Migrate from Magento to WooCommerce

How to Migrate from Magento to WooCommerce?

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, whereas the ease of use makes the WooCommerce a preferred option for merchants. The small and size enterprises, which are striving hard to cut down operational business cost, need a platform that is safe, reliable, and economical to maintain. In terms of quality and reliability, there is no comparison between the two, because the choice depends on different business-specific factors. WooCommerce is a simple plugin that needs to be installed on a WordPress website and set up an entire store. It is one of the rapidly growing e-commerce platforms because of the … Continue Reading…

5 Things Every Ecommerce Business Should Invest In

10 Latest ECommerce Web Technologies to Choose From

Most of the web technologies, more or less, offer the usual features that you would need to develop a cutting-edge site. I am talking about the amenities such as multiple payment gateway support, responsive designs, elegant and professional looking themes and templates, and great customer support. So how do you make a wise decision on choosing the right web technology for your e-commerce website? With the objective to help you decide effectively, we put forward a list of 10 latest web technologies useful for all kinds of e-commerce websites. Take a look. #1 Shopify Unarguably, Shopify is one of the … Continue Reading…

WordPress eCommerce

ECommerce Tips for Making Your WordPress Store a Success

1. Selecting a domain name and hosting Finding the right web hosting for ECommerce Just when you are about to develop your website, there are mainly 2 important things which you need: A place for hosting your website A Name for your website These are the 2 things which are like your virtual property as well as the address where the people would visit for finding your business online. Both these are quite easy to get onto but choosing them is a different story altogether. 2. ECommerce store basics Developing the product pages: The very first step in this process is … Continue Reading…

Magento 2

Magento 2 – Should You Upgrade? Answered by Opace (Infographic)

Magento 2, the upgrade to the highly popular eCommerce platform Magento, was released at the  end of 2015 to much excitement from the online shopping community. It has been widely anticipated since its announce way back in 2010, eBay, the then owners of Magento, promised a complete overhaul of the system, building it back up from the ground. So, with this promise of improved performance and speed, increased scalability and better use for customers, our team at Opace have explored whether eCommerce businesses should consider upgrading to Magento 2. What Are the New Features of Magento 2? To say that … Continue Reading…

10 Free WooCommerce Extensions to Supercharge your WordPress eCommerce Store

10 Free WooCommerce Extensions to Supercharge your WordPress eCommerce Store

WooCommerce is the best plugin for making WordPress eCommerce store. Lots of paid and free extensions are also available to enhance the power and functionality of WooCommerce. Here we are listing 10 free WooCommerce extensions that can help you to supercharge your WooCommerce store to up on its next level. Conclusion: Here we have got 10 very important WooCommerce extensions which you can use freely to make a best and user friendly shopping websites. Hope this list will make your search little bit easy and time savings.

Best Free WooCommerce Themes

28+ Best Free WooCommerce Themes (WordPress)

In the time of building an eCommerce website, WordPress users and developers always prefer to use WooCommerce over any other scripts or plugins. WooCommerce is the easiest to use WordPress eCommerce plugin. Also, it is very easy to extend to match your exact requirements. Tons of plugins and extensions are also available to use along with WooCommerce. But in this article, we will talk about Free WooCommerce Themes. Woothemes, the developer of WooCommerce, have already designed 4 free WooCommerce themes that you can use in your website. These 4 themes are Storefront, Wootique, Mystile & Artificer. These 4 free themes are very good to … Continue Reading…

Top 10 FREE Responsive WordPress Themes for your eCommerce Shop

Top 10 FREE Responsive WordPress Themes for your eCommerce Shop

Many business organizations are reaping the advantages of the internet technology by promoting and trading their wide range of products and services to the potential web customers. Over the past few years, online shopping has become one of the convenient and accessible platforms for both the retailer/supplier/manufacturer and the customers. The vast majority of commercial companies are selling their products and services to their targeted customers via the internet. From the customer’s point of view, they find it more comfortable and time-saving concept, as they can inspect, compare, choose and buy any product from anywhere at any time. They don’t … Continue Reading…


6 Important eCommerce Software Tools for Web Store Owners

So you have decided to have an online store but don’t know what are the essential requirements or tools to get started! Sometimes it could be painstaking to nail down performance oriented software’s. Don’t get confused by many options that the eCommerce software tools offer you. If you are one of those who are pondering over some useful software’s to be used for your eCommerce platform then look no further. We will be listing down some of the most vital and cost effective software tools for you to go on a roll with your web store. Let’s understand the two … Continue Reading…

Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins

8 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Website

Introduction (Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins): Most eCommerce WordPress site owners will opt to optimize them by the addition of plugins. These plugins ease the access of various services for the users. They will also enable the owner to make transactions directly on their site. The comfort that a visitor finds on-site will determine their willingness to return. There are basic necessities which go together with specific services which a site offers. This makes provision of plugins to connect to these secondary services an essential role of the site owner. They may range from online selling, finances, downloads and social connections. … Continue Reading…