Understand Pseudo-classes in CSS

Sometimes, you may want to style an element based on something other than the structure of the document. For example: the state of a link (visited? hover? … etc) or form element (focused? for example).

So, How to do this using CSS?

This can be done using a pseudo-class selector.

Pseudo-class starts with colon then the class name, :link – :hover – :visited .. and so on

Here are some examples:

Makes all unvisited links Black:
a:link { color: black; }

Makes all visited links Brown:
a:visited { color: brown; }

Makes links red when hovered:
a:hover { color: red; }

Makes links red when activated or focused by ketboard:
a:focus, a:active { color: red; }

Makes table rows green when hovered over:
tr:hover { background-color: green; }

Makes input elements with dashed border when focus is applied:
input:focus { border: 1px dashed black; }

:link and :visited are known as link pseudo-classes and can only be applied to anchor elements.

:hover, :active, and :focus are known as dynamic pseudo-classes and can theoretically be applied to any element. Most modern browsers support this functionality.

Unsurprisingly, IE 6 only pays attention to the :active and :hover pseudo-classes when applied to an anchor link, and ignores :focus completely.

IE7 supports :hover on arbitrary elements but ignores :active and :focus.

You can use pseudo-classes together to create more complex behaviors, such as styling the hover effect on visited links different from those on unvisited links.

Makes all visited links olive on hover:
a:visited:hover { color: olive; }

Simple, Isn’t it?

Also, you can combine pseudo-classes with normal classes, For example:

Makes all visited links yellow only if they have class .red:
a.red:visited { color: yellow; }

The :first-child pseudo-class matches a specified element that is the first child of another element.

But For :first-child to work in IE a must be declared correctly.

Match the first paragraph element:
p:first-child { color: blue; }

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