Magento vs WordPress: When to Choose Which Platform in 2020?

The success of your online store depends largely on which platform you have chosen to develop the website. One of the most common questions that web-developers face every day is whether to choose WordPress or Magento. Most web developers consider factors such as the type of business, design complexity, and client requirements, among others, before making their choice. Whether developing a blog site or an e-commerce website, every developer faces the question of using WordPress or Magento once in their life. Choosing the right CMS platform can make a world of difference in the feel and effectiveness of your end …

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Understanding the Importance of Website Accessibility

The online world has gone a long way in terms of technological advancement. However, this does not mean a complete success for the digital industry if its tools and products are limited to certain users. Therefore, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) introduced website accessibility standards to remediate the existing barriers that hamper web usage by individuals with diverse physical impairments. Subsequently, this has become a standard in making various digital designs, devices, and applications. Website Accessibility Defined Web accessibility is best understood when it is correlated with the principle of universal design. And it is often referred to, whether …

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How to Build Consistent Web Experience with WordPress?

The web experience is necessary to attract and engage more visitors. Even if you get a spike in visitors, you just cannot maintain it if your WordPress website fails to engage them. These days, visitors demand rich and pleasant web experiences, and WordPress site is capable of providing the same thanks to customized extensions and plugins. If you own a WordPress website and want to provide consistently amazing web experience to your visitors, then this blog is for you. Before we dig deep into the topic, let’s find out why WordPress development should be your choice to build the business …

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10 Excellent Pieces of Advice to Increase Your Website Safety!

There has been an increase in the rate of cyber-attacks in the past few years. It is not that the cybercriminals are experts, but some of these attacks are due to negligence. Not updating your website with the latest software will make your website at a high risk of being attacked. No matter how busy you are, ensuring that you make your website safe for you and your users. Most importantly, if you are tasked to manage an organization’s site, be updated with the latest technologies. With that, you will keep your company’s information and that of your clients safe. …

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Creating Your Business Website – The Day 1 to Day 7

So, you have decided to take the plunge and creating your business website. But, where do you start? You could pay someone to handle it all, you could do it all yourself, or follow an in-between course once you know the sequence of steps to take. Even if you are going to outsource the whole shebang, it is better to understand the process. Day 1 – Understanding Your Target Audience and Value Proposition Creating value is the goal of a good blog. It is often a subtle balance between what is important to you and what is important to your …

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15 High DA Image Sharing Sites to Step Up the SERP Game in 2019

The world wouldn’t have known about genius Leonardo Da Vinci if his works had remained undiscovered or unrecognized by the art historians, back in those days. Cut to the chase, in 2019, the notion is still the same. The mere creation of an artwork isn’t enough unless you have the right people or platforms around you to recognize, appreciate and share the content.  Especially, when it comes to SERP or the Search Engine Results Page Rankings, the content creators across the globe would simply watch their efforts go down the drain if the image or infographic sharing sites fail to …

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Website Promotion: How to Promote Your Website?

So, you’ve just launched a website and now hope for a brand new wave of traffic? If you do, you are making a big mistake. With almost 1.7 billion sites currently active online, it takes much more work to convince users to visit your pages. You need to promote the website and let the world know that it’s offering valuable content. In case you fail to do so, rest assured your site will remain passive. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to promote online content and most of them even come free of charge. That’s the beauty of the Internet – you …

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How to Create a Family Event Website Using WordPress?

Are you planning to create an event-based website that will receive the attention of a huge audience? Then you need a perfect Content Management System (CMS) that can offer you the right alternatives. When choosing a perfect CMS platform, make sure you do sufficient research and analyze key features of every CMS properly. WordPress is always rated as the best platform for creating any form of an event-based website. However, before getting started with such an amazing CMS platform, you need to make yourself well versed with the nitty-gritty of WordPress. Missing out on any small detail may create a …

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How AI is Influencing the Development of Modern Web Apps?

Back in the day, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was commonly known as the unstoppable force that’s set upon the task of murdering John Connor and taking over the world in order to make it a Robot-paradise. Today, AI technology became a part of our daily lives, running software that controls various domestic appliances, autonomous cars, and even deal with our customer experience issues. Keeping in mind that the AI is still in an early phase of development, it’s amazing how much potential it shows at this point. Web apps are not excused from the influence of this technology, to be more …

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LiveAgent Live Chat Software Review

LiveAgent Live Chat Software Review – How Worthy it is?

There are different kinds of helpdesk software available in the market and those are all packed with a plethora of features. Most of them are priced extremely high while some of them come with reasonable pricing but you need to compromise with the features offered. Choosing perfect live chat software is a quite challenging task for every organization as customer support is considered as a crucial part of any online business. Recently, we came across LiveAgent which has got something unique for its customers. Here we have listed all the pros and cons of LiveAgent in its exhaustive review: Setting …

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