Integration of SEO and Website Designing

The internet marketing is increasing day by day. Today, every business has its website and wants to achieve the success by creating their brand. And for creating their brand, they make use of the web for promoting their products and services. In this competitive world, there are millions and trillions of the business owners engaged in one field or the other. Therefore, everyone wants to come up in one or the other way.

SEO is considered to be the major part of internet marketing as it optimizes the website and make them search engine friendly. It is done to increase the visibility of the website in search engine results. In order to bring their site up in search engine result pages, it is important to implement the latest strategies and techniques of search engine optimization. It is all done to attract the customers. But at the same time, people don’t choose the things unless it is appealing to the eyes. Here is the point where the concept of web designing and development matters along with SEO. This shows that web designing plays an important role in the success of the business along with SEO.

In this competitive era, every day one of the new business owner enters with the hope to attract more visitors and convert them to customers. So, every one develops their website.

All this shows that building a website has now become important for every business owners, but your website design must follow the SEO algorithms. Here is the list of the things which will definitely make your site SEO friendly:

SEO Tips #1 – Professional design:

Design is the first impression on the visitor and a common saying is that” first impression is the last impression” therefore, a design must be professional, unique, attractive and must give all the necessary information at glance (on the home page).For this you can make use of infographics. This is the most popular technique now a days and serves as a potent tool in Internet Marketing.

SEO Tips #2 – Easy navigation:

While designing the website, you must keep in mind the user interface as it plays a significant role. You must develop your site from the user point of view. Besides this you must keep the simple navigation in your design, so that the user can search easily whatever he wants to search.

SEO Tips #3 – Unique and relevant content:

User is always hungry for the content, so we consider content as the king of all. The content written on the website must be unique and relevant to the theme of your business. It must be to the point and should involve all the things which explain your business effectively. You should update your content frequently as readers always want fresh and updated information. This indicates that your site is still alive.

SEO Tips #4 – Contact information:

Your contact information represents your site. It is a very important part of every business and it must be easily visible to all the users as it is only the source or the means via which the user can contact you. You can also include the contact form as whenever the user visits your site; he can fill the form and ask his query. In this way, you will also get the information about the user.

SEO Tips #5 – Optimized images:

There are certain files which slows down the loading of the website especially the images or graphics. Therefore it is essential to optimize these files so that the website loads quickly in few seconds. This is very essential because visitors who visit your site must want that it should open quickly, and if it doesn’t then the visitor skips to another site.

SEO Tips #6 – Design URL’s which are search engine friendly:

The URL’s which involve query are difficult to remember for the users and are also hard to crawl by search engines. You must be careful while using CMS as the CMS’s use automatically generated numbers and you must customize those URL’s and make them keyword rich.


SEO and Web Designing make a strong bonding with each other and for the success in business both of these are important. It is necessary to make your site SEO friendly to achieve success in your business.

Emma is the content writer who working with SEO Rank Smart, A SEO Company. Every business needs to grow in Internet Marketing and for this purpose they are Hire SEO Experts who works for their website or for its promotion. Emma also wants to share her experience by her writing skill.
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