies. But what matter here in tactics is the kind of tactics you use- black hat or white hat tactics. The kind of tactics makes the difference. For the best results you must make use of the white hat tactics as Google penalizes those sites using black hat tactics.


These are some of the SEO trends which I expect to be followed in the coming year. To get the effective results start working on it.

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