SEO Essentials to Keep in Mind While Designing a Website

SEO is considered as a most important aspect in the world of online marketing. A website will be useless if it is not optimized, because it will not bring traffic to your site. So, it is essential to build a website by keeping SEO in your mind. In other words, your website should be search engine friendly. In this article/post, it is discussed about the elements which are essential for making your site search engine friendly.

Essential elements for search engine friendly website:

SEO Tips 1. URL Structure:

Don’t make use of the URL’s with different numbers. Most of the CMS’s generate automatic numbers at the end of the URL, which is not considered as a perfect structure of URL. Therefore, it is necessary to change the URL’s of all the pages in the word form as it will not only make it search engine friendly but also make it user friendly. It becomes easier for the user to remember the URL of the page as it consists of the main topic or keyword to which the whole page is related. For example is better than You must also make sure that your site should either go to www version or non www version as creating on both versions can create duplicacy problem.

SEO Tips 2. Make use of Flash moderately:

Incorporating flash in your site is not bad but incorporating too much of it, is bad. The search engines are not able to crawl or read the text which is written within the flash file, so you should not put any important content in the flash format. Ensure that you don’t build the whole website using Flash.

SEO Tips 3. Heading Tags:

The heading tags ranges from H1 to H6. Heading tags are the great way to separate the topics and give the title to each page. You must use the most important keyword within the H1 tag as it has the maximum potential.

SEO Tips 4. One topic per page:

If you have a wide range of products and services, then don’t ever put them all on one page. It is better to make the separate pages for each product and service by creating the various menus on the home page. It makes it easier for the user to navigate and understand each of your product and service properly.

SEO Tips 5. Call to action:

It least matters that how much traffic you receive on your website, unless it gets converted. Many people don’t understand the importance of conversion optimization but in reality, it improves the conversion rate and decreases the bounce rate. The easiest way to improve the quantity of orders, callers, leads, e-mails, forms is to display what action you want from the visitor to take. For instance, if you want them to fill the form, then ensure that the action is just available above their face so that they can’t miss it.

SEO Tips 6. Text within images:

Some of the designers, put text within the images. This is not at all beneficial as search engines can’t read the text within the images. So never use text within images.

SEO Tips 7. Navigation structure:

It is important to keep the navigational structure simple and clean, so that the user can easily navigate on the site. Make use of parent pages, categories and key pages in your navigation. You must add the option of buy the product or service in your menu, if you want the visitor to buy that product.

SEO Tips 8. Use of Content:

Each page on your website must contain unique content and images. You can add the videos in your website also, but not in large quantity. Make use of your keywords in the text and alt tag for images, but remember don’t overuse it.

SEO Tips 9. Pay attention to the loading speed of the website:

If your website takes long time to get opened or loaded after the click of the visitor, then it would really be a great loss to you as the visitor gets impatient and skip from the site. There are many reasons for slow loading speed of the site, that are- HTTP requests, CSS files, JavaScript in large amount etc.


All these above points or elements will definitely help you to build an effective site and hence will help you to achieve success in Internet Marketing.

Emma is the content writer who working with SEO Rank Smart, A SEO Company. Every business needs to grow in Internet Marketing and for this purpose they are Hire SEO Experts who works for their website or for its promotion. Emma also wants to share her experience by her writing skill.
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