A Look at the Psychology of White Space in Design

An amateur may look at a web page with lots of blank space and assume that it’s a sign of inexperience or poor design. But the reality is that white space is strategically used to influence the end user and move them to action. Do you understand the psychology of white space in web design? Why White Space? White space is a term used to describe the use of negative space in the two-dimensional design. White space helps the human … Continue Reading…

Negative Spacing

Keeping Negative Spacing a Positive Aspect of Web Designing

When it comes to rank a website there are several aspects that determine if the website is ready to be accepted by the jury online. That is the visitors, which contribute in the building up the visibility and rankings of your online presence. White space can be casually defined as the space or area spared by the content on the web page. It is absolutely free from text, page elements or multimedia content; hence it creates a filter that prevents … Continue Reading…

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