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JavaScript Trends: How it Redefines Excellent User Experience

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages to learn for every IT professional. Whether it is developing a website or crafting an excellent app solution, JavaScript covers most of the requirements by its various implementation through frameworks and extended support for better UI/UX crafting. From implementing functions to managing databases and front end of hybrid app solutions, JavaScript has come a long way from where it started. And it indeed is the most favorite among all other languages as the recent trends survey report by Stack Overflow suggests JavaScript is the most popular language among developers for the seventh time …

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7 Modern Web Design Techniques to Follow in 2019

With every year new techniques and trends making into the foray. It is important that the web designers play with the new motifs, experiment and explore to see how customers react to the new change. However, the question is, whether to follow the crowd or to do something diametrically opposite. Following the trend means you are going with the style that has been proven to work. On the contrary, to be creative and stand out in the ‘crowd’, you might decide not to follow the trend. No matter what you choose, knowing the latest techniques make it easier to decide …

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Essential 11 Website Design Trends for 2019 You Can’t Ignore

Website Design trends are always changing. Especially, when it comes to graphics and, of course, an appearance of your website, blogs or social media profiles. Everyone wants to be original, remarkable. And, here are top web design trends that are popular in current 2019 year. Website design trends and technology has advanced significantly. Recent websites are developed exhibited cutting edge design concepts that ensure the maintenance of the aesthetic elements and the introduction of other features including video content, micro-interactions, and voice supporting interfaces. Just like fashion, these advancements become obsolete with time and are replaced with different modern styles. …

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Top 7 Web Development Trends to Focus On in 2019

The Internet involves our lives since 1990. Today we can’t imagine business and market without the sites. Like any other technology, Internet evolves and changes every moment. You’re to stay tuned and be aware of the trends in case you want your business and website be viable. Here we are to help you to stay on top of the web development innovations and solutions that are must-have to focus on in 2019. The Top 7 Web Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2019 Nowadays there are over 1.5 billion of websites over the world and the number grow every second. …

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Essential Tips in 2019 for Improving Your Web Design

We know that a good campaign is bound to bring people to my website. However, with the focus so much on bringing people to the site and conversions talked in rather abstract terms, let’s get down to one of the key parameters that decide whether the visitor will stay on the site and ultimately buy or whether they will leave without biting. That parameter is web design. People hire site developers, graphic designers, and content writers to create their website when in reality they should be hiring a web designer. Web designing anyways encompasses both graphic designing and content development. …

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Design Trends You Should Follow to Increase Conversion & Gain More Leads

So, you’ve taken a leap and finally created your own website. You’ve uploaded a bunch of material and written blogs to attract potential customers but you still feel like your conversion rates are not where they should be in order to build your brand further. If that is indeed the case, then you should look into some tried and tested trends in web design that will help you gain more leads. Many top websites in the world employ such trends in their own designs, and it’s time for you to start doing so too. Ditch Designing for Various Devices There …

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Top Web Design Trends to Follow in the Year 2019

Well, if you think you’ve updated your website to the latest technology and your job is over, think again. After all, just updating the website’s functionality is not what we, as users, expect from you. Design too plays a crucial role. Why not? Isn’t it what we encounter first? And, if you are still following the design that you used to when you launched years back, you seriously need to pace up. With lots and lots on the plate, you have to incorporate many things into your current design and which might altogether lead to a new digital face of …

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Building and Designing an Amazing Website for Free in 2018

Whatever your reason for wanting to build a stylish website is, you should know that there are dozens of tools and resources available right on the web. From step-by-step guides that will teach you how to code to free templates and plugins; the results you get are only a matter of the amount of effort put in. Check out these 33 Free Design Resources so you can get started on your new website right away. Learn everything from how to add a dash of color or royalty free images to your website by reading below. Turning Your Website Ideas into …

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8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018

If you are a web designer then you must know the most trending website design ideas for the year 2018 to impress your client. If you are a website owner then you must adopt few modern website design trends that will help your website to stand out in the competition. Here we have highlighted some of the best website design trends to watch out for in the year 2018: 1) Experimental videos: Experimental videos are an ideal way which most of the web designers use to enhance the design of the website. Till today, we have seen it getting used …

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A Few Tips on How You can Achieve Amazing Design for Cheap

The design has an expensive price tag associated with it. Just think about how much more expensive goods that have the word design tacked onto them are: designer clothes, designer handbags, designer shoes, and so on. There are entire spheres of luxury goods and premium services based around design and aesthetics such as cars or opulent, personally-tailored weddings; it’s an undeniable fact that good, high quality and impactful design usually costs big bucks. Following that same logic, you’d suspect that any website with an amazing design has probably invested a copious amount of time and energy to create those designs. …

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