JQuery – An Advanced and Competent Web Development Application

jQuery is an efficient framework that squeezes lines of chaotic JavaScript into well-designed, concise code and completely transforms the way animations are performed, add Ajax interactivity, and incorporate rich UI components into your website. This JavaScript framework shows commitment towards strength of design and conceptual modeling required for serious web development applications.

jQuery makes it smoothly possible for a web developer to efficiently find and operate HTML elements with minimum lines of codes. Although, it may not be a first choice for 3-D and vector based graphics, the adaptability of jQuery makes it much better alternative to Flash and hence, a favorite pick for every web development company.

It simplifies DOM manipulation and allows an accurate level of involvement for a Javascript framework. Primarily, for projects that do not involve anything fancy, the requirement of this JavaScript framework core reasonably caters to all core functionality requirements without introducing any chaotic mess with Javascript functionality.

For an enthusiast web development company, building web applications using the jQuery Javascript library is a common, inevitable fact. It is smooth, efficient and thus, a choice of most developers these days. Falling in love with it is no miracle since it renders a remarkable quantity of power with a very petite, very manageable API. Obviously, this makes it highly convenient and provides ease of use which further open scope for developers to become contented in their projects.

The choice between Flash and jQuery

Those who are in love with Flash need to see influential plus points to move from Flash to jQuery. Where Flash stands strong with extensive range of features, 3D capabilities, dependable appearance in supported browsers and incorporated User Interface, jQuery promises the convenience of a file size that is comparatively much smaller, numerous free professional quality programs, possible addition of various kinds of interactivity to the webpage essentials and its tags. In addition, Flash also features efficient compatibility including iPhone, cell phones, PS3 and PSP.

A most powerful jQuery function

Amongst all its most powerful functions, one is the Ajax function. As pre this function, enough options are provided to make your XMLHttpRequest flexible enough to describe the following;

The kind of response you require to handle in your Ajax application (XML, JSON, HTML, script or text).

An option regarding the script required to be implemented prior to the request is send.

Dealing with the requirements coming post the request and response.

Options such as the request URL, the break value and more.

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