Essential SEO Tips – Easy optimization tips for your website

Here in this article I am trying to explain some very essential and useful SEO tips that will surely help you to optimize your website so any search engine likes your website.

Page URL :: Domain Name

Research of several search engines top-lists shows that presence of keyword in URL is quite important for achieving high rankings in a search engine’s results list. By placing keywords in your domain name, you can gain a serious advantage with search engines. If your URL is already established and high-ranked web page, I do not recommend to alter it. However, this factor is worth considering when you create new pages / sites. Major search engines favors websites with keywords in their URL; however, remember to use them very sensibly and not to abuse them. When optimizing a page for a key phrase, separate keywords in the URL with a hyphen (www.yourdomain/your-keyword.html) or an underscore (www.yourdomain/your_keyword.html), but do not write them as one word. Otherwise, search engines will understand it as a single word (even if the search engine result highlights this keyword in bold), and your work on URL optimization will be wasted.

Title & Meta Tag

Do not forget to add title, meta description and meta keywords on each and every pages of your website. Also keep it in mind title, meta description and the meta keywords should be relevant with the page content.

Your Title tag should be placed before all other tags, otherwise search engines may overlook it which will significantly damage your rankings.

The title tag should not exceed 80 characters, otherwise the extra characters will be cut and your listings may not look attractive in search engine results.

Your keyword should appear at least once in the title tag. Put the keyword into your Title tag or you’ll be unlikely to rank high.

Your keyword should appear at least one time in the meta keywords & description tag.

Body Area

The fact that you put a certain keyword or phrase in bold tells the search engine that you place an emphasis on it. Naturally it considers these words or phrases to be more important than those in regular font. We recommend that you put your key phrase in bold one or more times.

If possible, move your keyword closer to the beginning of your page; this will greatly improve overall prominence.

Also your page will be more relevant if your keyword appears at the end of the visible text. To achieve this, put your keyword in the last 50 words of your copy.

Also try to use your keywords in image “alt” attribute and link “title” attributes of your page content.

Search Engine Submission

Do not forget to submit your websites in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, DMoz etc. Also try to submit these manually. Although some automatic submission tools are available in current web, but manual submission is best.

Professional SEO

However by using the above technique you can able to achieve the best optimization for your website, but if you are not proficient with basic html coding you can able to do it by yourself. For this you need to hire one Professional SEO company who help you to achieve your goal.

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  1. Thanks for this useful information and facts SEO guru! Do website age range more impact on SEO for your site? I mean then mature your website is then more search engines really like you. Is it true?

  2. Thanks for this useful info SEO guru! Do domain ages more effect on SEO for your site? I mean then older your domain is then more google love you. Is it true?