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How to Improve the UX (User Experience) of Your Website in 2021?

User experience is imperative in 2021. Having a good online presence is as important as having a clean and tidy showroom; a business website is its face. Today, users are savvier than ever about web design, not to mention they expect a certain level of sophistication. As the bar reaches higher grounds, many brands, especially new ones, can feel overpowered by expectations to provide a well-fashioned website UX. UX is the future – but in order to provide your users with unique browsing experiences, you should always wear a pair of UX glasses geared to optimize your website with users …

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The Future of Web Development – 9 Dominating Trends for 2021

The web development world is an ever-changing environment, which means developers need to stay constantly informed. Clients want state-of-the-art services, and they expect you to deliver them. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to focus on the latest trends and updates. Also, try to anticipate approaches that may be getting popular in the following year. To help you keep up with what’s new in web development, we made a list of what we believe will be the most dominating trends of 2021. And with features ranging from artificial intelligence to motion design and cloud …

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Web Apps vs. Cloud Apps: Find the Ultimate Winner

We have got an app for almost everything; an app for dating, travel, food, books, hotel, connect to lost friends and strangers. So, what is stopping you? Why don’t you have an app for your business? No matter how large or small your business is, an application is a must for every type of business irrespective of your business scale. We are not here to debate over why your business needs an application; we assume that you are well aware of its benefits. However, we are here to discuss the two vital types of applications that can be important for …

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Best Practices for Building a Professional Website in 2020

Hardly any business can succeed without a well-built website. As people become more reliant on the internet for most of their needs, it’s important for businesses to invest in promoting their brands online. But it is not only businesses that get to have all the fun. Agencies, independent contractors, and professional firms can attain greater leverage if they focus on building websites that highlight their services. For professionals who have yet to digitize their promotional campaigns, a website should provide valuable opportunities. So, if you are part of a law firm that’s hungry for clients, a startup in the commercial cleaning market …

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Complete Guide to Web Development for A Beginner

Creating websites is one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. In order to be a professional web developer, you have a long path ahead of you, and it is not without troubles and obstacles. There are many web development technologies you can use to create websites, but what are the differences? Why is someone building a site using WordPress while another is using Node.js? Why would a programmer prefer to use Angular and the other would choose to use React? This article will answer your questions. Your Roadmap for Web Development & Website Creation First, let’s talk …

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Magento vs WordPress: When to Choose Which Platform in 2020?

The success of your online store depends largely on which platform you have chosen to develop the website. One of the most common questions that web-developers face every day is whether to choose WordPress or Magento. Most web developers consider factors such as the type of business, design complexity, and client requirements, among others, before making their choice. Whether developing a blog site or an e-commerce website, every developer faces the question of using WordPress or Magento once in their life. Choosing the right CMS platform can make a world of difference in the feel and effectiveness of your end …

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How to Build Consistent Web Experience with WordPress?

The web experience is necessary to attract and engage more visitors. Even if you get a spike in visitors, you just cannot maintain it if your WordPress website fails to engage them. These days, visitors demand rich and pleasant web experiences, and WordPress site is capable of providing the same thanks to customized extensions and plugins. If you own a WordPress website and want to provide consistently amazing web experience to your visitors, then this blog is for you. Before we dig deep into the topic, let’s find out why WordPress development should be your choice to build the business …

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4 Useful Tools You Can Use to Make a jQuery Website SEO-Friendly

For most of the time the Internet has existed, SEO practices have largely revolved around search engines indexing plain text version of the website content and not content that has been dynamically generated using programming platforms like JavaScript or its hugely popular library, jQuery. According to Forbes.com, search engine crawler bots are not up to the mark when it comes to understanding JavaScript, and consequently, website content indexing may not be performed completely, and the rankings pulled down. Even though Google claims to have improved capabilities that allow it to crawl and index the content rendered through JavaScript and the …

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Continuous Processes Serve as The Foundation of DevOps

DevOps is one of the newest technological trends shaping software development. Companies of all sizes are turning towards new DevOps solutions to streamline delivery, standardize customer experiences and improve cost-effectiveness. One of the primary benefits of DevOps processes is its continuous nature. Wait, is DevOps rapidly gaining popularity? The term DevOps became a household word in the developer community after a 2012 report by Alanna Brown. And, according to jFrog.com, a leading provider of DevOps integration tools, “Over the past seven years, DevOps adoption has accelerated considerably as the DevOps cycle is better understood; increasing the number are more nimble companies using DevOps in our 2020 outlook.” Further …

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Is IoT Shaping the Future of Web Development? Let’s Find Out!

Presently, the demands of the people and businesses are increasing than ever and we can owe to the fact that technology is witnessing a massive growth. With the rapid growth of emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI-based companies are running in the competition to hire Blockchain programmers and developers for creating applications to enhance the business processes. From the pool of evolving technologies, the IoT (Internet of Things) services is one of the popular and widely used services delivered by huge enterprises nowadays. IoT is a critical subject to talk about in this generation of web-based systems administration. There is …

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