Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website

Article Note: This article was first published on 6th July 2012. We have last updated this article on 19th May 2018 with fresh information.

Prior to Google, Yahoo like search engines were created, web directories were the only source to the people to search out various information. They contained links to various websites and classified them in a manner that provided visitors to find the relevant information very fast, without putting much effort. Even though the expression Search Engine and subject directory often used alternately, but they are not similar.

In the recent past, the utility and volume of the World Wide Web have grown remarkably. The massive database of information has established useful to millions of people all over the world, providing data access to developing or less-developed regions. However, few people know the significance of web directories as it relates to individual businesses. Web directories play a very important role in businesses who are trying to extend their exposure and draw attention to their products. Here are the 5 significant role plays by a web directory from the business point of view:

  1. Geographical Generation of the target market.
  2. Result-oriented Traffic.
  3. Sensible Relevance.
  4. Real Sales Ratios.
  5. Link Building.

Why Develop a Web Directory?

There are a lot of directories on the internet and there is probably room for a lot more in the future. Although building a directory that is beneficial to the various users, web developers who add their site and promoters take a little bit of forethought and a lot of work in development and promotion can get good results.

It is assumed that you have already build a web directory and you have put all your efforts to make its success. When a directory starts to grow you need constant developing and promoting. Initially, you need to offer a free listing for quality sites, and always remember that quality appeal to quality and trash does trash. Closely monitor all listings and be sure they are not punished or banned by Search Engines for one or many reasons.

Your next preference should be focused on how to get the maximum benefit from your directory. Obviously, there are many sources like banner ads, sponsored ads, PPC ads, paid links and many others. But to get success in your mission always require continual developing and promotional work so that your directory achieve a significant rank in the search engine.

Here I am listing 11 PHP based directory script that I think the top 11 directory scripts currently available in web market:

1. Business Directory & Review Script – Crowd Vox

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 1 Crowd Vox is a PHP directory script that will help you create a professional-looking directory website without writing a single line of code. It supports several features you can use to make money from your website like paid listings, ads, deals, etc. Their system is fully customizable, comes with a lot of important features like custom fields, deals, events, dynamic pages, modern responsive theme and a lot of configurations. They even have a mobile app which you can brand as your own and launch it on App marketplaces.

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2. Joomla + JomDirectory

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 2 JomDirectory is a powerful, flexible and extensible directory platform for Joomla, allowing you to easily create any type of directory; Business Listings, product catalog, movie database, the list is endless.

JomDirectory features comprehensive search functionality; not only can you quickly find listings with Joomla’s smart search, but there is also address radius search, so you can drill down to listings within your area using a real-time map. Other features include product linking, so you can associate sellable products with listings, comparison tools for finding the best price, product ratings and reviews, rich media management so you can display images and video alongside your listings, social network integration and many more.

JomDirectory is 100% Joomla compatible, so it will easily integrate with your existing Joomla-based web site. Features such as nested categories, language translations, tagging, styling and menu management will be familiar to most Joomla users so setup should be a breeze, and an extensive list of modules and plugins makes JomDirectory easy to customize and extend. JomDirectory is a powerful, flexible and extensible directory platform for Joomla, allowing you to easily create any type of directory; Business Listings, product catalog, movie database, the list is endless.

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php directory script Javo Directory WordPress Theme
High Resolution, Widget Ready, Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With Facebook, Bootstrap 3.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.1, Columns: 3

View Theme

3. Osclass open source classifieds – PHP Script

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 3 OSClass is an application that allows you to quickly create and manage your own free classifieds site. Using this application, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars. Hundreds of free classified advertising sites are using OSClass. Features: Easy to use interface. SEO friendly. Themes. Plugins.

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4. PHP Link Directory (phpLD)

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 4 It’s much faster than previous phpLD releases. There are small improvements. There are really not any significant new features, so we are calling this a “maintenance release”. We will have more releases this year, and this is not an essential upgrade.

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5. PhpMyDirectory

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 5 PhpMyDirectory is the leading website portal solution. Build and manage a powerful web directory site with ease. Built using PHP and MySQL, phpMyDirectory can be used to create websites focused on a business directory, classifieds, link indexing and more! With over 100+ configurable options I don’t think you need anything more from this script.

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php directory script Atlas Directory & Listings WordPress Theme
High Resolution, Widget Ready, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With WPML, BuddyPress 1.9.x, BuddyPress 1.8.x, bbPress 2.4.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.1, Columns: 4+

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6. eSyndiCat

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 6 eSyndiCat bidding directory script makes it easy for any webmaster to launch a profitable bidding directory. It stands for the most full-featured link bid script available now.

Bidding directory scripts sort links by bid amount, and the top bidder gets the highest position in the directory. The automated system makes it simple for advertisers to submit links and upgrade their link bid options at any time.

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7. WordPress + DirectoryPress

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 7 DirectoryPress includes all of the professional features you need to build quality global and niche market websites without the need for a design team! Take a look at some of the popular features our customer love about DirectoryPress.

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8. WordPress + Sabai Directory Plugin

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 8 It is recognized as a premium directory plugin for WordPress as it comes with a unique ability to develop community-driven business directories such as Yahoo! Local, Google + Places and With the Sabai directory business plugin, you can add images to reviews and listings. The plugin also lets you switch view modes from the map to list views and vice-versa very easily. Above all, you can also search for several listings by location, distance, category, and keywords.

Sabai directory business plugin is compatible with all the devices and comes with the fully responsive layout. The visual form editor lets you develop custom fields where you can find out multiple field types. So ahead with this plugin and develop a pricing plan to monetize your website with proper listings. You can process all the orders with ease and keep track of their status in the order history.

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php directory script Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme
High Resolution, Widget Ready, Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With Facebook, WPML, bbPress 2.5.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.1, Columns: 4+

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9. Joomla + SobiPro

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 9 SobiPro is a powerful directory extension for the Joomla! Content Management System that is designed to easily create multiple directories or content types. SobiPro will allow you and your site visitors to submit, search, filter and view custom content on your Joomla! powered website with ease.

The power of SobiPro is in the amount of customization you have available for your specific website content needs. SobiPro allows you to create a functional directory that lets your website visitors submit entries from the front-end. Entry submissions can be free, or you can charge per field if you choose. The entries can be listed in multiple categories, and you can customize all of the output views of SobiPro through the powerful SobiPro Template system.

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10. Joomla + Mosets Tree

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 10 Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for Joomla!. You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more.

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11. WordPress + Web 2.0 Directory Plugin

Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website - Point 11 No matter what type of business directory website you are trying to build, this script lets you do with the utmost ease. The ranges include everything from real estate, news portal, wedding, boat, car, bike, event, classified, local directories to yellow pages, you can build any website using Web 2.0 Directory plugin. You can develop unlimited categories and set rows or columns number using this extraordinary plugin. It lets you make search listings by zip code, location, content fields, keywords, and individual categories.

Web 2.0 Directory plugin features a responsive layout that makes it compatible with all the devices. You can also find predefined color schemes and unlimited color options using this script. Each level comes with its own set of choices and you can restrict ads according to different listings levels. Every listing feature around 10 locations and you are allowed to select the marker icons. The user can also attach numbers of YouTube videos and export listings in PDF. If you want to import CSV in bulk form then you can get it done with complete ease using this plugin.

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php directory script Listify – WordPress Directory Theme
High Resolution, Widget Ready, Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With WooCommerce 2.2.x, Gravity Forms 1.8.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.1, Columns: 4+

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The above-mentioned PHP directory scripts are some of the best in the lot and they come with unique features and functionality. Most of them are suitable for niche websites while some of them are extremely versatile that go with all the business websites. So make the right choice after thoroughly analyzing the wide range of benefits a particular script can offer for your business.

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  1. In the directory Agouti in general the site makes use of facets for navigation, this has nothing to do with rigid structures and will allow you to create really flexible structures.

  2. One of the best informational articles i ve ever read! I think am with the WordPress + DirectoryPress option.

    Congratulations for this post!

  3. I’ve been using script PhpMyDirectory – the old and trusted one. It’s easy to use and convenient to set – it has everything my directory might need. There is a detailed review of this script on WebBuildersGuide as well as its alternatives.

  4. easydirector script is the ugly script and they have no refund policy. you will loose your money for sure if you buy this product. there is no professionalism in the script. this is only for cheating customers.

    phpmydirectory. you buy it now and probably after one year they will confirm your order. it is an one man show who has no time to respond. you will lose your money for sure.

  5. We went with the eSyndiCat directory script and have been extremely happy with it. It’s the support that makes or breaks a directory and that’s what has made our experience with eSyndiCat fantastic. They are always there when you need them. One thing everyone should know if looking to start a directory is that you are not just buying a directory script, you are buying the people behind the directory script. As time goes by, server configurations can and do change, and to keep up with the dynamics of it all you will need quality support. The people at eSyndiCat are good listeners when it comes to your needs and they work hard to make it happen.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I was also looking for a directory script but most of them have support problems. Finally, I chose GoClixy – Business Directory Script because of their quick response. Above all, they solved all my problems within a few hours. It is strange, it is not in the list. You can also have a look on their demo

    • I looked at their script but it seems like it’s just too new to give a proper opinion. No one is talking about it. There are no customer directories to view. Only one post in the forum and even the links in the footer of their salespage don’t work.

      I really wanted to go the script route but looks like I’ll have to use one of the wp directory themes.

      • I agree that they are new, but I’m satisfied with their services and happy to see script performance on my huge amount of data.

  7. Looking for a good script that I can use to add a directory to my website.

    phpmydirectory looks good but does anyone have experience using it? Its $140.00. is it worth the price?

  8. great… i tried few scripts from scriptfolder. awesome and very cheep price. and the best is fast customer support and instructions.

    • Actually the link was , but currently the link is not working any more. If you have hosting control panel then you can check either your hosting provides the installer for it or not. If yes, then you can easily install it from your hosting control panel.

  9. I would recommend using edirectory ( they have the most powerful and best looking directory platform that ive come across (and FAST too). great for generating recurring income from the directory and my site looks awesome on any device (yay responsive design!). had a great experience building my directory site with their team and I would highly recommend you check them out.

  10. Hi,

    You should probably remove the link to php link directory or better yet, write a bit about them because apparently it is not Open Source. And they are sending threatening emails to those that have signed up. I received an email from them and I have to question if this is a scam but then I read an article about how the DMCA is being abused, and I think they just found a loophole to abuse the process.

    I test a lot of software and really don’t remember this. Apparently, at some point it was open source. Do you have any information about this?


    PS do you have the file structure for php links directory, so that I can search my web servers? I’ve been searching my servers all morning and I can’t find it. I am not paying them one cent, let alone 20 dollars to find out what they are talking about.

  11. phpMyDirectory has a new version in BETA testing which finally improves the design. Responsive templates and a lot of SEO enhancements.

  12. One more script also there.. I’ve tried this one and found quite simple to create directory site. Try for “ezydir”.

  13. Guys I have used esyndicat and several others.. All of them has the same problem. SPEED
    Don’t look at their demos.. they have only few links in database.. I have 50.000 links and none of them can handle them. Even i have 2 dedicated cores hosting.. So I had to write my own script from the begining, customized and optimized to be reliable and fast.

    If you want to build just a small directory get one of these above. If you want to build a desent directory with tens of thousands of links, you need something else.

  14. Very good information and I liked the way of your presentation. Neat and clean.
    Do you think that it is still profitable to build a web directory nowadays ?

    • If your main purpose is link exchange then I should say this is not profitable. But please understand the main purpose of a directory and then think yourself.

  15. I bought the Pro Webdirectory Script from qlWebDS and I made a mistake during the installation so I needed a new registration number. I send twice an email asking for that number, no answer. I send another email with a question, no answer. I think these boys are out of business. It’s a bad habit to sell something without any service.

  16. What about web 2.0 directory script as Please give your feedback.
    I used it for 6 my sites, it has ability to build any kind of directories: real estate, cars dealers site, business directory, booking directory site.

  17. Hi,

    Nice review, thank you for providing all of this. I have been through the list and visit the respective websites. Although all the PHP scripts are great, I am dissappointed that none of them can be installed under a Drupal website. I was wondering if by chance you (or anyone here) would know of a directory script that I could install under my Drupal 7 website.


    • In Drupal you can try to build a directory app. There is no single module for that. The whole Drupal structure & concept consists of smaller building blocks. Try to find a basic tutorial about Drupal (in Google or Youtube) and what it is and does…

      Then I would suggest to read about the “TAXONOMY” concept. Its essential for your content categorization. There are a lot of “taxonomy” related modules as well!

      Than have a look at the very powerful modules: CCK and VIEWS.

  18. Thanks a ton, great informative and helpful post. I wanted to start one city guide, i will use one of these scripts mentioned here. Really Nice..

  19. I really like that you are giving information on PHP MYSql .Being enrolled I found your information very helpful indeed. Thanks for it.

  20. eSyndiCat definitely stands for the best directory software. I use it for my websites and I must say it’s pretty cool! Highly recommended!

  21. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us. I will definitely use these php scripts for creating my directories websites.