What is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)?

ITIL stands for “Information Technology Infrastructure Library”. It is an online library full of publications about how to make your IT run as smoothly as possible. It is an excellent resource for every company trying to improve its IT department. At its core, ITIL is a set of guidelines that help a company provide the best IT service possible. They are purposefully malleable guidelines so that each business can customize these guidelines to fit their own company. Because these guidelines …

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Wireframes: The Beginner’s Guide (Step by Step)

Wireframes are one of the best tools your development team can utilize to increase the efficiency and quality of your development projects. If you’ve never used a wireframe before, you’re in luck! We’ve put together this handy guide for the beginning wireframer, so you can get set up and start creating high-quality projects. Step 1: Start with A Sketch and a Purpose The first thing you’ll want to do is create a simple sketch of your design. Whether you’re designing …

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