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Use Joomla & Joomla Extensions to Build any kind of Website – Part 3

Hi there! Welcome back to ‘How to use Joomla” series. Today you would be reading the final part of the series but it won’t be the end of the subject. Joomla is vast in documentation and versatile in functionality. Hence we would come across soon with new updates or fresh news snippets about Joomla. In the previous article (Part 2) we have seen and understood how Joomla’s Admin panel works, organizes and helps your online operations. In continuation to that, today we will be going through another important aspect of Joomla i.e. ‘Search Engine Optimization and driving the traffic’. Once … Continue Reading…

joomla cms

Use Joomla & Joomla Extensions to Build any kind of Website – Part 2

In the previous article (Part 1) we have understood Joomla, its essentials and how to install it on a local system of on hosting server. We have also gone through the basics of how to create different websites by installing the plug-ins and customization of the same. In this part, we will discuss further on some of the functionalities of Joomla that which enhance the overall appeal of websites, add little extra flavor to the aesthetics and get you the traffic that you are aspiring for. Many modifications, what we generally call as ‘customization’, of the features can be done … Continue Reading…

joomla cms

Use Joomla & Joomla Extensions to Build any kind of Website – Part 1

Website technologies are ever-changing which would put the beginners and novice in tailspin. By the time a newbie gets to the roots of a particular technology, the world would have gone few steps ahead by leaving the newbie stuttering. Website owners are the most confused than the web developers in choosing the right technology to develop their websites. They do not have any option but to depend on the advice of web developers. But it is desirable for the website owners also to get the basics of web development technologies just to strengthen their decision making capabilities. Having said this let us … Continue Reading…

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What is New in Joomla 3?

Joomla is a great innovation of the mankind in the field of Content Management system (CMS). It is undoubtedly free for downloading and a wide range foundation for publishing the content in the internet, worldwide webs and it can be used separately. It is used to make websites and online applications as well. It is award winning Joomla CMS. Joomla CMS is a content management system. It manages every piece of content to the websites. It is like an online public library that contains the track of books and keeps the record of them. The content can be of any … Continue Reading…

3 Questions To Ask Before You Install A Plugin

3 Questions To Ask Before You Install A Plugin

Do you know what are plugins? Plugins are pieces of software codes that enable applications or programs to do things they could not do by themselves. Adobe Flash Player is one of the commonly used plugins, without this plugin you will not be able to view videos embedded into web pages. Many other plugins serve their own purposes; foreign language-alphabets, social media networking, etc. are some of the examples. There are plugins that can display documents related to Microsoft Office 2007 within your selected browser. Email programs use PGP plugins to ensure privacy and security of their users. Media players … Continue Reading…


21 Most Essential WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress plugins are tools used for greater functionality of the WordPress platform. It is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) created on PHP and MySQL. Many features of WordPress includes a plug-in architecture and a template design. It is used by nearly 15% of Alexa Internet’s “top one million” websites and manages 22nd of all new websites as of August 2011. As per recent stats WordPress is the most preferred CMS in use on the net. People in general confused with and Whereas from you can download blog software, free themes, plugins, community mailing … Continue Reading…

Boosting The Loading Speed Of Your WordPress Blog

Many people have a blog that is not optimized for loading speed. One of the problems of a WordPress blog is – the more plugins you install the worse the loading speed will get. To prevent loss of your blog’s loading speed you can use plugins that will help you combining and minifying your CSS and JavaScript.


WordPress Caching: What’s the best Caching Plugin?

Your WordPress blog getting sluggish? Caching is a great technique for speeding up your blog and the WordPress community has a lot of caching plugins to choose from. Lets review each one and find out which caching solution will work best for your WordPress blog. Newer versions of these plugins may be available. These benchmarks may not accurately reflect the current version of any of the plugins listed below. From this post, you should take away some important abilities of these plugins, but attempt to do some testing of your own. Quick Nav: What Is Caching? Benchmarking? WordPress Caching Plugins … Continue Reading…

Platinum SEO Pack – The Ultimate WordPress SEO Solution

If you are a WordPress user and searching for a good SEO plugin for your website then you are in the right place. Most of the WordPress users are currently using “All in one SEO pack” plugin on their website for search engine optimization purpose. But as per our opinion the best plugin currently available in the market is “Platimum SEO Pack”, the advanced version of All in one SEO pack. We are also using this plugin on all of our websites and this is really giving us an excellent smooth experience. Platinum SEO Plugin is the ultimate wordpress SEO … Continue Reading…

Web Design – Joomla Versus WordPress

Both Joomla and WordPress have become established tools in Web Design and development. Web Designers have been quick to adopt open source software such as Joomla and WordPress. Both Joomla and WordPress have advantages and disadvantages. This article provides an insight.